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Feb 20 2008

More On Fei Fei

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This whole morning I have been spending time looking at some video clips of Lydia Sum. I’m not a fan but somehow I’m still saddened by her dismiss. I had tears in my eyes watching one of the clip where she was given an award last year. She has brought so much joy and laughter to the Chinese entertainment world, I don’t think there’s any Chinese who doesn’t know Fei Fei.

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Nov 30 2007


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I seldom watch TV, the fact is I don’t have the time, though there’s these series that I would love to watch, but have to sacrifice for the kid’s sake. Now that mum is around, I’m hooked to one of the Chinese series. When mum’s watching I sit together and watch too and get addicted. The main actor is just handsome…. Ooh la la…

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Nov 16 2007

Disney Magical Show

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Last sunday the kids were having fun at the Disney Magic Show.

They actually went for lunch at Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid before heading to the show. Hubby said the restaurant served the lousiet japanese food. No I was not there.

After the show, I constantly hearing them say want to make magic at home. :D

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Nov 03 2007

Magic In The Air

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Disney Magical World is in town. The Live show will start off in Penang today and tomorrow and will be in KL from Nov 7 to Nov 11.  I dare not mention it to the kids as I know they will ask us to bring us there and there’s no confirmation that we can make it to KL for the show. If earlier we can confirm going back to KL, I would have asked for the ticket much earlier.  I couldn’t hide it from them long. It has been advertised on newspaper and TV and they seen it and they wanted to go. They really wanted to go, so no choice, make a last minute call to SIL to see if she can get complimentary tickets for the kids. If can get the ticket, then hubby will make a day trip to bring them to the show during Deepavali. I know they are really looking forward to it. And of course I won’t be able to join them… I will be confined at home with a newborn by then.

Hope SIL manage to secure tickets for them.

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Oct 20 2007


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The other day when we were channel surfing, we stumble on this cartoon about 封神演义. There is this little goddess called Ne Zha. It reminded me of a cartoon that I used to watch over and over again together with my brother when we were young.  I think my mum still have the video tape, but it has become moldy and we do not have a VCR player to play the show.

I tried to tell the Ne Zha story to my children, but really it’s not as exciting as watching the cartoon which has a very nice graphic. I have tried to search the web, hoping to download. It took me 3 days to download the video..but unfortunately not able to play it…. there’s some error like something is missing and some more it’s in a RMVB version. Tried to convert to other file format ..but can’t.

I wonder if anywhere sells the DVD or VCD.




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Aug 23 2007

The Secret of the Magic Gourd

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Just noticed that there’s this new animation currently screening in HK. I heard it will be screening in Malaysia on 30th August , but I have actually not seen any previews or advertisement on that. It’s a Chinese animation, Disney production outside Hollywood.

The Secret of the Magic Gourd is based on a popular children’s story about a boy and a magical vegetable.

Hopefully it will be really screening here. The kids are looking forward to it.

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Jul 17 2007

Wakin Malaysia Concert

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Left Subang at 7.15p.m to Bukit Jalil, and the concert suppose to be at 8p.m. Lucky the concert started at 8.20p.m and we made it there on time at 8p.m. I was actually quite worried if I can bring the two monkeys in , some more I was carrying a backpack with camera inside. And again, lucky me, they didn’t bother to check.

We were seated on the first row right after the RM303 section. Each means we were just a few rounds behind my brother who spent RM303 for the ticket. :D Not as good view as the seats we got in year 2003, but it’s better than nothing, the ticket still worth RM263 anyway. SIL has actually got herself one seat at the VIP area and she brought JS along, but JS didn’t like it , as it was too loud for her. My hill billy WH didn’t like it either. When the music started at 8.20p.m, he was crying so hard. I suppose he still not used to the very loud noise and music. Hubby brought him out for a while. He settled down 1/2 later.

The young supporter.

This hill billy didn’t enjoy the concert

The kids certainly didn’t enjoy, what a shame. :( So as my banana hubby and SIL. We left early, after 2 hours. *sob sob* , the concert actually ended at about 12.30a.m , way past midnight. We left after Wakin sang “忘忧草”. I guess I really have missed out a lot a lot. But what to do , with 2 young kids, that seems bored and one cried want to go home, mummy has to sacrifice. But 2 hours is better than not going at all.

Didn’t manage to take much photos, moreover it’s just too far.

Recording video is actually not allowed , but I saw a few people in front me did that, not just with normal camera, they basically brought in the video cam corder. Though they have been stopped a few times from recording from volunteers workers, but still when no one else is checking, they continue their recording. I only manage to take 2 very short clips.

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Jul 14 2007

Wakin…Here I Come

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Yeah…Tonight is the night. I’m one Fancee of Emil Chow. Went to his concert when I was studying in Perth in 1997 and then in Year 2003 where SIL got us complimentary tickets. I missed out the Genting one (as SIL didnt manage to get the complimentary tickets) and also the one in Setia Alam last year (though my friend manage to offer me tickets but no one takes care of the kids.)

Not going to miss it this year. Have actually wanted to go with my brother. He has actually bought two RM300 tickets. Then I found out the concert is going to be 4 hours. I’m worried that hubby couldn’t manage the kids himself and they will look for me. I told my brother I’m not going. I don’t think he manage to sell the ticket, so he’s going with my mum while SIL again manage to get 4 complimentary tickets….so we , the whole family is going. :) Yeah!!! But not sure if the view at the complimentary area is as good as the RM300 seats. I doubt so.

Just in case you don’t know who is Wakin – Emil Chow…. here is his official site , and Jason wrote something about him too

 The 329 Concert in year 2003

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Jul 13 2007

Wakin 20 Live In Malaysia 2007

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Tomorrow night will be the concert. Anyone going?? See you there. :D

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Jun 22 2007

Hubby’s New Toy

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Hubby has got a new toy. 2 days ago he brought back 2 brand new 37″ LCD TVs. Hardly got the time to watch TV at home and yet want to buy a big TV, somemore the house living room is so small, I think 37″ is just too big for the house. Now the small house is superly cramp with 2 extra TVs, the new one he has got no time to deliver it to his parents place to install, and the old 32″ which he decided not to give away last minute, because he thinks the display quality of the old TV is better than the LCD screen, but he hasn’t figure out where to store it yet. By the way , the TV is only 1/2 price of the market value specially offered by his company. Only 14 units available and those interested to buy has to go through ballot and so “lucky” he managed to get 2 out of the 14 units.

The old TV screen when we were not watching is like a mirror to the kids, they usually like to see themself and act funny in front of the TV. Shortly after hubby installed the new LCD, there’s no more reflection on the TV screen and WH was puzzled, coz he no longer can use the TV screen as a mirror. :D

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