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Jan 06 2013

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda Shah Alam

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We love books, but we have never (ok.. only once) visited the public library. The national library is too far away in downtown KL which I only visited once with my dad when i was young. During the year end holiday in2011 I brought the kids to the library in Bandar Sunway located in kompleks 3c but the book collection was miserable and we were not impressed and didn’t feel like going back again.

Sometime early last year, I read about the new library located in Shah Alam and had made a mental note to bring the kids there for a visit. Since I never have good impression with our local libraries, I was skeptical if this library would turn out to be our liking and if we ever manage to find any books we like.

On the 28/11 morning, I had to go to i-city to run some errand and since I am already in Shah Alam vicinity, I thought making a trip to the library after I have got my things done.

The library is huge and is nestled in the lush of green , next to the Selangor Golf Club (KGSAAS) in seksyen 13.

A very serene drive way leading to the library.

The library looks grand from the outside

Majestic view from the inside. The Shah Alam mosque make up the backdrop

We headed to the children’s area called Zon Kreatif first , which is located at the ground floor towards the right , just after the entrance. We were asked to take off our shoes and store it at the shelves. This is the area specially for the below 10. Facilities available at this zone are Reading Tree, Creative Zone (where free or paid craft session is held), Cyber Zone where one get to used the PC and internet surfing, Iterative Zone where one can play Nintendo Wii. Didn’t check for the charges for using these facilities though.

It’s very spacious. We had a good feel and good impression upon entering it.

The Reading Tree area

There’s a stage as well as TV area. The first time we were there , they were playing the HK movie CJ7, can’t remember what movie they put on the second time we were there.

After we stayed longer, one think that put us off was the noise. Perhaps this is a kinder area, it was very noisy and no proper control. Three times we were there, children did not behave as they should in a library. They were running around, playing hide and seek, playing catch etc. It makes it very unpleasant to concentrate and read. The Reading Tree area though look nice and inviting to chill out and read, but it also invites children to play too. The slope is a perfect place for them to run up and down, slide and roll down. And because it’s hollow underneath, when the kids were running, rolling on it, it cause a ruckus of noise. Those parents not only did not stop their children but on the other hand encourage and applause to what they kids do (especially the tumbling and rolling down part from the slope)

This photo was taken on our first visit. It was during school holidays. Imagine a grown up kid like this didn’t know how to behave. She was climbing up the bookshelf and trying to slide down thinking that it is a slide at the park

This is another no brainer. The mother encouraged her children to balance, walk , slide down from the bookshelf.

Anyhow we are pleasantly surprise to see some good collection of Chinese Picture Books in the library. Good quality books they are, some award winning books. These are the books my kids love and which we have been renting from the book rental before it ceased operation.

These were some books the kids picked on our third visit and can’t made up their mind which to borrow first.

Books we borrowed on our first visit

Books we borrowed on our second visit. We were two days late in returning them, and were fined for RM1 for late return for above books.

On our third visit, we only borrowed 4 books, including a brand new Double DORK diaries. WH actually picked another two machinery books but they were green tag books, which mean reference and not to be borrowed out.

Registration to be a member is free. Borrowing books is free. Which member can borrow up to three books a time for a duration of three weeks. I only registered for myself, WH and JL. JS does not have a MyKid hence I can’t register her online, I need to do a manual form filling application for her. I thought JE was too young to be a member (actually she can). If with five membership, I can borrow up to 15 books a time for FREE. Quite a good deal. And we really like the book collection there. We thought of not borrowing any books on the third visit. Though it’s only 20 minute drives from home, but school has started, making a trip to a library to return books before its due date can be quite a commitment , but still, we can’t resist on our third visit.

The whole library has 6 floors , amounting to 18,992 mps. It is very huge. Even after three visit, I have not ventured around the whole library. The upper floors cater to adult. Children below 10 are not allowed to go up. (JS attempted, but was stopped). I can’t go obviously as the younger kids are tagging along and I can’t just leave them alone at the kids zone.

Lobby/lounge on the ground floor at the opposite wing from Zon Kreatif. This is a much quieter and conducive environment to read and do homework.

Impressive architecture. This is the view from the ground floor looking up to the upper floors from the lounge area.

Other facilities available at this library are Gym, Meeting room, Seminar Room, 6D & 3D theater, Cafe and the latest is Tutti Frutti.

