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May 10 2012

Exam & Mark

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It is exam week now. Over the years, I have learned not to be stressed out and be so take marks so highly. We are pretty relax even during exam weeks.

Kids had sat for three papers as of today. Today WH came home and told me that he got 66% for his English paper which he sat yesterday.

Me ” so fast teaching finish marking meh? Teacher gave the paper back to you already?”

WH ” teacher told me the marks. What do you think?”

Me “ok. Not too bad”

WH ” 66 also good meh?”

Me “Good enough but you can try harder next time”

WH ” Good enough meh? I think is very bad leh. I want to get 100, or 99″

Me ” you can try harder the next time”

Ever since he is diagnosed with dyspraxia/dyslexia, I have learned to set my expectation according to his pace and not what I want him to achieve. But what I am grateful is I never have to scream for him to revise or complete his work.

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Apr 04 2012

After FastForword

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Went to collect WH’s intervention program post evaluation report last monday. It has been three months since he was on the program and had completed the first course. The report shows that there’s improvement in many areas except his coordination skills and reading fluency. The center suggested us to sign up for another reading assistant program. The program needs to be installed in the windows OS pc/laptop, (doesn’t work on apple laptops – macbook pro. The cost of it is RM600 per month, unlimited usage and needs to pay another RM600 deposit. I think most likely we are not signing him up for this as I can guide him on the read aloud session day, just have to be more discipline and consistent like when we were on the fastforword intervention program.

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Mar 26 2012

Stressful Life

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Schooling life has become a little stressful for my boy since probably a month or so ago. Especially the day before he has ting xie and spelling. He hasn’t been punished so far, but he is afraid of being punished for not able to meet the teacher’s minimal requirement. (they are not expected to have the perfect score). Usually on the day of spelling/ting xie, he wakes up crying in panic mode that he has to go through these tests. Well, he takes a little effort to remember the words, but he always can do it. I don’t know why he has to feel fear and panic.

He has learning difficulties, but I can see that he has never gave up on himself. I shouldn’t give up on him too.

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Mar 04 2012


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Since WH was diagnosed to have learning difficulties when he was a preschooler, I often worried how he would cope when he enters primary school. Will he be able to follow all teacher’s instruction. Will he remembers how many homework he has, will he day dream etc

He has proof me wrong. In fact he is very careful and anxious boy. He remembers what he needs to complete, when is ting xie etc

Just now out of the sudden , he seems panic and started digging through his bag. I tried to find out what. He still has problem expressing his thoughts and feelings in a complete sentence. It is always broken into chunks and I have to piece up the puzzle. He was mentioning about ting xie, he was mentioning about Thursday and he said he is confused

After all the probing, turn out that he was worried that he doesn’t have enough time to study for ting xie which falls on every Thursday just because his robotic class has just been rescheduled to every Thursday.

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Feb 09 2012

BIG Questions

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My son loves asking BIG questions that I find it hard to answer.

How is galaxy formed?

How many galaxies are there?

Why is there only one universe?

Is there many universe?

How big is the universe?

How can we go to other galaxy?

How often US launched a rocket to space? Why can’t they do it everyday?

Is there a fire ball inside moon just like earth?

Even if i have Mr. Google to help, I don’t know how to put it in words that he or rather me can comprehend. I feel helpless , as I don’t want to take his questions lightly nor push him aside.

He is so intrigue with Science especially on Physics and Astronomy, these are not my strong area, and yet i don’t know how to encourage him to get info through more reading because he is dyslexic.

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Jan 29 2012

Mechanical Work

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WH is really into fixing things. He loves his Lego to bits. Last year we brought him the Lego 8043 , which is Technic motorized excavator. He needn’t need any help in fixing them. When daddy was going through his work, daddy commented that he is good at mechanical stuffs and not so much on electronic. As this set needs to set up the motor and there’s some wiring to do, daddy said that his wiring part is a mess. I don’t want to jump into conclusion that early as it was his first time dealing with wiring stuffs.

This year, daddy was mentioning maybe is time to introduce him to some real steel work like fixing a remote control vehicles (plane, helicopter) and daddy has been teaching him how to search on Youtube to see how these American assemble their own car backyard. Perhaps one day daddy will suggest to him to build steel buildings

This was taken during CNY where my uncle bought the kids this set of toys which you can assemble into various form and there’s a motor to make it run. WH was working on it with full of concentration.

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Jan 19 2012

Diary & Drawing

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My son is dyslexic , he is a very visual person. He loves books, but he only “reads” the pictures , he loves to draw. He tries to avoid anything to do with writing and reading words.

