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Aug 14 2013

Loving Awareness Program

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Attended a fullday workshop yesterday on Loving Awareness program. How to teach love in classroom, QTE , yoga and storytelling. It was really fun.
Today will be a two days program on Peacemama.

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Aug 11 2013

Raya Break

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It’s the third school term break and due to Raya celebration, the kids get to enjoy two full weeks off from school. Usually during school holidays, I would have planned a whole host of activities to bring them to, but this time round, I have no plan at all. Now one week of the holiday has gone and left only one more week to go and we have yet to have any outings.

This week just passed by so quickly. With daddy back home for the Raya break, it’s even harder to plan for outings with kids. Hubby is not a very excursion type of people. When he is home, it’s either bringing kids to the club for swim, to the mall for food or to his parents place. During Raya, many places will be either closed or extremely crowded, roads would be jammed too.

A week before the school holiday starts, he had an impromptu plan of wanting to bring his parents to Muar during Raya. But it was so last minute, when I called all the hotels in Muar, all were already fully booked. Probably it’s a blessing in disguise that all hotels were fully booked and we ended up just staying home and chillax at home.

Next week I have three days training to attend..half the week will be gone and we only left a day for outing.

Can it be considered a fruitful holidays? Does a fruitful and quality holiday means going places , overseas for vacation? It’s staying at home considered a waste of time?

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May 04 2013

GE13 Fever

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I have never paid so much attention to our country’s general election like now. I get so emotionally work up following all news regarding GE13. I feel so depressing and angry knowing what BN doing in the attempt to win votes. All the dirty tricks , lies and blackmail is just so heartbreaking to know. I have decided not to access my FB since last night. I don’t want to let all the negative news to wash away all the positive vibes I have. I need to stay positive that justice will prevail and that we will have a better and brighter future.  I don’t want to hear or know anymore about GE , all I want to do is just to do my part and cast the vote.

Let’s pray that it will be a better day after tomorrow..

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Apr 14 2013

Project Myanmar

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Last weekend we were involved in a fundraising event at Bangsar Village. The kids had prepared for this event for months already and was eagerly looking forward to it. We sold Wikki Stix as well as JS’s handmade at our stall. After 4 hours sales, we managed to sold of 80% of our goods and raised a total of RM726.

THere were 26 stalls selling various goods by kids and the total amount raised was RM27000. Amrita, a raising young talent sang live during the event and I heard she manage to collect over RM300 in her guitar case.

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Mar 29 2013

The Candy Craze

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Oh no.. I am caught in the candy craze!!! My hubby just commented “how come you keep playing games lately? Nothing better to do meh?”

Indeed, I have a lot to do and yet I am wasting my time crushing candies.

I am not a game person, hardly I play game and I rather surf on fb or read a book. I don’t even have games installed in my phone until about 3 weeks ago.

I have heard of the Candy Crush Saga months ago and heard about how people get addicted to it. I tried to brush it off and not even want to attempt to try… then later curiosity just caught on me and I downloaded the game on my phone. Well, till then I was still not hooked. I tried, and was feeling it was not different from Bejewelled.  I couldn’t understand why so many people go gaga about it. Not until I was chatting with my old schoolmates and was asking them why are they playing it and what’s so fun about it.. and they told me. I re-downloaded the game and started playing and playing non stop…

I am trying to cut down my time from playing as I have been stuck at this particular level for almost a week.. it really does not make sense to just waste so much time, neglect so many things and just trying to go to the next level.

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Mar 07 2013

Celebrating Birth & Motherhood

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In conjunction with International Women’s Day, “Celebrating Birth & Motherhood” will be held at Grand Season Hotel, KL this coming Saturday. In this full day event, mothers to be get to about birth and breastfeeding in a fun and wholesome way.

Here is the itinerary for the day:
Meeting Room1:-
100-1045 – Rest & Rejuvenation for the New Mum by Gina Yong Mei Keng
1100-1145- HypnoBirthing by Bee Ting Ng, HBCE
1200-1245- Baby Nutrition and its Effects on the Next Generations by Farah Rahim
1300-1400- LUNCH & Zohor prayers
1400-1445- Breastfeeding is Fitrah by Nor Kamariah IBCLC
1530-1700- “Dignity in Birth” Forum
1700-1900- “Face of Birth” International Film Screening

Room 2 (Bar area):-
1000-1045- Birth as a form of Ibadah (AMANI birth preview) by Al- Amirah Najwa
1100-1145- Baby Signing by Hanz Jamaludin
1200-1245- Five Ways to Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life by Ann Ibrahim
1300-1345- TED talk: 90 seconds to change the world – Video & Discussion
1400-1700- Inspiring Mothers, Overcoming the Odds by Nadiah Noor & Siti Al’Izzah
1800-1900- Birth Plan Workshop by Joanna Cheryan

