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Aug 29 2014

Han Chiang 2015 Entrance Exam

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We flew into the island last weekend for JS to sit for the entrance exam.  I always thought that CIS’s entrance exam are usually held in the month of late Sept and Oct, but I got to know from a friend who knew that I am keen to enrol JS to HC usually has their entrance exam in the month of Aug.  I was coincidentally at the island when HC opens for registration for entrance exam. We paid RM50 for the exam.

Students are tested on four subjects. Which are Chinese/Beginner Chinese, English, Science and Maths. Since the school also accepts students from Sekolah Kebangsaan, as long as the SK’s student has the proficiency in Standard 1 Chinese, they are eligible to sit for the entrance exam. They are given different set of Chinese test papers.  (Beginner level)

Depending on the student’s choice of course, the medium of the test papers differ. For UEC students, they can choose between Chinese and English to answer the Maths and Science paper. IGSCE students were to answer all papers (except Chinese) in English.

Han Chiang Entrance Exam Detail

Klang Chung Hua High School Entrance Exam Detail

期: 26/10/2014 (星期日)报到时间: 07:30a.m.
08:00 – 08:50 08:50 – 09:40 09:40 – 10:30 11:00 – 11:50 11:50 – 12:40
Chinese Malay English Science Maths

Klang Hin Hua High School Entrance Exam Detail

After comparing the test details with the two other school in Klang, I notice HC  placed a lot of emphasis on English paper. Time allocated for English test is 1 1/2 hour. 1 hour for Chinese, 40 minutes for Science and 50 minutes for Maths. JS told me that English paper was not just objective questions but also include short essay writing and listening (where a audio tape is played and they have to answer questions accordingly).

The number of students sitting for this entrance exam was so overwhelming. According to the name list, there are near to 450 candidates sitting for the exam where most of them are trying to get a place in the IGCSE class.  About 300 of these candidates are sitting for the IGCSE class, another 50 for UEC English class and about 100 for UEC class.  The school can only offer 160 place for UEC classa and another 160 for IGCSE class.  Looks like it’s going to be a tough competition to get a place and I am hoping and praying REAL hard that JS can secure a place. I have confident with JS’s english proficiency but I am still worried she cant be in the top 160.

Parents were given a briefing by the school principal as well as the head of English department. The principal delivered her speech in both English and Mandarin. The head of English center speaks excellent English with British accent, which is music to the ear.

Being a busy body, i ran through all the candidates details as well. An interesting little fact that I discovered was that there are homeschoolers sitting for this entrance exam. Two had written “homeschool” as their school attended. Two to three of them left school detail blank. One is from learning centre, one from Singapore. A few from private/international school (Tenby and another one which I can’t recall the name) and there are also a few from Sekolah Kebangsaan.

The result of the entrance exam will only be released a day after the UPSR exam. That is one reason why I so eagerly counting down. I am anxious to know if she gets through.


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Aug 26 2014

Counting Down To UPSR

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In another two weeks time, JS will be sitting for UPSR exam. I am eagerly waiting for it to be over. I don’t know if I am more excited than her that this whole episode is finally coming to an end. I don’t think we are stressed.  Everyday is just like any other normal day, she still have time to rest and draw, I  didn’t really see any unreasonably increased of workload. But I know they have been constantly drummed and brainwashed in school that they should aim to achieve the best to an extend she finds it long winded and annoying and stress inducing. I feel weighed down by it too. I don’t feel stress, but I feel it weighing on me and I just can’t wait to heave a sigh of relief when the whole thing is over.

We are not aiming for 7As for sure. She has never been a straight As student. All these 6 years, she had it easy and relaxed. Only this year, I started to put a little emphasis on her that she should put in more time for revision. We cut down a lot of homeschool activities. We have not really missed school that much this year compared to the past few years and I gave in to the school and let her join the Saturday extra class and for the last one month even on Sunday too . (Though we often skipped class). As long as she doesn’t get Cs, I am happy with Bs. We know how insignificant this exam is. ( I know too well, I was a straight As student during UPSR but it did not and would know determine how successful one will be in the future. So why waste time and energy on it? ) I told her, as long as you work hard on the 80%, you should have fun and enjoy the other 20% of your time.  Hub and SILs keep telling her as long as she tried her best, that’s is the most important. My SILs even told her, they were never the best in academic but good enough and they are very successful now, as long as she put in effort.

So , here we are , counting down and can’t wait to have it over. So that she can start having sports lesson in school, can draw, and design and can bake like once she used to.  She is planning to host a farewell party at home, we will have loads to do after her UPSR as we need to pack for the move as well and the most exciting and causing me to have anxiety is know whether she will get into the school our choice next year. The result of the entrance exam will be released the day after UPSR exam.  That is one part of the reason why I can’t wait for UPSR to be over. Oh , and the week long school holiday too.


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Mar 11 2014

You Are My Internet

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Casual chat over lunch after school, JS said quite spontaneously to me

“Are you an internet?”

Me feeling blur and puzzled on her statement, she then continue ” I feel so connected to you. I feel your love”

Aww..what a sweet , heart melting statement.

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Feb 26 2014


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The piano at home can go untouched for weeks and even months. (JL’s practise doesn’t count as she has not started playing a complete song or rhythm yet) I can’t remember when was the last time JS plays the piano. I can only find a video recorded about 4 months ago. She told me the last song she played was Royals. It’s a waste that she is not practicing daily after years of lessons? It’s a waste that she did not continue the lessons? It’s a waste that she didn’t even sat for any formal music exam and have a cert (well, it may be helpful to have the credit for future uni application, but I have not used mine when I applied for uni). I personally don’t think it’s a waste.

This week she started playing again. Because a song caught her interest. She wanted to learn to play the cover from “Frozen”. This time round she no longer asked me to download the sheet.