It surprised me this morning that he took the initiative to want to write diary. It was 11.30a.m , he was half way packing his school bag and he came to me and said ” Mummy, I want to write diary”

Me being the one that always jumps into conclusion was raising a tone and said “WHAT ? What diary? You haven’t finished your homework?”

He “No, not school work. Home diary”

When a child so spontaneously  wanted to do something, I know I shall not stop him. I let him do it.

He chosen to write in Chinese. There were many words that he doesn’t know how to write and asked for my help. I tried to look over his shoulder what he is trying to write but he tried to be secretive and doesn’t want me to read. But by stringing up the words he has asked me, it was just like fixing a puzzles and I knew what he had written.

It was just a short two lines diary. But to me, I find that it is progress in him that he wants to write and that he is penning down his thoughts in words, not picture.


It’s already 9.45p.m, the other three were already asleep. I asked him to go to bed to. He was in the room for a while and then came out to the study area where I am still working and asked “Can I draw for just a little while more?”

Since I am still not sleeping , I gave him my consent.

He took out his sketch book and mumbled 老鼠。 and then asked me in mandarin that how old were he when it was the rat year. After some calculation, I told him 5. Then he asked, what year was that. Then I said “you minus off lah, now is 2012, minus 5″

He did a quick calculation, quicker then mine and then proceed with his drawing. I somehow had the feeling he is drawing something about the Chinese zodiac.

He had heard about the story about the Chinese zodiac last Sunday, but he couldn’t remember the sequence of all of them, he asked me.

  This is what he had came out with.

Right after that, he came out with this.

This is a heat up for the upcoming field trip to Bufori next month. I told him that part of the activity there is to design his own car.

As I am typing this, he is still sketching , sketching and sketching.


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Jan 16 2012

Strange Question

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Bedtime question from WH

How many people are there in Malaysia. ( he meant population and he asked the question in mandarin)

I didn’t know the answer, I told him that I will google. I also introduced a new vocabulary to him which is “population”

I did an instant search right there and then ( the beauty of having a smart phone)

I gave him the answer.

His reaction : huh?!! So many

He thrown me another question

That means if we add everyone together, how many kg is that.

Errr…. I seriously can’t give him the answer.

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Jan 06 2012

I’m Lonely

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First day of school, first thing my boy said to me when he woke up in the morning was

“I am so lonely”

Simply because the one that he always talk to and the one he always fight with are both in school. The house only left him and baby with me.

It is indeed quiet. But since a part time job that I was hoping didn’t materialized, I think I should really use the morning session  time to coach him personally without divided attention.

He will soon get use to it too… just like how I have settled with this new routine.

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Dec 01 2011

My Son

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In self reflecting mode again. I can’t recall starting from when, but I notice lately I am criticizing my son more often than not. It seems that every single moment, there’s flaws on him that I am harping on. I am either scolding, nagging, giving negative comments/remarks or show disapproval. It seems that there is little in him that I am appreciating and praising.

I am very well aware of my words and actions. I know very well deep in me that I shouldn’t behave likewise or make such comments. There is a battle in me telling myself “Don’t say it that way” but I can’t help to blur out those nasty words. I can actually see and aware of how hurtful my words and comments are. I see it all in his eyes.

I cannot tolerate his clumsiness, messiness, sluggishness, absent minded. Every moment I am commenting on him, the way he sits, they way he walks, the way he eats, the way he writes, the way he keeps his things. I am tired of it, I don’t want to make such comments anymore, but I can’t stand his flaws. So contradicting. There was time that I think I am in a acceptance mode, giving excuses that all these flaws are due to his condition, but lately , I find it hard to use that as excuse anymore. I want to raise a gentleman, a gentleman that can fit into the society. Not a nerd that people poke fun at with disgusted behaviours out of social norms.

Sometimes I wonder if it is gender bias that leads me to see his flaws more than his strength. I have written about it before that I find it easier to love girls than boys. I still feel puzzle when other mums mentioned their deep love for their son, which I cannot relate. No doubt I love my son as he is my flesh and blood, but I can tell , deep in my heart, it is different feelings for the girls. Only occasionally I have that feelings, very intense feelings for him , which I have for my girls every single moment.

I feel really bad and lousy. I don’t want to hurt his feelings anymore, I don’t want to further do /say things that may put him down. I shall start listing out the things I disapprove of him and appreciate him daily. I shall be more mindful and be in control of what say.

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