May 14 2015

Reviving The Blog

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It has been a long hiatus. The last entry was dated Oct last year. No,this blog has not been forgotten. It was not abandoned.  It was actually my year 2015 resolution to actively blog again. Unfortunately , time is not at my favour. Hardly any free time to sit in front the PC,lest spending time to blog. It has definitely been a while since I blog hop too. Blogging seems to be an alien affair to me now where it used to be centre of my life,even to the extend of bringing me some moolah

I know with gadgets like the smartphone, tablets and Ipads, that has blogging app ready, one can actually blog anywhere without accessing the laptop and pc. But I enjoy typing on a real physical keyboard, having my 10 fingers running through the keyboard than typing with just my two fingers on this lousy ASUS tab.

It’s draining my energy to type thus far. Especially when I am typing this on a hospital bed. So long for now as a coming back post.

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Oct 11 2014

Be So Much More Wiht DugroStar

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Attention to your mommies with little children, here’s a chance, a platform for your child to shine. Each and every child is talented in their own way, we as mother knew it, what is lacking is a platform for them to shine and be recognized.  Danone Dumex is not giving Malaysia children the chance to shine through their nationwise Dugrostar campaign.  Through this campaign, children are going to be inspired and encouraged to discover their fullest potential and showcase their talens across Malaysia

This star search campaign  is opened to children in two age-based categories: three to six years AND six plus to 10 years.  Participants in each age category can enter in these various segments, either individually or in a group of six. The segments include singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of these talents.

Participation is free of charge and parents can register their child by doing any of the following:

1. Uploading a video of their child’s performance at

2. Visiting select nationwide roadshows where live recordings can be made at the Dugrostar Recording Booth

3. Submitting the completed registration form with a recording of their child’s performance and mailing it to the address found on the registration form.

Children can also enjoy exclusive Dugrostar™ collectibles with purchases of Dugro® 900g softpacks during

the campaign period, such as piano or guitar bags, cool jackets and watches, and much more!


Note: Submissions close on the 12th of October.


For more information on Dugro® and Dugrostar™, log on to or call the Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

Now that you are reading this and keen to submit your entry, you may want to use this Unique Code of HH0003!  This will be tracked on the entries coming from me!! 3 lucky readers who is using this code to submit their entry will get a suprise gift from me.
Here’s the step to step guide on how you can participate in this campaign
Good Luck!

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Oct 02 2014

Additional Duty In Mum’s Task List

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So, there’s a tween in the house. Generally at this age, they have their own friends and own agendas. They like to hangout with friends at mall, cafe or fast food chain,  they like to go friend’s house and they want sleepover. Hence there’s this additional duty that is adding on to the already so long mother’s task list.  But how far would you go to perform such duty?

Well, setting up playdate is nothing new to me. When WH was six and still in preschool, I am already doing this driver’s duty of fetching his friend from the friend’s parent shop to our home for them to play and then send him back. I did it because I pity him as the only boy at home whereby the girls have each other and JS has a very good friend who stays just right next door and always come over to play.

This driver’s duty extended where JS started getting invitation from classmates to play badminton at the clubhouse after school. I would drove her to the clubhouse, drop her off and pick up at an agreed time.  Still not that bad as it was not frequent.

Came this year, the driver’s job scope widen again. These kids want to have hangout at McD/Starbucks after school, and because her friend’s parents are working, I have to go pick the friends,  drop them off at the hangout place and pick them up two hours later and send the friends home. She invited friends for sleepover and I have to go pick up the friend up and send the friend home after sleepover.

These two days, right after she got back from school , she asked if I could drop her off at Ash’s house.  I am a little reluctant. Though Ash stays quite near our home, but she stays in a gated/guarded community. Not those hi 5 guards nor those that you can drive right up to the  guard house , register, leave your driving license and drive in. She stays in this community where I have to park my car somewhere, walk to the guard house to register, wait for the guard to call the owner of the house (which in this case, the mum of Ash who is at work) before I could drive in. And to repeat this process when I were to pick her up later. I just find it too troublesome. Moreover, there is no adult at Ash’s house. She is alone at home. I turned down JS’s request and she wasn’t happy. Stomping feet when going upstairs and showing me real blackened face.

Ash had been to our home for sleepover before. An eldest child of 3 from a divorce family. I don’t know her parent personally. Have not met them but the mum allowed her for a sleepover at our place. The first time, I picked her up from school and send her back home after dinner with my ILs quite late at night the  next day. That was the first time I met the mum in the dark outside their house. Can’t really see how she looks like, no small talk, she just thanked me for sending A home. That’s it.

Last Sunday, there were suppose to go school for sport’s day. Ash actually spent her weekend with her dad somewhere far away from school and our township. Simply because Ash’s dad can’t send her to school on time on Sunday morning, she asked JS if she could stay over on Saturday night. So I went to pick Ash up from her house on Saturday night after dinner with IL and to find that she was alone at home waiting for me.