Operating Hours

Monday : 10a.m – 7pm
Tuesday – Friday : 9.30a.m – 7p.m
Saturday – Sunday : 9.30 a.m – 9 p.m (except for Kid’s zone which close at 7.00p.m)


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Jul 17 2012

Field Trip : White Brick Oven

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Date: 17/7/2012
Time: 10.30a.m
Place: White Brick Oven, Kampung Kubu Gajah, Sungai Buloh

This is our latest field trip since we last had one in February. It was a fruitful trip that I alone learned heaps. We learned how bread is traditionally made as opposed to commercial, mass produced bread. This is even better than visiting to Gardenia bread factory (which JL’s school is organizing the trip there and the little one insisted joining eventhough I have brought her there before)

White Brick Oven, an artisan bakery is run by baker Mr. Mustaffa and his wife Mardia. This little bakery nestled in a quiet and peaceful Malay Kampung is quite hard to locate. We got lost even with GPS and Waze. Stopped over to ask a Malay lady, she wasn’t aware of any bakery but when I told her the road, she told me that we were quite off track and the location is about 3 km away at the opposite direction. Nevertheless, we made it there on time.

Kampung road

The house number is not clearly visible (probably none), but just made sure to look out for TNB pole 96 as Jalan Gajah 14 is quite long. That’s what I get my navigator – WH to look out for , counting down each pole we drove pass

Mr Mustaffa who looks like father christmas. He was explaining to the kids about ingredients for making bread. About grains,  the difference between commercially mass produced bread and handmade/homemade bread

1) Ingredient for bread: Flour, salt, water, yeast (main ingredient) and another important ingredient is TIME!!

2) Grain : There are three parts in a grain. The bran (fibre), the germ (fat and protein) and the endosperm (starch). Commercially mass produced white flour are grind and mill through steel roller miller, the bran and germ are separated to be made into animal food. What’s is left of the white flour is just starch, which has very low food value/nutrient. The traditional stone mill grind the grain into wholegrain flour.

This is a stone mill made in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria. Baker Mustaffa demonstrated how this stone mill works. He shown us some rye and let the kids feel the rye flour

The baking area

White brick oven burns wood collected from the neighborhood. There’s hotspot in the oven, so the bread are being rotated to get even heat when baking

Baker Mustaffa shown us how to make bread dough. I always have the impression that baking bread is tedious, hence I have never tried at home, I rather bake cakes/scones or cookies. But Mustaffa made it so easy. All you do is mix the ingredient lightly and leave it to proof by itself.  He said it is wrong that people often think that heavy kneading is needed when baking bread.

To get the dough up. 1kg of flour is consider 100%, 70% of water is need for 100% of flour, 10 % of salt (he uses himalayan organic sea salt, which is pink in colour, traditionally 20% of salt is added, but for health conscious reason, it is reduced to 10%) , lastly add in 20g of yeast and other nuts/mixed fruits. He mentioned to the kids that a baker needs to be good in maths. haha. At WOB, they uses levain and Mustaffa culture his own yeast. But during demonstration, due to time constraint, he uses instant yeast. Usually the whole baking process takes 24 hours, and bakers work at night and rest in the morning. (that ‘s what he told the kids). I learned a few tips on bread making from him, like the proofing time and how to knead and fold and at what time gap. (He just made everything looks so simple).

He also mentioned that mass produced bread contained sugar and oil to make them soft. And the instant yeast, taking it too much will make someone feel bloated  as well as possible yeast infection.

We asked him how long has he been a baker. He said he started baking at 5 and learned the skill of baking from his grandma. But he was not in baking when he was young. In fact, he’s an engineer as well as dealing with computer software and worked for the US military. He only started baking when he retired 15 years ago. The reason he started was because he couldn’t find REAL bread in Malaysia, hence he started baking for himself and that leads to WOB.



Visit : White Brick Oven for more info

More photos: Montessorimum faceboook

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Jan 06 2012

Visit To Gardenia Bread Factory

We are school goers with the unschool mentality.  Yesterday, we had our first study visit/outing with a bunch of homeschoolers.

We went to Gardenia bread factory in the afternoon. This visit was organized by a homeschool mum of a homeschool support group I’ve joined.

