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Aug 30 2014

Wearing A Bodycon Dress Casually

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Bodycon dress is a fashion wear where a majority of women are fond with as it gives off a sexy appeal effortlessly. Women will wear it to work with a pair of high heels, weddings and even parties but it can also be worn casually on a normal day out. The most important thing you could do is always mix and match your bodycon dresses with various accessories and footwear to get that casual look. There are three style tips which you could apply to make your bodycon dress look appear more casual and laid back. The first style is to wear a pair of sneakers with your bodycon dress as it reveals a boyish tomboy side of you without jeopardizing your femininity. Select a pair of Converse low sneakers to achieve a simple and relaxed appearance. If you want to add it up a notch, pair your bodycon dress with high top sneakers and slip on ragged stockings for a funky look.




The second style is women can enhance the bodycon dress into a casual one with a pair of boots and a cap. Walk in the park or in town looking fashionable as ever and flaunt your sassy aura in front of everyone. Somehow anyone who wears boots tend to look sophisticated and the cap toughens up your whole appearance even with the slightest touch.





The next tip to tone down your bodycon dress is by layering your bodycon dress with an outerwear such as a jacket, a sweater, a hoodie or a cardigan. This way you will look more fun and trendy while still maintaining a stylish approach. Match it up with nice sling bag and feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. If you are wondering where to get a bodycon dress, check out ZALORA for amazing designs and choices online at the website.



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Jan 01 2014

Ushering The New Year

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As I am typing this, it’s 10 minutes away from entering the brand new year. I already hear fireworks started blasting

Instead of joining the crowd for countdown, I am having a very quiet moment alone at home. Having the whole house to myself. The hub has gone back to work two days ago and wasn’t around to usher the new year with us. Kids decided to stay over at their aunt, yup, including the little one who is not even 4, has already started staying over at her aunt. I didn’t join them as initially , a friend of my suppose to stay over with me but decided to join her Bersih’s friend for countdown at Dataran Merdeka. I didn’t want to stay at my SIL’s and  I am happy to have the space and time all by myself.  No, I don’t sound pity and lonely. Instead I cherish this very rare opportunity to have some quiet time where I have peace to finish off decluttering and spring cleaning the house.

Now, I am sipping whisky, and filling up the calender planner for next year. JS custom made this planner for me.

My new year resolution :

1) To be more diligent in practicing yoga

2) To learn to be content with what I have

3) To loose weight (seems to be yearly thing)

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Nov 27 2013

My Hubby

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We just celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary last Sunday. My hubby is not someone who openly shows his feeling for me. He was when we were courting and newly wed, but over the years, he seems to have seize to be opened enough to express his feeling for me and I do have doubt if I am good enough for him because I feel that I have not get enough acknowledgment from him. ( A little of a personal crisis I am going through)

Last night he text me to look into his blog to do some adjustment in the settings. We both have our blogs. I think maybe he still reads mine, but I don’t. In fact I have stopped blog hopping to my other friends blogs for a while spending most my time on FB instead. Then I stumbled on two posts posted recently.. simple  gesture like this is enough to make me happy.

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Aug 23 2013

School Routine

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This is the fifth day of school after the long two weeks break. It was hard to get back into routine on Monday. When my alarm went off at 5.45a.m and when I was preparing their snack boxes in the kitchen, the feeling of waking up so early to work int he kitchen is strange. It gets about a week to adjust to the school routine again. Immediately after school starts on Monday, I am starting to count down to the next holiday. The next holiday will be the UPSR break for the two older kids. Can’t wait

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May 04 2013

Quiet Time

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I can’t remember when was the last time I have the whole house to myself but tonight I am enjoying this solitude.

For a while I have been having mood swing. I kept telling hubby that I need a getaway, to travel alone, to be alone and free from mummy’s duties for a few days. Looks like I have worn out and I need a recharge badly.

Weekends are as busy as weekdays. We are always on a rush from one place to another , from one activity to another. Today is no difference. But for once I fight for myself. I told hubby that I am not joining his family for dinner. I just can’t pick myself up to get ready and leave the house. I desperately need my own time and space, even if it’s just a few hours on my own. I am grateful that he compromised, I am thankful for his understanding that I am now appreciating my quiet and peaceful moment at home. The whole house , all to myself. There’s no one calling out mummy this, mummy that. I don’t feel guilty of sitting in front of the PC and the kids entertaining themselves around me.  I don’t have to put on a nice face around people, I am just me, truly being myself for a couple of hours and that feels great.

