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Aug 31 2012

MY Wikki Rocks!

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Don’t forget to check out our site

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Aug 19 2012

Where To Buy Wikki Stix In Malaysia

Yeah! Wikki Stix has finally landed in Malaysia. We are proud to announce that you can now buy Wikki stix from montessorimum.

Our shopping cart is not quite ready yet, but you can start bookmark our site

And also don’t forget to visit our fan page – Wikki Stix MY in Facebook. We have listed out the product we currently have in hand, and you can do a manual order by dropping me a mail, leaving your comments in our fan page or pm me in my fb.

Don’t miss the deal, we are currently having a 15% off in conjunction with our launch/Hari Raya/School holiday. Offer valida until 26/8/2012

What is Wikki Stix?

More Fun than a Toy…More Creative than a Craft!
The Really Cool Tool for Teaching School!

What are Wikki Stix made of?
Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax, the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.

How do they work?
Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure and they will adhere to almost any smooth surface. They are also easy to peel up and reposition so “mistakes” virtually disappear, which helps build self-confidence. There is no preparation, no clean-up, no mess. Press ‘em down, peel ‘em off… it’s that simple!

A few more details
Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors. Wikki Stix conform to all U.S. Consumer Safety Standards including ASTM D-4236 and F-963, as well as the European Standard BS5665/EN71.

A few more details
Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others. They help enhance learning through hands-on kinesthetic involvement. They stimulate the imagination and creativity in everyone! And.. there is no right or wrong way to play!

Wikki Stix are proudly Made in the USA!

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Aug 18 2012

My New Baby – Wikki Stix Malaysia

My loukong gave me a new baby to tend to.

We need your support and love to help our baby grow.

Wikki Stix Malaysia is our new baby.

Please find our baby here(Wikki Stix MY) and give our baby a “like”

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Dec 17 2010

Music Lesson At Home For Little Ones

Music should be an integral part of a child’s life. Our home is always filled with music, be it the kids singing, music videos played on youtube, songs play on USB downloaded by daddy, music CD of all genre and to the tune of jiejie playing on the piano.

The two little girls love music to bits. They are quite drawn to the piano too. JL will ask for permission to play as and when she likes and when she plays, she sings along in solfege too (as if she knows how to), Sometimes I hear her recite “play fa sharp now” and such alike.

The little one seeing the piano lid is opened or when jiejie is playing on it, she will crawl over to the piano, pull herself up and tiptoed to reach the keyboard and play on it. Jiejie influenced them a lot in this area.

It is good exposure to them. It will be better if they could have some former lesson on it too. I know there’s such classes for kids their age like Kindermusik and Musikgarten. But due to time ( if I were to sent them to class, I need to sit in with the child and who is going to take care of the other three?? )  and financial constraint, it is not possible to sent the two young one to such classes. JL will only go for formal music lesson at age four or the earliest at age 3 1/2. (She is definitely going to follow jiejie’s footstep to take up Yamaha JMC lesson)

Meantime, I have found a great way to further enhance their music knowledge and interest without having to sent them to lesson.  What’s great is all four kids can learn together. This great way is no other than Trebellina. All thanks to Parent Reviewers who sent me this instructional DVD.

We put on the DVD the moment we received it. JS immediately recognizes the treble clef and bass clef. (But she couldn’t guess what the green swirly thing is..neither do I). Since we are so use to singing “DO RE MI FA” at home, the kids need sometimes to get use to the English Note Names ( as in C, D, E, F, G etc). I have to keep telling them that C = Do, D = Re . But it is good reinforcement for jiejie who is now learning to read notes as in English form instead of solfege.

Besides note reading, the DVD also features lesson on learning the instruments, music appreciate with some familiar tunes. It even mentioned about who invented the piano (which I myself didn’t know even though I have been playing the piano since age 7 and have ABRSM Grade 7)

This is certainly a Must Have DVD if you want to introduce music to your young toddler and don’t have the time to sent your child to infant/toddler music classes.

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Sep 22 2010

LEGO Fanatic

The kids are all Lego’s fanatics. Even JL is joining in the league lately. I haven’t posted anything on them working on their Lego sets in this blog for a while though I have posted some photos in my FB. Hub had posted a few posts on them in his blog and I am copying them here.