My kids are school goers, but I am very much gear to unschooling. For some reasons, I still not able to pull them out from school, so I am trying again to strike a balance between them, trying to let them get the best of both. I still strongly believe that knowledge from books in monotonous. I want them to go out the field, experience and feel what they are not learning from books. I want them to be able to think and not memorize. I want them to be able to ask questions, mingle with different groups of people. So yes, this will be our first visit of the year and hope there will be many more to come (trying to fight for a seat for a feb’s full booked!!)

We were suppose to meet at Gardenia at 2.30p.m. Was earlier contemplating if I should let WH skip school to join us, but after much pondering, I didn’t mention about the trip to him. It is just the second day of school..not so good to ponteng, if in the mid of schooling term, I will sure let him go.

Anyhow, I thought I will be able to find the place, as each time when we go to Klang, we will see the factory from the highway. Also, I see a lot of Gardenia trucks in our neighbourhood, using the shortcut to access to the factory.

The smart alec me assume that that is the ONLY gardenia factory and it will be no wrong following the truck to the factory.

Tailing the truck to some narrow windy bumpy road. JS said ” I didn’t know there’s a kampung so near our house!”  But when we arrived at the factory, we were told that it is not opened to public. The one that is open to public is at Shah Alam.

So I had to rely on my GPS to bring me to the right destination and we were 10 minutes late. But the fun part is the joy ride we had. We probably would never have ventured to that part of town and accessed that road shall we had not follow the truck. So we discovered new place. :)

At the factory, the guards were friendly. They shown me where to park (double park) and there’s already a PR waiting at the guard house, handling visitor pass to us and usher us to the first floor meeting room.

There’s another PR lady already in the room with the whole bunch of homeschoolers. She gave a brief intro and then we were shown a PR video. Since we have so many children in the group, we opted for a kids version PR video.

Then we were brought to the production floor. Not exactly into the production ground, but it is a specially design area, air conditioned , on first floor overlooking down to the production floor below. When we were walking through the walkway leading to the special observation area, we can feel the heat.. the heat eliminated from the huge ovens!!

We were not allowed to take any photos or videos of the production line. But the cooling tower is so awesome and spectacular, I can’t resist to sneak a picture with my phone

The kids were given explanation on the process of bread making, the machine of each process is shown to them. In this factory alone, they are producing 8000 breads in an hour!!

After a stop over at the production line, we were ushered back to the meeting room again where there’s a Q& A session. Snack is served too. Waffles for everyone, plain water for kids and coffee for adults. (Free flow of drinks)

Group photo before we leave

Everyone gets a goody bag on the way out.

The goodies… it’s butterscotch bread..not plain white bread!!




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Dec 23 2011

Penang Day 5

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Let the kids sleep in. Initially the night before , I have thought of bringing the kids to the doctor first thing they woke up, but when they were up, they seems to have recovered. (without medication, just force water down them and let them sleep)

Met up with Alice at Queensbay Mall. We hang around at the mall till afternoon then we went back to the apartment to rest.

Pick daddy up from work at 5 and went to Bukit Jambul for bowlig session.

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Dec 14 2011

Penang Day 4

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14/12/2011 (Wednesday)

Kids woke up late. Baby has got runny nose, JS down with sore throat but that did not deter our plan from continuing our plan.

We left the house at 10.30am. Heading to the part of the island that I am more familiar with. The northern eastern side of the island, the tourist spot. Headed straight to the Toy Museum. Spend about an hour plus there. Kids went gaga looking at all the toys collection.

It was already past noon when we got out from the toy museum. The kids weren’t hungry yet and we drove to the Butterfly Park. They enjoyed it there very much too refusing to leave, but looking at the watch, the time is running late and they still haven’t had lunch. Bought them some fruits at the exit of the butterfly park to fill their tummy while deciding where we should have our tea/lunch.

Ended up having our meal at Hardrock Cafe ( daddy later claimed that we were enjoying without him) . The weather was very hot and as I had promised JS a stopover at the beach, hence we waited a little longer at the cafe for the sun to set.

