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Sep 24 2013


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WH came back from school telling me that his teacher gave him money.  I asked him for what’s that for. He said his group won in a competition. It is class based and they were fixing something that looks like a cheapskate lego. His team came second. I asked him what did the first group got. He said RM1 each for the team that won first place.

It’s just a small token, but it did lift up the child confident.

Often we heard negative comment of our public school system. Complaining about teachers being laid back, teachers being too fierce or the child’s creativity being supressed and their confident slashed. I must say that my kids are just lucky to have met some very good teachers.


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May 16 2013


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WH has been in his new school for almost 4 months now. Overall he has been coping ok , but due to language barrier, he has made quite some blunder.

Recently he came telling me that he finally knows what’s his English teacher’s name. Seksivam (sounds like sexyworm to us) and we have been asking him if he was sure.  He said he is very sure. Last night we were preparing Teacher’s Day gift. He made a card for his teacher. I just want to make sure he puts in the correct name , he suddenly recalled that the name of his class teachers is stated in his school timetable.  I had a look and realize that

Seksivam is actually SIR SIVAM! ( It was written as En. Sivam on the timetable)

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Feb 23 2013

Questions Of The Day

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Everyday WH asked many questions that I would never have thought about. His questions always amazed and awed me to the extend on how his brain works. I have always wanted to jot it down, but often I am too busy till I forgotten about it.

Here’s one of the questions that he asked on 22/2/2013 that still leave a deep impression in me

Question of the day by son

“Is there anyone that can remember their past life long long ago?”

Me: “yes”

Son: ” huh? Really meh? How? I mean not themselves now, when they are they are not who they are now”

Me : “yup. Some can. But I don’t know how”

Son ..keep pondering


“Daddy, is there anyone that is first time born?”

Daddy: “no”

Question of the day 23/2/2013

Son: When do people start using banana? You know.. not the eating banana

Me: *puzzled*

Son: you know , when we call people banana. Is it million of years ago? Is it during world war I? World war II? Dinosaur age??

Me: Yeah.. maybe long time ago..

His question made me think as I don’t think my answer is accurate

Then I told me “Maybe not too long, probably hundred years and when the British ruled the country. Only used by Chinese”

Son: Why ah?

So I explained why we called Chinese who do not know their mother tongue as Banana

Son: Yeah…I am not a Banana!

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Jan 15 2013

A Brand New Start

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This week is a brand new start for us. New routine to get accustom to. I must say since it’s only day two , it’s still a little chaotic

Out of the sudden, I have three morning school going kids. Left only baby and me at home in the morning. Such a bliss. If I were to enroll baby to tot school, I would have the whole morning to myself. Well..that’s just a thought.. anyway, comes after Chinese New Year, the boy I babysit will be back, that will make my morning busy with two toddlers at home.

Three, school going kids, all different school time and different location. For JS , everything remains the same. She will still be getting up at 6.00a.m, transporter will come to pick her to school at 6.30 am where school starts at 7.10a.m.

WH’s school starts at 7.40a.m , and he needs to be at school by 7.30a.m. JL’s school starts at 8.00a.m and she can be late.. :D

JS’s school is at the opposite direction of WH’s school. WH and JL’s school is just stone throw away. I can see WH’s school from JL’s school and hear all the announcement made from JL’s school too.

Now, i don’t know what’s the best arrangement for WH’s part. I guess for the time being, I will be the one to do the dropping and picking. He doesn’t have to get up so early. He will have to get up at 6.45a.m , the latest and we can leave the house at 7.15a.m to make it to school on time.

However, the inconvenience part is for JL. First, I can’t leave her alone at home where I send WH to school. It doesn’t make sense to make two trips to the same place around the same time. So for the time being, JL has to get up early too. instead of waking at 7.40a.m, she has to get up at 6.50a.m. She leaves the house together when I send WH to school. We will have to wait in front of her school until it opens at 7.45a.m. The poor baby will have to tag along whenever and wherever we are going.

I am still unsure if to engage transporter service to send WH to school. If so , he may have to get up earlier. I really do prefer him having an extra 10 – 15 minutes sleep.