WH in particular is hooked to it and is quite good. He can work independently with sets for older kids and it is hard to believe he is actually having mild dyspraxia when one look at the way he plays with Lego.

Lego Creator Series-Propeller Power 6745

As usual, WH is a Mr.Fix It fanatic, craze for more Lego challenges and once he’s on it, there’s no stopping him from completing his tasks. Here’s propeller power:

Lego Creator Series-Highway Transport 6753

WH is a ‘wheel’ fanatic, first thing that he wanted was the Highway Transport Lego set after his Creator 6745 series (3 in 1 aeroplane, helicopter and jet fighter). We first saw it in ToysRUs and it was selling for >RM500. Pretty damn expensive! but Uncle Fred managed to get it from US for about RM300+ and hand carried it back for WH! So far, he has completed the car carrier, dismantled it and fixed tow truck, dismantled it and fixed crane, dismantled it gain and now he’s on car carrier again.


Here are some other Lego’s that WH has build:

Lego fanatic, at this age.

WH, JS and recently JL is going Lego fanatic. One hard thing is to keep all pieces accounted. So far, WH has lost 2 pcs of Lego for his Highway series. However, he had a creative idea of replacing missing pcs wth alternates.

Creator Series-Home building in progress

Here are some more pics of women builders at work:

One of those lonely nights building Lego’s
Rewind the clock and here you got WH on his lego building:

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Jul 07 2008

Book Review: How To Survive The Real World

Leaving college, stepping into the real world has never been a daunting experience to me. In fact that time I can’t wait to step into the real world. My parents were quite strict to me them and a little over protective. I took that and look forward to at as a break free from them. It has been more than 10 years now since I left college, I survive, though it has not been smooth sailing all along, I stumbled , I’ve fallen but I have survived, all I must thanks my parents earlier teaching and guidance, so that even when I’m trying to search the future myself, I didn’t stray quite far away.

In my opinion, there are 2 extreme group of people. One that can’t wait to break free from student life, all the exam and pressure and the restriction and curfews from the parents, while there’s another group which is just well protected in the cocoon that their parents had set up for them, they find it too daunting to face the real world and they wanted to be student forever.

In the last 10 years, things have change so much. Maybe due to our education system fault, the late teenagers and young adults are no longer like what we were. Hubby has got chances to interview many school leavers and fresh grads, sadly they really lack of life skill to face the real world. They might have such excellent academic result, but when come to social skills , communication with others, they are way behind.

These group of young adults clearly need to read up this book by Hundreds of Heads on “How to Survive the real world”.  I recently has got a chance to review this book and I find this self help book very useful, especially for our new generation of youth, whose main aim in school was just focusing on how to score straight As.

This book is full of practical tips and advice not only for fresh graduate but also for those in the working world. There are more than 100 tips on How to Win a Job and Impress the new boss, great ways to get out and get on with it, about dating and marriage and other basic survival skills like etiqquette, cooking and buying a car.

It’s a very easy to read self help book with 12 chapters in it. It touch on Adult Life: What’s That? , About travelling and going places and settling down in new places (well, we Asian usually do not have this problem, many often still bunk in at our parents place even we have left college), The do’s and Don’ts in workforce, Opting for graduate work, Romance as well as managing one finances.

You won’t find long lengthy paragraph on how and what you shall do. It’s all written in simple segment, which is actually a collection of advices from people on their life lessons.

This book makes a perfect gifts for all fresh grads. I will certainly recommend this book to my cousins who are in college now, even for my brother who is out in the workforce for a few years now, I feel he needs to have this book.

Anyone who’s interested in this book can hop over to Hundreds of Heads website at, to find out more.  They have other interesting “HOW TO SURVIVE” topics other than the real world .

Thanks to ParentReviewers and Hundred Of Heads for the chance to review this book.

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Jun 25 2008

Getting Ready For School Books

I love books and I have started reading to my children when they were babies. Just like what my parents have done to my brother and me, they have cultivated the love of books in us and I want to do the same to my children too. I want to instill the habit of reading in my children. We have a library at home and the collection is still growing. Each time we go to the bookshop, we often do not come out empty handed.

