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Dec 30 2012

Love Letter

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It have been a very busy day for me today. I did not have the chance to touch the laptop at all. Finally at 10.30p.m, I have the time to sit down and plan to have some work done. Upon opening the laptop lid, I saw a note for me. JS wrote me a note. I received it when I least expected it. Feeling very touch and love. Feels good of receiving love note like this out of the blues and for no particular reason. Indeed she has grown to be a very matured and responsible young lady.


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Dec 15 2012

>Buddhist Camp

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JS has just got back from a 3D2N children buddhist camp. It was her first religion base camp. I used to go to such camp when I was young to and have very fond memories of the experiences I had in camp. However JS camp home telling me that she didn’t enjoy it as much as the other camp she has attended. I am a tad disappointed too, as it was like what I have expected and not like those I have attended. But I can’t tell exactly pinpoint the details that I am disappointed it. Could it be because the whole environment and setting is too comfortable? They had sleeping bags and pillows laid for them, they sleep in the air con hall, sitting on comfortable chairs4worship in the hall, have food served to them. I remembered we were just bunking in school classrooms, lying down on straw mats and definitely without air conditioning. Anyway, she told me she is not going to attend this camp next year. Deep in my heart, I still hope that she will experience the same buddhist camp environment, especially the one organized by my hometown buddhist center somewhere in the future.

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Oct 09 2012

Class Monitor During The Day, Class Monitor In Sleep

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Today’s the first day of school final exam. I am not stressed, the kids shouldn’t be too. However JS seems a little over exhausted than usual. She took at nap at 5.30p.m and at 10.30p.m now and still hasn’t got up. We tried to wake her up for dinner, but she just rolled over and continue to sleep. Skipping shower and dinner.

JE tried to wake her up after I have finished chores downstairs and came to the room.

JE”Jiejie , wake up”
“Jiejie never eat rice. Now downstairs no body already”

We left her to sleep , then when I was reading bedtime stories to JE, we heard JS talks in her sleep. She was shouting out “起立“!(Rise) What class monitor does each time the teacher walks in the classroom. We all had a good laugh. WH said “jiejie must be dreaming about being in the class”



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Sep 21 2012

Helper In Kitchen

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My girls are always a blessing to me. They are helpful especially in the “cooking department”. :)

After picking JS up from tuition today, she asked me what I am cooking for dinner. I told her the menu. Then I asked ” you want take over the kitchen and help me?”

She happily agreed.

The first she cooked was rice. Then I show her what’s next.

I asked if she needs my help. She declined my offer

She said “give me the ingredients and tell me what to do”

So I sitting on the couch with my phone, putting the two little ones down for nap and giving out verbal instructions. At the same time we chatted and she sang.

I don’t know if she is able to get the three dishes up. But I will leave it to her till she gets help.

She said she wants to cook dinner for tomorrow too. And proudly claimed “next time if you are sick, I can take over and cook for you” aww…that’s just so sweet and thoughtful of her

Thank you JS.

She cooked these. All cutting, chopping done by her, whereby I supervised and help her to ignite the stove and pour the oil into the wok, she did the cooking.

She said this is her style of wantan. Oppa JS style. Looks like a golden pillow nugget to me more

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Aug 10 2012

A Date?

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Just put down the phone. JS’s classmate called and ask for a “date” with her. Well, it’s actually just to go to the club for a round of badminton game. Unfortunately JS’s is at tuition now.

The boy ”请问JS在吗?“
Me ”不在“
Boy ”我可以约JS去打球吗?“
Me “什么时候?“
boy “现在”
Me "她去补习了,4.30 才回“
Boy "哦,没有什么了”

Too young for a date? Perhaps it’s just something real innocent. After JS had gone for a session with him once. And talking about that experience, I think I was a little bold and innocent too. I didn’t realize that JS was the only girl invited among the other classmates until she got back from the game. It was a badminton session at our familiar club house, which one has to book the court in advance.  Come to think of it, I was just too bold to have dropped her there and leave her alone with her friends and picked her up after the game. Luckily nothing bad had happened to her. I didn’t want to be a helicopter mum who is paranoid but when after I picked her up and she mentioned she was the only girl, I shivered at the thought that something bad might happened to her.