Yesterday was the first day WH was in new school. Since I need to bring him in and settle him in his class, I was rehearsing during the weekend the chauffeuring plan. it’s really all about time management. I was planning if i shall bring JL along, but come to think of it, she may be late for school. So at the end, I dropped her at the daycare at 7.20a.m and get the teacher’s help to send her to her kindy while I waited we WH at the new school till 9a.m

Picking up was another tricky part. JL finishes at 12.10 p.m except for Friday she finishes at 2.30p.m . WH finishes at 1p.m except for Friday at 12.00p.m , JS finishes at 1 pm on both Monday and Tuesday and 12.30p.m on the rest of the school days.  That again needs proper planning. Yesterday due to some miscalculation, I was late picking everyone up.  Anyhow, I told JL that she shall wait in school until 1p.m, which is fine with her and I already communicated with her teacher and her teacher is ok with this arrangement too. I am going to try out another plan today to see which works best . ( Don’t want to be stuck in jam and waste petrol making extra trips) It’s never easy to be mother… time management is just so vital…argh!!!

Here, toast to a brand new start.

WH seems to be coping ok. Just like what his father said ” he is a happy go lucky guy, he will survive” , WH makes friends easily. Though he did tell his sister later that he didn’t dare to go toilet as he doesn’t know where and he also told me his class teacher beat a student with the feather duster handle and he was worried that he will get beaten too (which I told him teachers in chinese school also cane students!) . He told me he was silly to eat by himself at the canteen, not knowing he could go to the hall to eat with his friends but generally he is ok and I think it will take sometimes before he truly blends in.

Looking at the school timetable, it’s so relaxing as compared to the subjects packed SJKC timetable. I asked him for his old timetable as i want to compare , he told me ” I threw away already lah!!”

Looking smart in his new school uniform.

The first day, he was the only one in shorts.  He said he is ok with that , but I really don’t want him to be the odd one out and bought him new long pants. And he got a tie too. It ‘s compulsory for boys to don on the tie. Now he doesn’t have to wait to be prefect/librarian/class monitor to have a chance to don on a tie.



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Jan 15 2013

Coping With Changes

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How did JS and WH cope with such a sudden change?

On Tuesday, after I told JS I had put in the letter of application to the Ministry of Education, she looks a little gloom and sad throughout the day.

JS and WH’s relationship improved since WH started standard 1 in the same school. I think probably due to the common topics that share and talk about.  When WH started standard 1, both of them were in the same schooling session. Both in afternoon class where I used to drop and pick them up from school.  During the 2nd of of that year, when our maid left, I engaged a transporter service to pick them home after school. JS is always the one looking after her brother. Standing up for him when he was bullied. She was also my spy and informer telling me what happened to the brother at school.

Comes standard 2, they were in different session, JS morning and WH in the afternoon, but JS still goes spot on her brother during school dismissal when all the lower grades are assembling in the hall. WH is her lunch delivery shall she needs to stay back in school for sport practice.  Sometimes JS passes money, stationary to WH and sometimes JS gets extra money from WH. They have their own way of interaction and bond when they are in the same school though different session.

I can understand how JS felt. She would be on her own now whereby her brother would be in another school. No more common topic to gossip about especially gossips on teachers. I knew she needs time to get adjusted to this new arrangement. It took her a day to accept this change.

usually JS won’t let WH shares her bed, but that night i put in the transfer application, both were chit chatting about their school even way after bedtime.

Sometimes we think that it’s fair every child gets the same treatment. But same treatment doesn’t mean it’s of benefit to them, as each and every child is unique and different. I can’t say it’s only fair all my children attend the same school, but what is important is their capabilities to cope. That’s what I told JS too. By transferring WH to another school is not because i am being unfair. I told her that his brother will cope better in a new school. I told her that she can still teach her brother Mandarin and WH can teach her BM. They can still talk about schools etc.

As for WH, I am glad the application take a week to process. That gave him a week to be more mentally prepared and let the reality sank in to him.  I am glad the change wasn’t abruptly carried out. It was a good one week phase out and transition for him.

This was taken on the day I put in the application. I felt quite sad knowing that it would be his last week walking this path. Very emotional when I see him walking in the school.

His last day in SJKC. I went into the school with him as i needed to collect the documents from his class teacher. He met his friends from the same transporter. They were chatting and he told them it was his last day in school. Kinda sad to see that he had to bid farewell to his friends. Actually he need not be in school on Friday already, but I still let him go. At least we put this to an end in a proper manner

The very last time he is walking this long long walkway into the school assembly hall as a student of that school.

A brand new start awaiting for him ahead.




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Jan 15 2013

Bold Decision

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Last week, I made a bold decision right there and then. It was a quick , prompt and  firm decision. I know I don’t have much time to ponder and have wavering thoughts. I don’t have time to waste. There is no time to be uncertain, no time to have doubt, no time to procrastinate. I pray to my guardian angels to show me the path and i got the answer.