We stopped over at the beach at 4pm, found a good spot, good shade for the kids to have fun. WH had finally conquered his phobia and manage to get use to the sand, walking barefooted on it and even draw on it. For years he dislike sand, he has never been into sand play. Kids had another round of fun. I allowed them to sit on the beach, let the wave splash on them. JS mentioned that daddy would never allowed them to do so. I had to negotiate with them so many times to leave. We left at about 5.30 not wanting to be caught in the jam. We were also very late in picking daddy up from the office. Though there is no jam in the city and the highway leading to the bridge but we were caught in the jam at the free trade zone. We reached daddy’s workplace at 6.45. Had seafood dinner at Sunway Prima.

As much as the kids are having fun , they are all homesick already. WH misses his Lego back home, JS misses wifi connection at home, JL just simply misses everything back home. Since the second day here, jl and WH have been asking me when we are going home. JS is also getting a little tired of all the outing and asked if we could stay in tomorrow. I doubt they will want to stay in tomorrow as there’s really nothing much to be done in this small apartment, where there’s no space to move,no astro, no wifi Internet, nothing to really occupy them. We probably will just hang around at the mall nearby and meet up with friends.

And the best compliment I received from strangers when I bring all four kids out to public places on my own is that the kids all behave very well. :) Someone even asked “are you a teacher? All your kids so well behaved.” I am truly flattered, as I am just a mum, a stay home mum!!

Ps: as I am blogging through my phone, there’s no photos to upload and I have forgotten to also bring along the camera cable to download the pictures from the PEN2 camera.

pps: looks like we really have to go slow tomorrow onwards. JS just vomited and looked sickly. Need to bring her to doc tomorrow and to make sure that she recovers for the camp on saturday.

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Dec 13 2011

Penang Trip Day 1 – 3

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We are spending 6 days in Penang

Day 1
11/12/2011 Sunday

SIL send us to Sunway Pyramid to board the 10am bus (Aeroline) to Penang.

Kids were excited. They woke up at 6am, looking forward to the “flying” experience on ground. This is the second time WH and JS boarding the double decker Aeroline. Their first was few years back, their first trip to Spore, they had since forgotten the experience of the ride, hence they were very excited.

We arrived PG at 3.30pm an there was a heavy downpour. We alighted in front of queensbay mall and waited under the over head bridge where daddy walked across the car park to fetch his car.

We headed straight to Batu Feringgi. Passing by tapak pesta and daddy mentioned that after dinner, he would bring the kids there.

We stopped over at Miami Beach for a while then went to Tesco to buy slippers for the kids. The rain has since arrived at this part of the island, so we had simple dinner there instead of our initial plan of dinner at hard rock. Discovered strait quay on our way out of Tesco and told daddy this is the place I must visit. We stopped over for a walk and dessert at Charlie Brown Cafe.

We were all quite tired by then and decided to call off the plan to Tapak Pesta. Headed back to Sg Ara ( daddy’s rented apartment) , showered and rest a little. Daddy still had to show me the way to his office so that I can pick him up from work for the rest of the week. ( he is leaving behind his car for us to use while he is at work). We went out for a car ride at 10pm to learn the route to his office.

12/12/2011 (Monday)

My friend Allisia called at 8.30am. Knowing that I will be driving without a baby car seat, she offered to lend me her spare car seat. She said to meet at Sunshine Mall. Being so road blind, I didn’t know where is that nor PISA. I told her I only know where is Giant. We planned to meet there at 10.30am.

I studied the map a little and think I know how to get to sunshine mall, so I told her to meet there instead. We were early, so the kids and I had breakfast at old town kopitiam near sunshine mall. Met Allisia ( in fact for the first time) . After breakfast, I drove the kids to the snake temple.

As this is my first day and I am not familiar with the place , not having a gps but just a map ( the old version hard copy type) and my iPhone map, I told the kids we will not explore far and will stay focus on the southern eastern part of the island first.

After snake temple, my plan was to go to Penang aquarium in Batu Maung. I have used the alternative route without proper signage. Needless to say, we couldnt find the place. We passed by war museum, kids werent keen. My old map shows there’s another aquarium near Gelugor, so I tried to head north to locate that, on the way by passing USM, asked the kids if they want to go to the museum inside, again they weren’t keen.

Before heading north, baby was very cranky in the car, I was trying to focus on the road reading the signage as well as to figure my way. At the end I have no choice but to turn to Giant, stopped at the car park to nurse her. We had simple lunch there too.