Here she is trying to learn to play “Let it go” from youtube. She has to start, stop, play and repeat over and over again and surprisingly she already got two verse by heart the next day. The mother here just managed to search for a score and have to read the notes one by one to play and cant even remember a bar by heart after that.

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Feb 26 2014

Video Editing

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This girl of mine has got her phone upgraded from 3gs to 4 last Christmas. Not a brand new phone, just a hand me down, but it’s definitely capable to do more than her old phone. She is not into games nor surfing, she uses it mainly for photo shooting and photo editing. Lately she is into video editing and told me she wants to be youtuber (as she found out one can also make money from posting in youtube)

Here’ s her first editing

YouTube Preview Image


This one done sometime last week

YouTube Preview Image



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Feb 17 2014

JS’s Photography

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One of JS’s hobby is photography. She has developed this hobby two years ago since I let her handle my Pen2 camera. She takes quite decent photos. With an Iphone now, it’s even handier for her to take photos any time and anywhere and editing them. Recently hubby bought a new lens hood and she has been assigned as the photography during CNY.

Here she is joining her uncles who have more advance DSLR cameras

Some of her photos can be seen here

She asked her dad “Daddy , have you ever like photography? I love photography”

Daddy said ” when I was in secondary school, I almost joined the photography club, but was too poor then to even buy a camera”

Father and daughter has many discussion on how to perfect her art , her photography, what can she do with her art etc

Now we know her artsy genes is really from daddy

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Dec 07 2013

A 11th Year Old Perception On Homeschoolers

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Casual chat with daughter

“I like to mix with homeschoolers. They are different. They speak good English, they know a lot of things and knowledge, they are friendly, can have more things to talk (I think she meant intellectual talk) and they don’t watch tv and play iPad. (Her assumption) *interrupt her conversation

Me” who says they don’t watch tv and don’t play games? I think they do”

” I think they are different lah even if they do. They don’t talk bad words, they are not rough, have better manners and not bullies ” (well, maybe she gets this conclusion from just a small group of homeschoolers she mingles with. At least that’s her observations and how she felt). I am lucky I get to see the difference and mix with school going kids and homeschoolers”

Such is the perception of a 11yro school goer.

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Oct 30 2013

Birdy – Wings

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YouTube Preview Image

JS playing Birdy’s Wings

She asked me to download the songsheet for her but I can’t find any free download online. She watched tutorial on the intro part on Youtube and figured out the rest of the melody herself. Total hours of practice before this video was taken – 1 hour.

She has stopped going for lesson for more than 1/2 a year, hardly play/practice, only sat for one exam (Yamaha Grade 9 in 2011) and yet she can play by ear. She loves playing all the chart toppers.

I wonder if I shall get her a teacher to improve her skill or just let her go on the road of self discovery.  She is really into music and music mixing.

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Jan 15 2013

Coping With Changes

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How did JS and WH cope with such a sudden change?

On Tuesday, after I told JS I had put in the letter of application to the Ministry of Education, she looks a little gloom and sad throughout the day.

JS and WH’s relationship improved since WH started standard 1 in the same school. I think probably due to the common topics that share and talk about.  When WH started standard 1, both of them were in the same schooling session. Both in afternoon class where I used to drop and pick them up from school.  During the 2nd of of that year, when our maid left, I engaged a transporter service to pick them home after school. JS is always the one looking after her brother. Standing up for him when he was bullied. She was also my spy and informer telling me what happened to the brother at school.

Comes standard 2, they were in different session, JS morning and WH in the afternoon, but JS still goes spot on her brother during school dismissal when all the lower grades are assembling in the hall. WH is her lunch delivery shall she needs to stay back in school for sport practice.  Sometimes JS passes money, stationary to WH and sometimes JS gets extra money from WH. They have their own way of interaction and bond when they are in the same school though different session.

I can understand how JS felt. She would be on her own now whereby her brother would be in another school. No more common topic to gossip about especially gossips on teachers. I knew she needs time to get adjusted to this new arrangement. It took her a day to accept this change.

usually JS won’t let WH shares her bed, but that night i put in the transfer application, both were chit chatting about their school even way after bedtime.

Sometimes we think that it’s fair every child gets the same treatment. But same treatment doesn’t mean it’s of benefit to them, as each and every child is unique and different. I can’t say it’s only fair all my children attend the same school, but what is important is their capabilities to cope. That’s what I told JS too. By transferring WH to another school is not because i am being unfair. I told her that his brother will cope better in a new school. I told her that she can still teach her brother Mandarin and WH can teach her BM. They can still talk about schools etc.

As for WH, I am glad the application take a week to process. That gave him a week to be more mentally prepared and let the reality sank in to him.  I am glad the change wasn’t abruptly carried out. It was a good one week phase out and transition for him.

This was taken on the day I put in the application. I felt quite sad knowing that it would be his last week walking this path. Very emotional when I see him walking in the school.

His last day in SJKC. I went into the school with him as i needed to collect the documents from his class teacher. He met his friends from the same transporter. They were chatting and he told them it was his last day in school. Kinda sad to see that he had to bid farewell to his friends. Actually he need not be in school on Friday already, but I still let him go. At least we put this to an end in a proper manner

The very last time he is walking this long long walkway into the school assembly hall as a student of that school.

A brand new start awaiting for him ahead.




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Jan 06 2013

Tween In The House

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My girl is growing up fast. She is in the tween stage now. She is into hot gadgets and teen fashions, latest hits like Taylor Swift, One Direction, Pink, Grayson Chance etc. She is into celebrities gossips too.

Look at her choice of reading materials now..

Her pick, bought with her own pocket money.  Cleo magazine is also another magazine that she is reading now.

Don’t kids just grow up fast??

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