Room 3/ Workshop Area (in Open Room):-
1030-1130- Prenatal Yoga by Jacq SunYoga
1200-1245- Babywearing Demo by Tiny Tapir
1700-1800- Mummy & Baby Pilates by Joanne Ho
1800-1900- Doula & Positions in Labour by Karin Heinimann

Room 4/ Birth Simulation Room (Next to Bar area):-
Throughout the Day – Birth Videos
1200-1300- Inspiring Mothers, Inspiring Births by Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy and Noha Yatim
1400-1445- Dad’s Role in Pregnancy & Birth by Azli b Long Chik, Rizal b Azmi, Ajwad Zaini, and Saufy Rohmad.
1500-1530- Kids Story-telling session by Ann
1700-1730- Kids Story-telling session by Ann

Get info for fetal doppler reviews too.

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Jan 16 2013

Listen! Listen! Listen

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I was chatting with hubby about the fiasco of SW1M and he was quite shocked and asked “Since when our local uni becomes so melayu-ish? Have to say ikrar and all those bullshit thing (the oath)”

Dear darling..didn’t you know this is our current Malaysia Education System? You still think the whole system still like our parent’s days and our schooling days? Haven’t you realize that textbooks contents had been changed, history rewritten with a lot of hidden facts? Didn’t you know that there are hidden agenda in the syllabus? Apart of being a spoon feeding system, the young generation have been brainwashed since primary school. Go read their civic books at primary school level, go read about sejarah textbooks for secondary school. In a way, BeeEnd is glorified! Campaigns , handouts all are hidden with political agendas. Children are not taught to think but blindly follow, they are taught to conform to authorities started as young as a preschooler, our school system raised children that don’t dare to question.

Being an opportunist myself, i tried to bring up the subject of Homeschool, try to promote its benefits. :D “yea la..this kind of system, that’s what so many friends of mine in education line is homeschooling their children now”.

We want to raise inquisitive, brave, eloquent and creative people ( I suppose we can still do so via mainstream school if parents start playing an active role), we want youngsters that are aware of the current affairs , who can judge according to their conscience. We want kids that can always stand for what they believe and not merely following the crowd, we want them to be who can think before they talk and with a better way of saying things.  School is like a mass destruction to youngster. They are taught “You listen”,” respect the elder” to the extend that the kids suppress his/her imagination/view/doubt/question.  Sadly our school system is not imparting these qualities into the students. ( Did you see in the “Listen” video clip how everyone clapped and cheered to the comments made  SW1M president? For goodness sake, they are university students and they appeared to be so empty headed) .

Since I can’t homeschool,I am trying to counter the damage school is doing to the kids.

Then my hubby said  “go TAR college (UTAR) better” (he was from there la!)

10 , 20 years ago maybe they are ok.. but look who are the ones running it now? A group of shoes polishers!

My cousin is in UTAR now. Recently ,at the beginning of a new semester,  the new lecturer was giving out a lot of informations about Johor’s RAPID project to his class.  The lecturer said that his subjects in this new semester will be in accordance with the requirements of RAPID project.

My cousin who still has his conscience was saying ” I am wondering what is this course structure planned as if we are certain to have an job interview with the said company (RAPID). Frankly, I am not interested. Firstly, this project is under PETRONAS, and PETRONAS is wholly own by our government.  There’s a lot of politics and corruption in it. Moreover it is involved with the fiasco of KuoKong Petrochemical”

Now…go figure!

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Dec 28 2012

将心照亮“爱之旅” 儿童自我成长课程 & 亲子讲座

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This is a parenting talk and children workshop that I have been looking forward to. The 10th stop of this giveback project will be held at Shah Alam Buddhist Society. The session will be held in Mandarin. Parenting talk on the 11/1/2013 from 8pm-10pm. Children’s workshop will be separated to two age groups. The 10-12 years old will have a session on 12/1/2013 from 9am till 11am and the 7-9 years old will have a session from 1pm-3pm.

Below written in Chinese is the introduction of the speakers.



林秀枝老师近年来积极推动多项亲子及自我成长课程, 我们相信这项计划将让更多父母及孩子们获益匪浅.