When I was young, I have never bothered my parents to send me to friend’s house. I used to cycle there, even cycle to town. But now living in the city, I guess kids won’t have the luxury for riding bikes around and as for mums in big city, we bagged in extra task chauffeuring our kids around.

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Sep 22 2014

Back To School Again

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It’s back to school day for the kids again. It has been a long two weeks break for the younger kids as prior to the official school break, there were having additional 4 days off as the standard 6 kids were sitting for their UPSR exam.

It has been a great holiday, where the younger kids spent a week at the grand’s earlier and then another week in Penang doing lots of fun activities.

It’s a bit hard to settle down without feeling school blues. Even I have to readjust myself. Getting ready for work.

I wonder how JS feels going back to school for the first day after UPSR exam whereby it suppose to be in a celebration mood but now they still have one more paper to sit on 30/9. The atmosphere must be totally different than they earlier expected it to be

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Sep 20 2014

GUESS Kids Fall 2014 Collection and Campaign

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It was such an honoured for us to be invited to check out the latest GUESS kids  Fall Collection 2014 at KLCC outlet last Saturday.

Girls generally love fashion! So I only brought along my 3 princesses for the event.

It was a really casual and informal event. Though it started 30 minutes late, but the girls had a blast browsing through the store. They went gaga over almost all the outfits available at the store.  How they wish they could own every piece of it.


Goodies corner at the event

Brand manager Rachel briefed us on the signature Guess denim apparels

Love the Guess denims.

After we have been walked through all the Guess apparels features, I have decided to get an outfit for JE. (Well, since most of the time she always gets hand me down from her sisters, it’s fair to occasionally give a a treat on brand new one)

JS is the one who has an eye of fashion, selected an outfit for her baby sister and dressed her up

Style Mylo. Her two sisters said she looks “high class” wearing a Guess outfit

We met Amber Chia at the event and have a photoshoot together. :)

The Fall 2014 collection is features the wild wild west cow boys and cow girls theme. It showcases the season’s must‐have silhouettes for boys and girls seeking a stand‐out wardrobe. For the girls, denim dominates the Fall collection in the forms of skirts, jeans, jackets and chambray tops. Light‐weight cardigans layered over ruffled floral print dresses add a sweet, youthful touch. For boys, plaid button‐down flannels and distressed denim jeans give an effortlessly cool vibe to the collection while graphic sweatshirts and tees paired with dark‐wash denim add to the relaxed feel. Classic navy blazers, denim jackets and warm jackets are must‐have layering pieces for the crisp, Fall weather.

GUESS kids is currently running a promotion. For any 3 items, you are a 20% off. 30% off for 4 times. On top of that you will are entitled to RM100 rebate if you spend more than RM400 in their outlet. Plus another 10% off if you are a GUESS list member.

If you happen to shop at GUESS kids outlet in KLCC and 1 Utama, you and your kids will also get a free photo souvenir and enjoy snapping pictures in the TINY WILD WEST photo booth.


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Sep 16 2014

Batik Workshop @ USM

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Yesterday we  attended our very first outing with a group of homeschoolers in Penang. Through a new friend that was introduced to me via a mutual friend, I signed the kids up for Batik Workshop at USM. The workshop was held at the Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah USM. The batik workshop is RM15 per pax and tie dye workshop is RM5 per person.  Though this is not the first time the kids doing Batik work, but it was their first doing tie dye and canting. In fact WH and JS drew free hand on the fabric instead of tracing the design. Most important aim for this outing is for us to network, make new friends and hopefully in future we can participate in more outings together with the Penang homeschoolers circle.

The kids having fun with their new friends at the museum gallery after the workshop.



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Sep 03 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge & ALS

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JS was nominated by her friends to take up the Ice Bucket Challenge. I am not against this for charity purpose, but somehow I find this youngster, tweens and the mass had somehow taken it to a wrong direction without understanding the true purpose. The youngsters especially these primary school kids thought it’s something fun and cool to do. They are mere trend followers without knowing the true meaning and purpose for this cause.  Anyhow, I told her what ALS is about and so as why they have this Ice Bucket Challenge

Here’s the link to the video she recorded and edited all by herself .

A day after she posted the Ice Bucket Challenge video, I was searching for Jdrama to watch. Such a coincident that I stumbled on a drama series that is based on ALS patient. I just have this feeling that someone , somehow is trying through other channels to raise awareness about ALS.