Anyway, I do notice this boy likes to call JS a lot. He is also the only boy that ever come over to our house to play and wanted to come again and again. Until JS has to give excuses that she is not home, busy bla bla bla. There was once this boy called up so late at night, when I casually asked “why he always like to call and somemore call so late”, the father got a little panic. For someone who is quite lenient with the kid’s exams and results, he suddenly blurt this out  “JS, must study hard now , ok” .  For once I didn’t get it. How come out of the blue the father wants the daughter to study hard. Only much later I realize what he meant.

I think the girl has got a few other admires. She often get little gifts from boys. She mentioned about a note carved on her desk with some hint. A year ago there was even a hoo haa in her FB , where one boy claimed to be in relationship with her and everyone was gossiping about it in school and a girlfriend of her informed her what was going on. Since she hardly login to her FB, she didn’t know what was going on. She asked me to check on behalf of her and to “BLOCK” that guy.

She is not even 10 and haven’t hit puberty (thank god!) but already some bees buzzing around her. How many bees do i have to shield off in future?? I hope she won’t give me any hard time in her teens.

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May 19 2012

Extra Curricular Activities

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As much as they want to take part in as many of the extra curricular activities in school, but it had become a little too taxing and tiring. JS was mentioning that she spent 7 days in school and have to wake up before 7 everyday. She wish she can sleep in for just one day. I told her it was her choice to sign up for those sport activities and now with the term ended, she can decide for herself to continue or stop when the new term begins. She had already stop Chinese yoyo and now looks like she is going to stop basketball too.

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Apr 05 2012


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Yesterday JS was wearing a sleeveless shirt, exposing her very skinny arms.  I commented ” you look really skinny like an anorexic, you need to eat more and be less choosy with your food”

I then googled and show her photos of anorexic girls.

She was alarmed, disturbed and scared. She asked how she can pump herself up. She couldn’t sleep the whole night.

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Mar 28 2012

Hits Music & Piano

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Daddy is the one that expose the kids to all the latest hits. My mind seems to have shut down for all these. I will listen to the songs together with them, but I cannot remember nor identify the singers and the song titles. I have no idea what are the latest hits. I do not voluntarily switch on the radio. I am very very left out from all these be in the Chinese Hits or the English.  Since Daddy is “banana” , obviously the kids are only expose to English Hits, which daddy listens and gets to know from the radio, frequently download these songs from the net and store it in our pendrive (one for his car, one for mine and one to be plugged into the TV). I leave it as the bonding moment for father and kids..

With the exposure to all these hits, JS had wanted to play so many songs on the piano too. Her confidence level was lifted after a few self taught pieces and my job is to search for the song sheets for her. ( She will be the one who gives me the name of the artist and title of the song… I am blur though I can hum along to the tunes and melodies)

Here are some of the sheets that I have recently downloaded. She is self learning Adele’s Someone Like You, Birdy’s – Skinny Love and Grayson Chance’s Waiting Outside the Line ..all at the same time…I find her too ambitious.

Here’s her playing Skinny Love…still in learning progress …this is 3 days after I’ve downloaded the sheet.

YouTube Preview Image

This should be the way.. the joy of playing an instrument, instead of repeatedly drilling and practicing scales and classical pieces (talking from own experience, going under the stress of practical and theory exams every year to get the certs – ABRSM Grade 7 that is which have no use for me now). JS only sat for exam once..which was Yamaha Grade 9 early last year..she won’t be sitting for anymore exam probably until year 2013 and she enjoys playing.

She had also composed a simple melody which she likes it so much , since she is not train very much in the theory part, she asked me to write the melody down for her just in case she forgets… she was playing very fast and I had quite a challenging time just to write it down.

And it turns out like that

Without proper timing… as long as I get the melody down.. I suppose she knows the beats to is her song afterall..


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Mar 04 2012

She Can’t Be A Doctor

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We spend half a day at Kidzania today. Kids enjoy it so much and wanted to go back again, but the crowd was big today and the queue to some establishment was long and they didn’t really get to experience everything they’ve wanted to. JS managed to queue to be a surgeon, but she told me upon entering and while putting on the uniform, she saw blood on the dummy, immediately she feel queasy and told the lady in charge she is not proceeding, there she wasted her time queuing for nothing. She is never going to be a doctor…forget about being a surgeon doing electrosurgery. Fat chance…she rather draw!

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Feb 14 2012

Another version of JS’s 童话

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YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another light version of 童话 by JS

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