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Sep 03 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge & ALS

JS was nominated by her friends to take up the Ice Bucket Challenge. I am not against this for charity purpose, but somehow I find this youngster, tweens and the mass had somehow taken it to a wrong direction without understanding the true purpose. The youngsters especially these primary school kids thought it’s something fun and cool to do. They are mere trend followers without knowing the true meaning and purpose for this cause.  Anyhow, I told her what ALS is about and so as why they have this Ice Bucket Challenge

Here’s the link to the video she recorded and edited all by herself .

A day after she posted the Ice Bucket Challenge video, I was searching for Jdrama to watch. Such a coincident that I stumbled on a drama series that is based on ALS patient. I just have this feeling that someone , somehow is trying through other channels to raise awareness about ALS.

Boku no Ita Jikan 僕のいた時間  (The Hours of My Life) is really a heart wrenching drama showing the challenging path an ALS patient is going through. But here it’s overcome with unconditional love from family, friends and love one. I cried bucket watching it and don’t mind watching again and again. The soundtrack is very nice too. JS watched the first two episode with me and from the drama, she can at least grasps what ALS really means.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Aug 14 2014

Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (Movie Review & Doll Review)

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This is such a long overdue review that i am suppose to do after receiving the product, however due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed till now . I feel really bad for not getting the review up soonest and would sincerely like to apologize to the sponsor (BrandThink Malaysia)


When I got to know that BrandThink Malaysia on behalf of Mattel  offering to send bloggers the latest installment of the Monster High doll – Frights, Camera ,  Action! along with the DVD in exchange for an honest review, I was very excited to take up the offer.

I have heard my girls mentioned about it before and am sure that they would love to have me do the review. Even though I have heard of Monster High, i don’t have the faintest idea what it is actually about. I assumed it is a character in one of the TV cartoons. My kids have limited PC and TV time and yet they are quite up to date on the latest happening. It’s very obvious that I am still in the Barbie’s era , though that know there’s Winx, Bratz and now Monster high. JS told me it’s a web series and not shown on TV and that she watches it on youtube.  *oh ok.

This is what we received. A DVD and Monster High doll to our toy collection. This is the girls first Monster High doll – Frankie Stein.  JL and JE were thrilled to have a new doll to play with.

I let the two young ones watch the DVD first. When I first watch it, I don’t quite like it. I find the character to be too gothic. I don’t like the fangs on Frankie Stein. But after sitting through the movie,  I find the storyline quite ok. I also found that it is very creative to have the characters depicted as being either related to or as offspring of famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, Medusa,Phantom of the Opera, Zombies and more. What caught my attention was the extensive use of humorous horror puns throughout the movie. Like calling all the female characters as Ghouls rather than girl. London as  Londoom, Hollywood  as Hauntlywood. Of course the two younger kids won’t catch these puns, but when I re-watch it the second and third time with the two older kids, it strike a chord with them and can’t help to find how creative the author is.  They can even recognize TCL chinese theater in the movie.

I personally find that the Monster High series should be watched with parental guidance for younger kids. As the whole storyline is evolving around high school life and high school girls where they are into fashions, girls/boys relation, celebrity crush and even calling names and making nasty remarks.




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Feb 26 2014

Review: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

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Sheriff Callie’s Wild West_Poster_01

For those who like the Western, Wild Wild West Theme, now we have the very first Western series for preschoolers airing in Disney Junior.  This brand new series made it debuts on Disney Junior (ASTRO Channel 613) on Monday , 24th February 2014. Following the debut, the series will be aired EVERY DAY at 1pm on Astro 613.

This is a vibrant and music filled animated series utilizes the folklore of the Old West to impart positive social skills and lessons for young kids age 2  – 7. It teaches the kids how to be good friend and neighbor, highlighting lessons about forgiveness, honesty and sharing. Mandy Moore is the voice behind the cute Sheriff Callie.

This series follow the story of  Callie, a Calico cat sheriff who keeps the peace in her frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners using her magic lasso and cowgirl know-how. It is set against a backdrop of the colourful Old West.

Come let’s enjoy the theme song of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

YouTube Preview Image

And don’t forget to tune in to 613, everyday at 1pm to meet Sheriff Callie on screen.

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Dec 18 2013

Up Close & Personal With Hi5

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This is a outdated post again. I am always slow in blogging these days.

Sometime before the school holiday started, I received an invitation for a up close and personal session with Hi5.  Since my kids used to (the older ones) watch Hi5 and the little one also started enjoying it, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

15/11/2013, last day of school, I brought JL to the Hi-5 teams up with Dumex Mamil All ‘n One event. I wish I could bring all kids, or at least two younger ones, but I was only allowed to bring one child. Nevertheless it was really a fun session.


