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May 16 2012

Night Out

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Hub told me that last night he and his colleague went out for a farewell party for one of the manager. They had gone down to one of the karaoke in town on the island. 40 of them went. According to him, the dept also bought hoyo de monterreyas farewell gift for this manager. Later he msg me saying one of the manager already TKO and sleeping on the couch.

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Apr 22 2012

Friends Visiting

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A friend who I have not met for more than 4 years will be visiting today with her family. They are from the land below the wind. :) My friend is expecting her number three. Kids are excited, looking forward for their playmate to come visit. Yesterday went for last minute shopping to get some thing for her boys and baby. Got her little baby a camo baby bedding set. :)

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Mar 23 2012

Movie Weekend

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The kids seldom watch TV, more so that daddy is not around during weekdays now, the TV is basically just a decorative item in the house. But daddy makes it a point to have movie time with the children on weekend. Ahem..usually pirated VCDs la. He has his source to get those VCD and I must say he is quite good at picking up movies.

Lately we have watched a few good movies that give the kids a lot of inspiration and lesson. Watching movies is not merely on entertainment where you watch and forget about it. Daddy after highlight on the “behind the scene” clips, especially highlighting it to JS who is into art.

Here still fresh from my memory some movies we watched lately

“War Horse” – Kids learned about WWI, they asked and google about it and got quite fascinated with houses

“Gnomeo & Juliet” – The making off and behind the scene clips were very interesting which inspired JS with her art work.

“Hugo” – Life lessons for the kids

“The Big Year” -  Sparkled the interest in the kids about bird watching

Usually on the next day of watching the movies, if the movies really caught their attention, they started doing work around the movie theme and topics.

Below  craft is done after watching Gnomeo and Juliet.

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Mar 23 2012


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When the kids has got nothing to do… they like to draw on themselves , pretending it to be tattoo.  They usually draw using pens and markers

This is JS’s latest masterpiece on WH.

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Mar 07 2012

JS’s Playing Canon In D

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YouTube Preview Image

Another song she learned on her own initiative without teacher’s guidance at all, not a requisite piece for her music lesson. Took her two weeks to reach this level. Posting this up to motivate her that she should apply the same attitude and initiative with her school works too. (ahem..because she isn’t doing so well academically this round of exam)

She is also learning the song Mamamia now… and asking me to search for Greyson Chance “waiting Outside The Lines” as a well Zac Brown Band’s “As She’s Walking Away” song sheets for her. Daddy is the one exposing her to these hits. In fact she said to me when she keep replaying Greyson Chance’s song in the car that she is trying to listen until she can play the song without sheets on the piano… anyway I managed to download the sheet, except Zac Brown’s coz i am not willing to part with my USD3.95 to download the sheets… yes..I am that stingy!!

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Mar 04 2012

>Basement Tiles

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Year after year, there’s surely something in the house needed to be replaced, fixed and maintained. We have been thinking about repainting the house, but have not really done so except for the exterior, and now we see that there is a need to also change the basement tile. We are trying to get the contractor to come in to give us the quote, maybe can let them start work during the school holiday

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Mar 02 2012


Be it stereotype or what..but I have never have good impression about MLM. Recently hub has been approached again. This time round, the product is not other than an e-learning system. I personally feel that a good education system should never be turned into a MLM product. Hub’s friend was mentioning how good the product and how large the market will be and the potential of it. He was also mentioning about getting hub and my help to push the product through the net, as he has confident in the best cpa network. We turned down his offer, because we don’t feel right about it.

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Aug 26 2011

>Jeep Ride

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My uncle works in the oil palm estate back in my hometown. He used to own a doorless jeep like the polaris ranger. (I always want to look up for a picture of the jeep, but couldn’t, don’t even know what made it was. The closest I can find it when I search using the keyword Polaris Ranger Accessories) I have very fond memory of having a spin in the jeep with my cousins. Strange thing is that it was pretty safe then for little children to ride in, even the jeep has no doors, no safety belts, no air con, no place for children booster seats.

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Aug 11 2011

18 Months Going School

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I met a mother at the park that I have not met before. Conservation strike out and she asked me how old is JE. I said 18th months.

She then excitedly claimed “oh.. Can go school already” in her tone , there’s a hint of relief.

I said ” no lah. I still want to keep her with me for another year or two”

In disbelieved and eyes wide open “huh? Another year or two???”

Firmly “yes”

Since when the age of going to school has gone down to 18months??? *sweat*
What is wrong of keeping the child at home as long as possible? Shall I send JE to school at age two, it will never be a reason so that I can goyang kaki at home. It will be that I am taking up a teaching job at the same school that she will be placed in.

Home is school. Home is the very first school from the day a child is born!

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May 04 2011

Gym Wear

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Since I am frequenting the gym now, I feel that I need to have proper gym wear and sports bra instead of normal T-shirt and shorts. I went to hunt for some at the sports shop at a few mall. Good thing is that there’s sales on going and I manage to get few pieces at good bargain.

One of the shop is having sale on boat clothing too.

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