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Nov 03 2010


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It’s 12.41a.m now. I am feeling extremely sleepy. Normally I will be in dreamland by this hour. But tonight I am forcing myself to stay up late just so that I can complete some assignments online. These assignments will expired on the 5th. Though I still have 3 more days before the dateline, but I really doubt if I can ever completed them on time. It is almost impossible to work in front the pc during the days, though I still can do a quick surf online, but to type and work, it is mission impossible. The little one is very wiggly now, she always attempt to climb on to the table to reach out for papers or to just press on the keyboard, click here and there on the mouse. At times I don’t even know what I am typing because all the alphabets jumbled up, all thanks to the baby.

I don’t want to risk getting my account suspended. I think already twice, I didn’t complete the assignment on time and the assignment just vanished from my list. No matter how sleepy, I must try to complete them tonight.

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Oct 19 2010

Blog Via Handphone

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I must start fully utilize my phone by learning how to blog via it. It is impossible for me to find time to sit in front the pc. Though I know this phone is capable for me to update my blog, but I have yet accustomed to this kind method of typing.

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Oct 01 2010


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Lately I have not much motivation to blog. I have tonnes of topics, taken tonnes of pictures of the kids, but the thought of wanting to upload those pictures and videos just kill the enthusiasm. Another thing is that there are things that JS is not comfortable of me posting, specially things about her. (well, there are times that she will ask me to post of certain things in her FB) . I reckon if she feels uncomfortable of me posting certain things about her, later JL and WH and even JE will also feel the same.

Just a moment ago, I am half way typing something that happened to her this morning. She saw it and ask me not to post about it. I told her I am blogging it for my own keepsake and to respect her will, I told her I am just going to save it in the draft and not publish it.

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Sep 16 2010

Blog Diarrhoea

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This week has been a good week with quite a few job offers online. I have gone very slow with my so call “online work” but this week seems good with few offers waiting to be completed. I so desperately want to quickly complete them but it’s tough to find time sitting in front of the pc. The little one is getting more and more demanding these day. She is the little explorer that wants to explore around and yet she wants my attention, to be near her when she explores. She doesn’t allow me to sit in front of the pc even with me holding her on my lap or nursing her while I type. She wiggles, she fuss, the arches and attempt to throws the body back from my hands. (That explain why I need the iphone so much to keep me online and I have been punching on the phone none stop the past two weeks, skipping afternoon nap as well as stay up late but in bed, not in front the pc!!)

Now I better go get all work done before the children get up.

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May 27 2010

Flooding My Blog

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I am going to flood my blog this week (if time permits and only if the kids do not stick to me like leech). There is just so much I want to blog and record down. I have lost momentum for a while. Keeping this blog alive merely for the sake of cari makan. Then I realize the blog serve a good reference and records, especially with the kids do’s and says.`Now I am so eager to record down everything.

At the same time, this has been a good week for me. With 13 jobs in queue to be completed.

I really do hope to be able to find the time.

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Apr 30 2010

Blog Adverts

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Are blog adverts back into action again? It’s been pretty quiet for more than a year.  I am a late starter joining the blog money making business. Was very very reluctant then to “contaminate my blog” with adverts. But of course after a while, the temptation of USD is too hard to resist and I jumped into the wagon. I remember those good old days (even though I was late in joining, but still able to enjoy the peak of it) rushing out post on adverts and earning quite lucrative income. Then it slow down, probably after I delivered JL. I hardly login to the advertiser sites to look for job anymore except one that still constantly sent out work. This week I see more jobs emerging , from other advertiser too, I wonder if the biz is picking up again. But too bad, my blog does not have any PR and I am seeing some opportunities slipped. Haven’t been bothering about working to get back the PR nor have I bother about the traffic. Perhaps it’s time to look into it again.

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Apr 29 2010

I ❤ My New Header

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This blog has got a new header and I am so loving it.

Being eying on this super talented pretty mummy‘s works for a long time. I finally got a reason to change the old header , as it has only got the photos of my three children, and now that we have JE, it’s only right to get it changed.

Sasha is really multi talented. Not only can sew – from skirt to tutus to curtains, pillow casings, baby shoes and don’t know what else to graphic designs. She drew my children base on photos of them that I’ve provided her.

The children love this header very much when they first laid eye on it.

If you are looking for graphic design services, hop over to and leave a message on Contact Me.

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Nov 12 2009

No Longer A Blogaholic

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I noticed that I am no longer a blogaholic like before. We were away since Thursday night and came home on Monday afternoon, I didn’t pack my laptop along. I didn’t miss blogging and I didn’t blog in my head. So unlike me when I used to have more than 5 posts in a day now I don’t even bother if there is an access to the internet or not. On Tuesday, so happened the modem went k.o. Waited two days for TM to come to replace the faulty modem…so another two days without internet access and I am fine without that. If it happened years ago, I would be very mad and screaming at TM already.

Now after so many days of hiatus from the net, I need to slowly find back the inspiration to blog again.

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Jul 15 2009

Onling Biz

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My online biz is getting so slow now. I hardly get any offer to write these day and I solely rely on just one generous “boss’. :(  Even that I don’t think I have been very proactive with what has been assigned to me. Sometimes I only complete the task way past its due date. I no longer login to other network to check for job, I few times I manage to get a few, but when I have got the time to sit down and write, they were already expired!

I am suppose to put in adsense codes in my other blogs, but have not move my lazy butt to do so, I am even getting lazier to maintain the other blogs.

My e-store didn’t materialized and there’s host of other things that didn’t work. :(

My current focus is on the course and assignments, but still I hope I have enough energy to look for moolah from the net.

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Mar 26 2009

Stingy Advertiser

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The price of reviews on this particular advertiser network is very low. It usually asked for 300 – 400 words but the advertisers are only willing to pay $3 – $5. After deducting the commission for the advertising network, the net amount that we bloggers pocket in is just less than $4. That’s really crap.

Usually I still bid for these works but I put on a higher bid than stated. Some times I am lucky, I get the bid and the amount I am asking for even though they have marked a lower price.

Today I received a mail from one advertiser, asking me if I am joking for placing such high amount in the bid. I am not asking too much. It’s an justified amount as I will be putting in time and effort to write 300 words where I can actually pocket in $5 for just a 60 words. I won’t feel angry and blog about it if this advertiser just ignore my bid. But by shooting me a mail thinking that I am joking for placing that price, I can’t tolerate.

This advertiser must have thought we bloggers are beggars. I am looking through the system to see if I can ban and put a black list on his name in this particular system.

No matter how desperate I might be, I won’t write for less than the amount justified. Like from another advertiser network, paying as low as $0.5 and $1 for a 100 words post. I have removed all my tracking codes from these 2 networks and they pay so low, so demanding and work is unsecured, which mean it depends on luck if I can get good deal. I rather stick to one that offers me job on a consistent basis.

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