Boku no Ita Jikan 僕のいた時間  (The Hours of My Life) is really a heart wrenching drama showing the challenging path an ALS patient is going through. But here it’s overcome with unconditional love from family, friends and love one. I cried bucket watching it and don’t mind watching again and again. The soundtrack is very nice too. JS watched the first two episode with me and from the drama, she can at least grasps what ALS really means.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Sep 01 2014

Interrupted Sleep

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Have you ever have the experience of sleeping with someone that snores loudly in their sleep? It’s truly annoying especially when you are died tired and try to catch some sleep.  My partner snores, very loudly so as my kids. It’s so irritating that sometimes I have to go to another room to sleep. I read about snoring relief pillows and wonder how effective it is. Really tempted to get one to try. I saw promotion of snoring pillows from Going to get one to try it out.

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Aug 30 2014

Wearing A Bodycon Dress Casually

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Bodycon dress is a fashion wear where a majority of women are fond with as it gives off a sexy appeal effortlessly. Women will wear it to work with a pair of high heels, weddings and even parties but it can also be worn casually on a normal day out. The most important thing you could do is always mix and match your bodycon dresses with various accessories and footwear to get that casual look. There are three style tips which you could apply to make your bodycon dress look appear more casual and laid back. The first style is to wear a pair of sneakers with your bodycon dress as it reveals a boyish tomboy side of you without jeopardizing your femininity. Select a pair of Converse low sneakers to achieve a simple and relaxed appearance. If you want to add it up a notch, pair your bodycon dress with high top sneakers and slip on ragged stockings for a funky look.




The second style is women can enhance the bodycon dress into a casual one with a pair of boots and a cap. Walk in the park or in town looking fashionable as ever and flaunt your sassy aura in front of everyone. Somehow anyone who wears boots tend to look sophisticated and the cap toughens up your whole appearance even with the slightest touch.





The next tip to tone down your bodycon dress is by layering your bodycon dress with an outerwear such as a jacket, a sweater, a hoodie or a cardigan. This way you will look more fun and trendy while still maintaining a stylish approach. Match it up with nice sling bag and feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. If you are wondering where to get a bodycon dress, check out ZALORA for amazing designs and choices online at the website.



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Aug 29 2014

Han Chiang 2015 Entrance Exam

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We flew into the island last weekend for JS to sit for the entrance exam.  I always thought that CIS’s entrance exam are usually held in the month of late Sept and Oct, but I got to know from a friend who knew that I am keen to enrol JS to HC usually has their entrance exam in the month of Aug.  I was coincidentally at the island when HC opens for registration for entrance exam. We paid RM50 for the exam.

Students are tested on four subjects. Which are Chinese/Beginner Chinese, English, Science and Maths. Since the school also accepts students from Sekolah Kebangsaan, as long as the SK’s student has the proficiency in Standard 1 Chinese, they are eligible to sit for the entrance exam. They are given different set of Chinese test papers.  (Beginner level)

Depending on the student’s choice of course, the medium of the test papers differ. For UEC students, they can choose between Chinese and English to answer the Maths and Science paper. IGSCE students were to answer all papers (except Chinese) in English.

Han Chiang Entrance Exam Detail

Klang Chung Hua High School Entrance Exam Detail

期: 26/10/2014 (星期日)报到时间: 07:30a.m.
08:00 – 08:50 08:50 – 09:40 09:40 – 10:30 11:00 – 11:50 11:50 – 12:40
Chinese Malay English Science Maths

Klang Hin Hua High School Entrance Exam Detail

After comparing the test details with the two other school in Klang, I notice HC  placed a lot of emphasis on English paper. Time allocated for English test is 1 1/2 hour. 1 hour for Chinese, 40 minutes for Science and 50 minutes for Maths. JS told me that English paper was not just objective questions but also include short essay writing and listening (where a audio tape is played and they have to answer questions accordingly).

The number of students sitting for this entrance exam was so overwhelming. According to the name list, there are near to 450 candidates sitting for the exam where most of them are trying to get a place in the IGCSE class.  About 300 of these candidates are sitting for the IGCSE class, another 50 for UEC English class and about 100 for UEC class.  The school can only offer 160 place for UEC classa and another 160 for IGCSE class.  Looks like it’s going to be a tough competition to get a place and I am hoping and praying REAL hard that JS can secure a place. I have confident with JS’s english proficiency but I am still worried she cant be in the top 160.

Parents were given a briefing by the school principal as well as the head of English department. The principal delivered her speech in both English and Mandarin. The head of English center speaks excellent English with British accent, which is music to the ear.

Being a busy body, i ran through all the candidates details as well. An interesting little fact that I discovered was that there are homeschoolers sitting for this entrance exam. Two had written “homeschool” as their school attended. Two to three of them left school detail blank. One is from learning centre, one from Singapore. A few from private/international school (Tenby and another one which I can’t recall the name) and there are also a few from Sekolah Kebangsaan.

The result of the entrance exam will only be released a day after the UPSR exam. That is one reason why I so eagerly counting down. I am anxious to know if she gets through.


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