I am loving this very moment….

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Apr 30 2013

Life As A SAHM

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It has almost been 9 years since I decided to quit my job and become SAHM. I must say most of the time it’s very rewarding, but it’s also the toughest job in the world. I do feel drain lately. Probably because I have been a weekdays single mum for over 1 1/2 years and without a maid for 2 years. My mood is roller coaster-ing , I am get angry easily and I have a strong urge of running away from home. I feel that I have been taken for granted and not appreciated… at times I feel like I am a slave, a maid of the household

And each time I read this book to the kids, i can so related to it and I just feel like doing what the mum does in the book..


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Mar 20 2013


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The school holiday is just around the corner… two more days to be exact (Yippee!!) and we are all so looking forward to it. The kiasu-ness in me had already had a whole list of activities planned for the week and we don’t have enough time to do all that I want to do. I was telling JS, “I will sign you all up for this/going for this outing on… ”  (activities and outings that homeschoolers organized and I don’t want to miss) and then there are a few workshops and talks that I wish to attend and hoping to be able to arrange for babysitting while i am out (else I would have to give it a miss .. :( )

But all JS said to me is

“Mum… I just want to stay home this holiday”  Her staying home means she can sleep in and wakes up only at noon… argh… but there’s so much we want to do and so much golden opportunities I don’t want them to miss.

Maybe i should shut myself from FB , so that i don’t see all the activities/events that is available. sometimes information overloaded is not good.. that drive me to be very kiasu

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Mar 08 2013

Laid Back

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Today is one of the day that I just don’t feel like doing anything at all including sending the kids to school. Just feel like chill and relax at home. Let the kids wake up on their own, without having to rush for dinner, me watching over the clocks the whole day. I just fill like leaving everything behind .. laundry, cooking, chores and for this moment, just sit and watch them play, listen to them talk and laugh over their squabble, sing along with them , roll and tickle them. For once, for now, I just want to put everything behind my mind.

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Feb 01 2013

On Baking Frenzy

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I didn’t really plan to bake for CNY this year. I can’t feel the festive mood and as usual always think that it will still be a long way ahead, even when I saw all the shops started selling CNY goodies and cookies, it didn’t hit me that it’s also time for me to bake. However,  out of the sudden, I have the urge to bake some CNY cookies and I started on a baking frenzy two weeks ago.  (Probably due to seeing friends posting up photos of their cookies on FB)

In a short two weeks, I had baked 5 different types of cookies: Pineapple tarts (including making the jam), custard cookies/semperit, checkerboard cookies, german cookies and Long Ping (Cornflour cookies)

The ambitious me still feel like baking choc chips cookies, cranberries cookies, cornflakes cookies, nestum cookies, more pineapple tarts. At the same time, the kids have requested for seaweed crackers. I have some egg whites sitting in the fridge which I thought of making meringue.

One week to CNY, I have not sure if I have time to accomplish these, top with the normal daily chores. Yesterday, I even have the thought of spring cleaning my kitchen and playroom and sort things to giveaway…

As of now.. i just not feel like doing anything but to sit here and spent time in front of the PC..which i have not have time to do so for a week…

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Jan 16 2013


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2 1/2 week into the new school term, I am totally worn out by the third week.  The past one week plus was very hectic, with a new decision made and getting it executed , took up a lot of my energy and time.  It really takes a lot of skill to be a mother especially skill in time management. I had failed quite badly since last week. I haven’t figure out the best arrangement which suits everyone yet, but i am hoping to be back into routine soon, at least before the boy I babysit comes back.

Feeling guilty that I have not been cooking proper 2 dishes, 1 soup meal for the kids. It had been quick , simple ala carte , takeaway or eat out. Not very healthy. Wanted to cook, but I am just too exhausted to work in the kitchen.  Bread making had taken a break since school holiday started and now with new school term moving into the third week, I have yet to start on our homemade bread. Only attempted twice on cinnamon rolls and a super quick Yorkshire pudding.  Now I don’t even dare to be ambitious to bake Chinese New Year cookies…

I am working from 5.45 till 11.00 with no or minimal break in between.  Mentally exhausted as so much need to be planned and execute. And now with three kids in the morning session, I have to be very discipline to be in bed by 10.30p.m. Else not only I can’t function properly the next morning, I would definitely oversleep and not wake up on time to prepare the kids for school. No more late nights for me where I used to stay up till the wee hours.

Looking forward to the weekends now.

Saturday, fast fast come!!

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