课程及讲座带动者:林秀枝心理辅导师( K.B.,P.A.)~熊妈妈
• 爱心树创办人
• 马来西亚注册与执政心理辅导师
• 马来亚大学辅导系硕士 • 爱心树家庭成长中心创办人
• 父母与亲子EQ讲座和成长课程培训师
• 情绪和情智艺术治疗系列课程培训师
• 多次协助中小学,学院与大专进行自我探索课程
• 多次受邀Ai FM广播电台”爱生活”之《亲子单元》分享亲子的课题
• 曾受邀Ai FM广播电台, “爱谈天下事”及”世界心理健康日~~心理生病,该怎么办?”单元嘉宾
• 多次受邀国营电视TV2“你怎么说”清谈嘉宾 • 辅导咨商,家庭治疗,婚姻咨商,师资培训,亲子和大专生命教育
• 新纪元学院辅导与谘商心理学学士课程之兼职讲师
• 曾为普门杂志儿童专栏《小天星》解答儿童心理疑问
• 曾受邀各个报章(星洲日报、中国报、东方日报)与杂志评论/分享时下亲子教育课题。
• 著作有《爱心树》绘本


策划者: 释慧悟法师~ Ven Hue Ngo
•出生于德国,于 2007 年依止 Ven. Thich Thien Son 出家
•2008 年至 2010 年期间,在 Frankfurt (德国)带领 13-18 岁的青少年参与每星期的禅修课程及佛法小组

儿童自我成长课程 课程纲要: 一个孩子能够知足、快乐与感恩,来自于他们有能力认识自己,探索自己潜在的能力, 让自己的心照亮。 带动方式:以活泼和体验性活动、故事分享、游戏等。 针对不同年龄层孩子的心理发展需要,我们把 7-9 岁和 10-12 岁各分 2 班进行,以便达到最好的效果。

(1) 7-9 岁 注重“引导性” :由于这年龄阶段的孩子,也是步入小学的初期,因此他们对于各个事情的接纳程度高、也需以较多的图画来解说、故 事的方式来做出引导。

(2) 10-12 岁~注重“自主性” :这阶段的孩子是步入儿童的晚期,开始憧憬成为青少年,所以他们期待的活动进行方式肯定和 7-9 岁的孩子不一样。他们期待自己的看法和想法被尊重。这时的他们已有能力去思考较深入的主题。过程中,他们也期望得到更多的自主性。

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Dec 13 2012


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Oh dear… I have been so busy and hardly have time in front the PC that I have forgotten that I have a few groupons that has expired. I wonder if i can still utilized them and also I hope that they will still deliver my order. That’s one thing that I don’t like about buying deals in advance. It’s either we are too busy and forgotten all about it. I probably won’t be buying any more coupons in future. :(

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Sep 13 2012

Blog Giveaway: Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting Set

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Hello to all my blog readers, this is my very first blog giveaway ever since I started blogging in year 2006.

I will be giving away a set of Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting Set

What is Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax, the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.

Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors. Wikki Stix conform to all U.S. Consumer Safety Standards including ASTM D-4236 and F-963, as well as the European Standard BS5665/EN71.

Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others. They help enhance learning through hands-on kinesthetic involvement. They stimulate the imagination and creativity in everyone! And.. there is no right or wrong way to play!
Wikki Stix is MADE IN USA

This set contains 36 wikki stix, five worksheets with two numbers on each, plus free play area. sixth worksheet emphasizes counting.

YouTube Preview Image

How to enter the giveaway


1) Blog about Wikki Stix MY with the keyword Wikki Stix Malaysia or Wikki Stix In Malaysia and link it back to . At the same time mention our Facebook Fan Page Wikki Stix MY and link to

2) Minimum word counts for your blog post is 100 words

3) Your post can be written  in Chinese, BM or English

4) After you have done so. Post your blog post link in this comment.  This will entitled you to one vote. If you have more than one blog, you can submit more than one entry

5) The post you have written for this giveaway shall remain permanent as long as your blog is active.


1) “Like” our facebook fan page

2) Share out Wikki Stix MY facebook fanpage  in your own wall/timeline , group and page

3) Leave your facebook ID in this comment

4) Each like and share entitled you to one vote


Terms and Conditions

(Without fulfilling this, any participants will automatically disqualified 
and no prior notice will be given)

1) This giveaway is opened to bloggers and facebookers residing in Malaysia only

2) You can participate in both blog and facebook campaign, that will give you a higher chance to win. Remember to follow the instruction carefully and leave a comment with your blog url and/or FB name after you have done.

3) One winner will receive 1 set of Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting Set.

4) Winner will be chosen at random via

5)Please provide a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win

6)You will need to reply to the winning email within 48 hours or another winner will be selected

7) This giveaway ends on Sunday , 30th September 2012

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