Hi-5, the award-winning Australian children’s musical group, consists of 5 dynamic performers namely Stevie Nicholson (aka “Stavros”), Lauren Brant (aka “Lolly”), Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham (aka “Ains”), and Mary Lascaris (aka “Mare-bear”). This energetic group presents the contemporary ‘pop’ style of music and a fun, colourful, exciting world of imagination that children 2-8 years are invited into wholeheartedly.
They star in a popular TV series, Hi-5, which is a vibrant mix of stories, investigation, imagination and adventure and encourages children to explore the world through movement, laughter and lots of catchy music. With Hi-5, learning is playful, fun and inclusive. Most importantly, Hi-5 seeks to support the young child’s growth in all areas – cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical – while encouraging children to develop their own potential.
Actually we missed and prefer the original Hi 5 crews. My kids are still watching the very old vcd of the original Hi 5.
Hi5 is working hand in hand with Dumex in educating children about balance and nutritional diet. The collaboration sees to Hi5 working on an educational video made exclusively to convey important messages about the five food groups, as well as a special song titled ‘5 Food Groups’. This will be performed during the upcoming concert in December at KLPAC. You can get your tickets from Ticketpro
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
Find out more about the Dumex Mamil All ‘n One Hi-5 contest at the Dumex Mamil Facebook page at or call Danone Dumex Careline at 1800 38 1038.

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Jun 07 2013

Movie Premiere: Disney Sofia The First: Once Upon a Princess

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This is such an outdated post. I had it in the draft, half completed and totally forgotten about it until I was reminded to post about it by *ahem* the organizer.

I have a princess wannabe at home. When we received the invitation to a movie premiere on Disney’s first little girl princess, I could hardly resist the invitation.

I have submitted all four kids information for the invitation confirmation, though I only have two little girls that are still into Disney’s girly, princessy cartoons.  JS being a tween is no longer interested in princessy cartoon and WH being a boy couldn’t even care less. But since there won’t be anyone home look after them, I have to bring them along.

The movie premiere screening was held at GSC Signature @ The Gardens on 11/5/2013.

This is my very first time going to the signature cinema. The ambiance is so different from the normal cinema. More classy and comfortable.

JS’s autograph on the guest board

Waiting for show to start

The event organizer was so thoughtful to set up this little stage for all princesses and princes to take photos with princess prop


Should I know they provided pop corns, mineral waters and Coke, I wouldn’t have bought a set myself. :P

Free seating on such comfy and wide seats

Now, did the two older kids find the Princess Cartoon Movie to be too childish and boring?

Heck no. They love it and enjoy it so much.  The music filled animated television movie storyline had manage to captivate the interest of an 11 years old tween and 9 years old boy.  JS was saying she finds the movie meaningful what what the values the movie is trying to convey.  The only little bumper was that the two older kids were a tad disappointed as they have expected it to be a 2 hours movie, but it only lasted 45 minutes.

The whole lot of goodies we brought home. Thank you so much to the event organizer  Indeedcommunications.

If you are subscribed to Astro, tune in to Disney Junior (613) or Disney Channel (615) to catch this movie. The premiere for the moved on 613 was on 19 May , 2013 11a.m and 27 May 2013 @1 pm @ Channel 615.

All my three girls watched this movie during premiere screening on Astro again.

This is certainly one movie you can watch over and over again without feeling bored.

Disney Junior will launch “Sofia the First” television series too.  I am sure my princess wannabe will ask for it. Even up till today, JL is still mentioning on how a princess should waves her hands. :D

Synopsis of the movie:

The movie is set in the storybook world of Enchancia, introducing Sofia – an average girl whose life suddenly transforms when her mother marries the king and she becomes a princess, Sofia the First. Sofia must learn to navigate the extraordinary life of royalty while holding on to her own hopes and dreamHers and her journey to being the best she can be also paves the way for those around her to realize how special they each are.

Her royal adventure begins as she prepares to move into the castle with her mom, starting a new family with her step-father, King Roland II, and step-siblings, Amber and James.

Getting help from another Disney classic in her journey are the three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy – Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (the beloved fairies seen in Disney’s classic “Sleeping Beauty”) and royal steward, Baileywick, as well as a group of cute woodland creatures led by a wise-talking rabbit, Clover.

Sofia soon discovers that looking like a princess isn’t all that difficult, but displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion and grace is what makes one truly royal!

Using positive messages and life lessons, the stories from “Sofia the First” are created for families and applicable to young children. While she lives in a captivating world of castles, wizards and flying horses, Sofia remains a relatable peer-to-peer princess who is experiencing many of the same social situations as young viewers at home including learning how to fit in, making new friends and mastering new skills.

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Nov 28 2010

Playhouse Disney Road Rally Event

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* Very back dated post.

Two weekends ago, we attended the Petrosains streetsmart event at Petrosians KLCC. This is the first such event that I have attended as a blogger. ( I am a quiet blogger…I don’t mingle much with other bloggers ) I saw many familiar faces, but I have no courage to approach them except mamapumkin and Merryn. (Actually I don’t know if they ever recognize me… I am always a silent blog reader too)

Well, the most important is not so much for mummy to socialize, it is more for the kiddos. They truly enjoy themselves. They are quite brave and try to participate in every Q&A questions…so kiasu that they tried to win every prized. (looks as if mummy is so kiasu.. :P)

three kiddos up on stage..but the little one got ignored

Story telling session

Part of the goodies we brought back..