Three days after school started, I knew I have to do something for WH. The matter didn’t occur to me during the school holidays, perhaps because we didn’t touch the school books at all during school holidays. When school started, I was coaching him on his homework (Not many homework actually) and at the same time doing some quick revision, and from there on, I know something need to be changed.

From the day we knew he has features of dyspraxia and dyslexia, we are carefully monitoring how he will cope in the mainstream.  The day he started primary one in the mainstream chinese school, we were (at least I am) already mentality prepared to do the necessary to help him cope. As much as we love him to have exposure to extra language, as much as I love him learning Mandarin and not be a banana like his father, but i know i can’t force it.

For the last two years, he didn’t have much problem coping in school. He is forever the happy go lucky guy.  He has friends, though he result wasn’t the best but he has his own way to cope.  He hasn’t really been punished (for bad hand writing, imperfect scores during ejaan, tingxie etc), he was not pressurized by school or teacher to perform academically, never been humiliated for poor grades on certain subjects (he did very well in english, maths and science) . Each time I speaks to the teacher, they always comment about his good attitude and willingness to learn, ask questions and answer questions. The teachers all believe he can stay on in Chinese school , they kept giving me the assuarance

But as a mum, I think I know my son better than the teachers.  Just three days after school reopens, I know he needs change, we need change.

The thought of change did occur to me over the past two years, but each time there’s this little voice telling me, let him find his own way to cope and sail through the 6 years of schooling, it’s good for him to learn Mandarin. I keep telling myself not to worry, not to let the results bother me. I ask myself to trust him.  Trust, Faith, is what I keep telling myself to have.  I don’t know if i am in denial or was i opting an easy way out by just thinking of having trust and faith in him to find his own way, but i am not putting any effort to help him. At the 2nd half of year 2, we did engage a private tutor to help him with Mandarin and BM. I did very little in drilling him due to lack of time (Excuse??) It does need a lot of time and patient shall i need to coach him and make sure he knows everything. That will be quite stressful on both him and me. So apart from private tutoring, me coaching him on homework when there’s the need, I basically let him unschool and do what he likes after he complete his homework. And since his result was still quite ok  apart from BM and BC penulisan, I kept telling myself not to worry and just let him be.

However, on the third day of the new school terms, it just struck me that I must really do something. I am thinking of long term. How would he survive another 4 years where the syllabus is getting tougher and he needs to write more Chinese characters where he has problem remembering them. (he still gets everything mix up as i see he learns in his own unique way, eg. when I asked him to write 课 he wrote 班,I asked for 鼻he wrote 嗅) I am sure the teachers will have certain expectation from him when he is in the higher grade. I am sure he will find it frustrating that after trying , he is still not advancing. I don’t want to reach a level where I am stuck where we reach no where.

I whatapps hubby telling him that we should discuss further about this matter when he comes home over the weekend. Anyway, we didn’t wait till the weekend when he was home. We were just exchanging text over the phone and the decision were made.  We have decided to switch him from Chinese School to Sekolah Kebangsaan.

Over the years, we had brought this topic out with him. He knew he has this option, but often he said he prefers Chinese school. He wasn’t very ready for the change. We had given him the chance.  I explained to him about our decision, the pros of the change and etc and finally he said he is ready for the change.

On Monday, I drove him to the new school to have a look. More prep talks . Telling him that once decision is made and I put int he application form, there will be no turning back. You can choose to opt out from a Chinese school, there is no way one can turn back.  Can’t remember why I didn’t do the application on transfer on Monday though

On Tuesday, I brought him to the new school again. This time round, we went in, spoke to the HM. A very friendly lady, very assuring. Telling my boy not to worry, he will have friends soon and since he already can speak English, it’s a chance for him to learn Malay. Then we went to the his school to apply for transfer. The Chinese HM on the other hand wasn’t as friendly. She was like interrogating us even to the extend I feel that she is threatening and scaring us. What disappoint me was that when I told her the reason of switch was  because of WH’s learning difficulties. She asked for WH’s result and when she knew WH did well in Science and Maths , she was saying “see, can do so well, where got learning difficulties” It makes me feel that when talking about learning difficulties, she thought I am referring my son as a retard. She is like despising us that a Chinese giving up learning Chinese.  (sigh.. if I have a choice and if my son is capable, i would not have chosen this path)

Anyway, after 1/2 hour of questioning, she finally signed all the form and we went to JPS to put in the application. I was told that it may take up to two weeks for my application to go through. A friend who went to do a transfer (from SJKC to SJKC ) got her application approved on the same day and her daughter was in the new school on the day itself. But my case it was different. It was called tukar aliran. I was given a number to call to check on the status. On Thursday, I called, and the person in charge told me my letter of transfer is ready. I went to collect it on Friday and at the same time collected all the relevant documents from Wh’s class teacher and submitted the doc to the new school on Friday itself. Since the new school is in morning session, WH still went back to the old school on Friday afternoon.