We drove round and round between Gelugor and Jelutong area on the highway and couldn’t locate Jalan Aquarium. Gave up and drive to Air Itam with the intention of going up to Kek Lok Si. At the Jalan Padang Tembak, it was badly jam up. The time was 2 pm – ish. I don’t think I have enough time to go up and back to Bayan Lepas by 4.30pm. Made a u-turn and told the children we are going home. I was very tired from driving, moreover the second half of the journey, the cranky baby was sleeping on my lap like a kitten/pup while I drive.

Reached home at 3.30. Rested a while and it was time to pick daddy up from work. After picking daddy, we headed straight to town ( Jalan Magazine) for hawker food.

We were all very tired after dinner and came straight home, but as usual was caught in the jam from town to Bayan Lepas.

Day 3
13/12/2011 Tuesday

Not wanting to give up ( since I feel that I had failed on my first day mission), I still want to try to locate the aquarium, though daddy said it is not worth visiting with just a few small tanks of fishes. Anyhow, we left home at 10am and make it straight there without getting lost or having to figure the way. ( yay! Coz I have done my homework on study the google map more thoroughly)

After Aquarium, we stopped over at Sam Poh Temple. We didn’t park right in front but somewhere further down, so we had to trek a little to get to the temple.

With no concrete itenary, we just drove around and stop as and where we like. I still have USM in mind as well as the city tour on board the free shuttle, so I drove straight to town, missing the exit to Gelugor. ( hence no USM). Drove into town trying to locate the free shuttle bus stop and the place that I can park the car and hop and the bus, but didn’t see any. Instead round and round we ended in Air Itam. So I told the kids maybe we should just go uphill since it was not as jam as the day before. Couldn’t find parking near Bukit Bendera entrance so we parked further down the road and walked up. Me alone with four kids, one backpack and a camera hanging around my neck ( baby in sling) and forgotten to mention that one whole day I have been having tummy discomfort and diarrhoea . The crowd going uphill is not big, we didn’t have to queue for long. Kids enjoyed the tram ride. When we came last year, the tram service was closed for maintenance , we hired a four wheel drive to take us up, so this is a bonus experience for them.

Had nice English tea at the restaurant cafe up there to reward and rejuvenate myself. We enjoyed the cool breeze uphill. The beauty of going on our own is that we can take it free and easy. Though I am ambitious to cover as many places as possible ( butterfly farm, toy museum, city tour, batu Feringgi and USM art museum are the least of this trip) we can take our time to spent at each and every place we stop over. We no rush, no hurry, we spend the afternoon uphill. When we came downhill, it was hot and we were tired. Kids still want to go to the Bat Cave’s temple, as they had saw the sign when we were walking to the car. But I no longer have the energy to walk up to the temple. We had to give Kek Lok Si a pass too as we don’t have enough time to make it back to Bayan Lepas.,

The prince had urged me to go home too as he is so fuzzy, he refused to do big biz at public toilets but only home toilet. I told him I don’t have enough time to go home the go pick daddy. So straight from town , we headed to daddy’s office then back home for his big biz. After that we went to Queenbay Mall for dinner and for JL to have her hair cut.

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Nov 05 2010

Malaysia Guest Houses Rental Website

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I come from a very big family. Each time during festive or celebrations and when all the family member get together, we likely end up with at least 50 people.  My grandparent’s house is too small to take in all of us. Normally we rent rooms at the homestay which is normally only known to the locals. Though there are hotels available in my hometown, but we prefer homestay.

I notice that most of the homestays of a said area are only known to the local town folks, they are usually hidden in the housing areas. For a tourist, it is usually hard to locate homestay like this. During peak holiday and travel season, most of the hotels will be fully booked and homestay can be a good alternative, if one knows where to find them.

Well, now thanks to , one can easily search online for Malaysia guest houses. This site is neat and easily maneuvering around. Rooms are categorized according to locations/states. Pictures of the room is displayed together with a detail description as well as a google map to show it exact location. There is also a calender to check on the availability. Best is that right away, you can click “BOOK NOW” online, instead of calling the homestay to do reservation. It is really convenient.

Next time when I want to go for a budget travel, I know where to look for place to stay.

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Aug 07 2008

To The Farm

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Went out for lunch with 2 mommy friends. To return them their books and CDs before leaving town. After lunch, one mommy asked if I would like to go to her FIL’s fruit farm for the children to go pluck fruits. (It’s the durian season and the farm now is full of fruits – rambutan, durians etc). She told me it’s just 10 minutes away from the restaurant. Since I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere, decided to give it a go.