It’s fact that books in Malaysia is quite costly. Perhaps that also explain the poor and depressing readership in Malaysia. According to survey a few years ago, more than 1/2 of the 60,441 odd Malaysians surveyed read less than seven pages a day. Those 10 years and above read about two books a year (excludes text books for students). I do not want my children to fall into the category where they shun books. Perhaps I’m still very old fashion, instead of letting my children learn from the media like computer and TV or video console, I still prefers them to learn from books and traditional education toys. I’m constantly scouting for books for them. I’m glad that under my influence, my children love books, be it reading /flipping through the book themselves or having the books read to them. It’s already a second nature to them to take out a book whenever they are free , they bring along books everywhere we go too.

The latest addition to our collection are these :

These books came through post from Cedar Valley Publishing. When my children received them, they were so delighted as though it’s an Xmas gift. Luckily there are 2 books, so the won’t have to fight over it. Obviously Jiejie had the First Grade book and WH claimed ownership to the Kindergarten book.

To me, the drawing isn’t the most attractive of all among our collection, but to my children’s eyes, as long as it’s books, they will take to it like fish to water. One thing good is that it’s off good quality glossy paper, you can write on it with a marker and then erase off. Even if baby started chewing on the book, it won’t tear off so easily.

The books cover various subjects that the child should know, from alphabets, shapes to numbers and for the older kids preparing to go into first grade, the book covers subject on Maths, Science as well as language. It’s like a all in one book.

Even though when I’m homeschooling my children, I often prefer to use the apparatus at home, but this book can be a good reference on what topic to cover. It’s even more suitable for busy working parents who wants to be involved in their children’s learning and spending that little quality time with your child after work. Use this book as a tool for that bonding moment. It’s great , it’s fun.

If you are a parent of children of these age group (2-8) and looking for books for your children, you should consider getting this set of books from Cedar Valley. 10% from the sales of these books will be donated to charitable organizations. When you benefit from the book, you are doing a good deed at the same time to help others too.

This is brought to you by Parent Reviewers and Cedar Valley Publishing

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Jun 09 2008

Word Building Blocks

I find this to be one of the best educational toy I have invested it. Learning do not have to solely come from sitting still, doing a lot of writing and reading the books. Learning can be fun, learning can be obtained through play.

This set of blocks expose the child to different Chinese radicals as well as cultivate the interest in learning Chinese characters.

This box of blocks itself can form about 1000 Chinese characters and many activities can be carried from this. Radicals can be sorted out by colors, learn and recognize various Chinese character, identify the formation of Chinese characters. Construct sentence using this words.

Chinese characters are very visual discriminating. They might look the same but sounds very different, with extra dot, it forms another word. I must admit that my Chinese is not as good as before due to the lack of use since I left school. When doing this activity together with JS, often I have to refer to the dictionary too but at the same time I’m also teaching JS on how to use the dictionary. She would form words and write down on a paper, she learns more new words too.

The other day JS’s friend was over to play and they did this activity together too, competing on who can form more words

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May 08 2008

Balancing Bear

When comes to the children education at home, I prefer fun learning. Manipulative, learning aid is our favorite which always able to arouse the children’s interest in doing the work. It’s certainly much more interesting than plain reading from book and endless writing on worksheets.

Another of our many Maths learning aid is this balancing bear

Teaches the child concept of weight, help small children about concept of balanced quantities as well as training them in addition and subtraction.

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Apr 18 2008

Dr Seuss Books

Sometime back, I got hold of this classic collection from MPH.

6 books in a set which cost me more than RM100

Then just a moment ago, a friend of mine handed over me another set. Her hub help me to buy it from China. It’s bilingual. 10 books in a set and cost only RM60

Here’s 7 of it.

Now, 3 of them are duplicates from the earlier collection I have and I plan to sell them.

Anybody interested in buying these 3 books? Selling them cheap, at RM6 each. It is hard cover, it is brand new and it is in bilingual.

Note, the retail price of Dr Seuss books at MPH is RM19.90 each.

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