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Nov 07 2010

最美好時光 The Most Beautiful Moment

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YouTube Preview Image



傷心我們不流淚 開心也不會累

最美好時光 is the girls latest favourite Chinese song.

JS learned this song in school. During music lesson in school, the teacher didn’t teach them the boring childish song in the syllabus , instead the teacher teaches them many songs of this genre together with the sign language.. It’s all about happiness, being grateful , be loving kind of song. JL learns many of these song from her sister too.  I like this kind of songs.

JS’s “kiam chye” song sheet from school.

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Jun 07 2010

Book Rental & Story Telling

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All three of them love books and we got a small collection of books at home.  Recently JS commented that she is bored and has got nothing to read. I pointed the many books at home and said that those books are childish. (True though..most books are more suitable for preschooler and my own collection seems too advance for her). I haven’t build up a collection of books which is suitable for her age. We tried to buy a few, but that will not be a long term solution as we almost run out of storage for books. Hence I told her we will go rent some books.

Each time I drove around the neighborhood, I have noticed this shop with a big BOOK RENTAL sign. I have made a mental note to drop by for a visit.  We finally during the week JS was having her mid term exam (actually I told her we will only go after her exam, but both of us can’t wait).

I always have an impression that a book rental is usually dark and is full of racks and racks of books. Usually novels, love stories. I am  mentally prepared to be disappointed to find books that JS will find interest in.

To our great surprise, this place is spacious, bright and have more books cater for children, it is really a child friendly place. Children picture books, parenting books, recipe books both in Chinese and English.  They are arranged nicely on shelves, not racks.

One great discovery is that they have story telling session twice a month. First Sunday , being Chinese version and third Sunday English version.

We went for our first story telling session yesterday. The children loves it, though JL appears to be shy with both the teachers.  It was an interesting session which the children enjoyed.

Teacher Ng read the first two sets of stories

They were ask to do a simple art for the next activity

Music & movement using the drawing their made earlier

Second set of story telling sessions.

These two teachers are great story tellers, they interact a lot with the children.

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Jul 02 2008

Beauty & The Beast Musical

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JS had another splendid afternoon over the weekend. Sunday , she went for the musical with her aunt and grandmother. Daddy suppose to go too, but change his mind last minute (so there’s one extra ticket left), WH has since changed his mind on Saturday and decided to follow me to my parent’s place.

It was a 3p.m show , but SILs were invited for the pre-show cocktail at 2p.m as well as “Meet The Cast” photography session (can’t use our own camera though). According to SIL, JS enjoy herself so very much and was humming along and SIL has to got her to soften her voice and concentrate to watch the show. They got quite good seat in front too.

Door gift. Mug and the program booklet.

Meet the cast .. photography session.

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Jun 27 2008

Disney’s Beauty & The Beast

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SIL has got complimentary tickets to Disney’s Beauty & The Beast, Broadway Musical this Sunday at KLCC. The family will be there. SIL said I can leave baby behind to be taken care by her, MIL as well as the maid, so that I can go for the show with hub and the 2 older kids. But I really doubt baby can stay without me for so many hours. It’s going to be a 3 hour show and commuting to KLCC to and fro takes time too. If baby doesn’t get separation anxiety, I would too. I don’t think I can have peace of mind and enjoy the show without having baby with me.

Then I asked, why not I bring baby along, wear her in the sling, nurse her to sleep. Sounds like great idea. Unfortunately, the event organizer stated that child below 1 year old is allowed. Looks like I have to sacrifice. I really love watching broadway musical.

Now , the problem, without me going, how about WH. He’s such a timid boy. He never likes cinema (the darkness and the sound system), he never likes weird looking things (including the DIGI yellow man..he got very scared of them) . Our concern is that he might get frightened by the beast.

My “task” given by my SIL is to show me snapshot of the show and let him thinks over if he wants to go. He’s still very fickle minded now. A little while say yes…he says he will sit on daddy’s lap, he will ”
cover his ears” (that’s what he usually does when he’s watching TV/movie on show he’s a little scared off) . A little while he change his mind. We told him he has 5 days to think about it. Until today he still says he wants to go, but I’m not sure if he would change his mind on Sunday or even when they were there.

Few months ago, daddy brought the two kids to cinema to watch Bees, that time I was in confinement. I was so surprise to see them home extra early. According to daddy and jiejie, he was crying and wailing so loud in the cinema way before the show start. (during those ads and movie preview hour) , he was such a nuisance that they have no choice but left without watching the movie. Now now…will he repeat the same thing again?

Some pictures I manage to find and show him about the show.

*err…why Belle looks so fat??*

Even manage to find videos from Youtube to show them. Jiejie is very excited about it. In fact this weekend is already packed with fun filled activities that the she’s looking forward too. Tomorrow will be daddy office’s family day at the Theme Park.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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