The farm is up in the mountain nestled within the town. Though I have passed by that place before but I never knew there is a farm or even a mountain there. There’s no proper tarred road up to the mountain, it’s mud road and quite bumpy and it’s just a one lane driveway. Its location is quite remote and the farm is on a a piece of vast land.

When my friend mentioned about farm and plucking fruits, all I could imagine and visualize was rows and rows of fruit trees neatly planted on a flat ground eventhough she has mentioned is up on the mountain. Never have I expected that those trees are wild and it’s on slope and terrain and that to reach the durian and rambutan trees, we have to walk little path, climb slope, cross stream. It was (to me) a feat!!

At the shack at the farm. The children having sand play. My kids are in uniform as I scooped them off from school and drove straight to meet up my friends.

sandplay that turned into a mud play later and my children’s uniforms were splatter with mud. Luckily hub never witness the play (now  you know how paranoid  and protective my hub can be to his princess and prince!!)

The little ones stay back with Kakak while the mummies walk up the mountain to pluck rambutan.

On the way up the mountain. Initially WH wanted to follow but he changed his mind and decided to turn back and luckily he did, else I won’t be able to take care of both of them walking up the mountain where I didn’t even wear proper shoes and need to walk on a narrow plank to cross a small stream.

My friend climbed all the way up the tree to cut the fruits.

It has been raining in the morning and the weather is not very hot when we were at the fun, but that also means lots of mosquito and not to forget ants too. We have all been bitten badly. If ever hub knows before hand I’m bringing his princess to this kind of mosquito pron area, he would have FREAK OUT!

Feeding the fish

Fishes in the stream and there’s also a chicken farm

This tree is on the flat land, so WH manage to go and join in the fun.

Harvest I bought home.

The kids had great fun. By the time we arrived home at 4pm, they were so tired and totally knocked out.

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Jul 08 2008

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

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We went for a short getaway last weekend. In 2 days , we stopped over 3 towns. PIL has been getting nostalgic with Muar’s food and have wanted to visit the place again. For a very long time, they have suggested that we should go there one day. So last weekend, hub drove us there and we stayed one night.

Actually wanted to check into Classic Hotel which we found out is a 3 star hotel and the best in Muar town, however it cost RM150 per night. Hub thinks is not wise to spent that money for just a short one night stay, should spent the money on makan. So we ended up at Riverview hotel which is 1/2 the price and a bigger room. Some more with WI-FI. Unfortunately I didn’t bring along my laptop.

PIL came over to our place on Friday. We left for Muar Saturday morning, stopping over at Malacca for brunch and then deliver something to hub’s uncle at Ujong Pasir. From Ujong Pasir we took the old trunk road to Muar. Didn’t keep track on the time, but it wasn’t that far. For a change, it’s nice to use the old trunk road as we were so use to the scenery of the highway.

Did nothing much during the trip except EAT EAT EAT. Muar’s famous of it Otak-Otak. PIL also wanted to visit temples, and that’s where hub brought them to. Stopped by at Tanjung Mas beach for a while too.

Left Muar the next morning after breakfast and stopped over at Tangkak. Tangkak is famous for its “Dou Sa Piah” (Mugbean paste biscuit) , also according to hub, this shop serve yummy braised chicken rice and soup with pig intestines and liver.

Famous chicken rice shop in Tangkak.

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Mar 24 2008

KK Trip – Day 4

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The day we saying goodbye to KK. Catching a morning flight back, so can’t do much for the day. Had breakfast at the resort, hang out there a little while and my dear friend Celine again came to pick us from the resort and dropped us off at the airport. In fact I didn’t know she was ill the day she came to sent us off. Feeling so guilty as I only knew that when we got back. Had something to pass to her before we leave as I have forgotten about it when she came to pick us, else won’t trouble her to send her off. Thanks yeah, Celine.

And here’s some snapshots of beautiful KK and gorgeous Sutera Harbor


Finally bye bye to KK , hub says we are going back to KK in 5 years time to conquer Mt Kinabalu. :D

Last, a big thank you again to Celine for dropping us at the airport and these cutey Orang Utan.


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