One of the main reason of chance is that he can manage sukukata and phonics better than Chinese characters. With less than one language to focus, he can now work on BM only, where everything will be answered in BM. If he is still in SJKC , he needs to learn all the chinese characters in order to answer even maths and science, on top of that he needs to learn BM.  After two years, he can read and recognize a little chinese characters, he can speak and understand. To me that is good enough. I shall wait for another year to let him try out in Chinese school where I know language is not his forte. With the changes , he didn’t loose much. It’s a new school term, he only missed out 8 days of classes in new school. I am treating this as a gap year for him to pick up the language and he will cope comes next year. Shall I waited another year, and only do the switch when he is in year 4, i believe there will be more more to catch up and it will be more difficult for him.

On the day when I knew this is our choice, I quickly went to the bookshop and bought some SK BM workbooks for him to do. I bought standar 1 and standard 2 workbooks, and to my surprise, he can read, understand and answers the questions. Which in a way, I knew he will be ok with the switch.





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Oct 22 2012

Thoughtful WH

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WH’s class teacher is on maternity leave. Initially they had temporary teacher to come sit in the class. However it didn’t last very long. Now that it is moving towards the end of school term, the school had decided to split his class.  WH is assigned to class D and today will be his first day in that class. The class teacher so happen to be his tuition teacher. The teacher came to the house this morning. WH was telling the teacher he doesn’thave the class timetable hence can’t pack his school bag. The teacher told him what books to bring. After packing his bag, he said “how nice if i can have my friend’s phone number, then I can call them to tell them what books to bring to school”

The thought of informing his friends come so spontaneous and naturally.  It always warm my heart to know of his caring attitude.

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Aug 28 2012

Count down

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For more than 2 months , WH is doing the count down.

Count down on what??

Count down to the date where his class teacher will give birth.

Last week he told me ” yeah.. Another week I say bye bye to my teacher already”

Today “three more days teacher will be gone”

The teacher must have been very excited first time mother. Already preparing the class for her absent. She told them she will no longer be around comes September.

WH seems as excited as his teacher too. Simply because no teacher or what?? How can he be excited for a good teacher to leave and not knowing how the new teacher will be?

Anyway, WH also repeatedly asked if he could make a card for his teacher.

So what card shall I make? A smooth delivery card or congrats card?

In fact I owe his teacher a teacher’s day card. Already got the gift, but didn’t get to give the teacher as there was a HFMD outbreak in school one week prior our US trip. I let the kids skipped school and hence missed out the Teacher’s Day celebration.

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Jun 13 2012

Three Wishes

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Just a moment ago, WH said this to me

“If I have got three wish, the first wish of all is that I wish I am staying in America.”

“My second wish is to own all the Lego in the world”

“My third wish is that I will get all correct in everything, ting xie, ejaan, spelling, exam..”


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May 19 2012

Age And Death

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The morning of 9/5/2012, the first thing he did when he got up and came downstairs was head to the book area and pick up a book to read. And the book he picked was <Where The Wild Things Are> by Maurice Sendak.

I noticed the book he picked and commented

“WH, you know the author of this book Maurice Sendak just passed away yesterday?’

WH “Huh? yeah meh? that means don’t have this book anymore loh? ” (His impression is that the author has to stay alive to drawn and redraw every copy of this book for sale)

Me “still got. The publisher will still be printing this book”

WH “How come he died? How old is he?”

Me ” died of old age la… 80 over years old”

WH ” HUH??  80 over years old already dead meh? I thought people only die after 100 years old”

Me ” no la..people die of all age.”

WH “why ? why not yet 100 years old already die”

Me ” aiya, it may be sickness, it may be accident ”

He then asked more questions of how old am I, how old are his great grandparents, grandparents. I think he was trying to do some mental calculation. Curious on why some dead and some still alive. He asked a lot more questions about death. ( He has not encountered any death in the family that leave an impact on him.. those who had passed on are very distant relative to him..people not that close like my uncles and grandaunt which he hardly knew them) He has no idea what death really is. had no idea about funeral checklistthough he knows people will die, he read about it , he heard about it.

He even mentioned “But Japanese are usually very long life hor.. they usually live over 100 years old right? Why? Is it because the food they eat?”

It is amazing how a simple statement can lead to a very long , deep conversation.

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