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Aug 26 2014

Counting Down To UPSR

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In another two weeks time, JS will be sitting for UPSR exam. I am eagerly waiting for it to be over. I don’t know if I am more excited than her that this whole episode is finally coming to an end. I don’t think we are stressed.  Everyday is just like any other normal day, she still have time to rest and draw, I  didn’t really see any unreasonably increased of workload. But I know they have been constantly drummed and brainwashed in school that they should aim to achieve the best to an extend she finds it long winded and annoying and stress inducing. I feel weighed down by it too. I don’t feel stress, but I feel it weighing on me and I just can’t wait to heave a sigh of relief when the whole thing is over.

We are not aiming for 7As for sure. She has never been a straight As student. All these 6 years, she had it easy and relaxed. Only this year, I started to put a little emphasis on her that she should put in more time for revision. We cut down a lot of homeschool activities. We have not really missed school that much this year compared to the past few years and I gave in to the school and let her join the Saturday extra class and for the last one month even on Sunday too . (Though we often skipped class). As long as she doesn’t get Cs, I am happy with Bs. We know how insignificant this exam is. ( I know too well, I was a straight As student during UPSR but it did not and would know determine how successful one will be in the future. So why waste time and energy on it? ) I told her, as long as you work hard on the 80%, you should have fun and enjoy the other 20% of your time.  Hub and SILs keep telling her as long as she tried her best, that’s is the most important. My SILs even told her, they were never the best in academic but good enough and they are very successful now, as long as she put in effort.

So , here we are , counting down and can’t wait to have it over. So that she can start having sports lesson in school, can draw, and design and can bake like once she used to.  She is planning to host a farewell party at home, we will have loads to do after her UPSR as we need to pack for the move as well and the most exciting and causing me to have anxiety is know whether she will get into the school our choice next year. The result of the entrance exam will be released the day after UPSR exam.  That is one part of the reason why I can’t wait for UPSR to be over. Oh , and the week long school holiday too.


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Jan 15 2013

A Brand New Start

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This week is a brand new start for us. New routine to get accustom to. I must say since it’s only day two , it’s still a little chaotic

Out of the sudden, I have three morning school going kids. Left only baby and me at home in the morning. Such a bliss. If I were to enroll baby to tot school, I would have the whole morning to myself. Well..that’s just a thought.. anyway, comes after Chinese New Year, the boy I babysit will be back, that will make my morning busy with two toddlers at home.

Three, school going kids, all different school time and different location. For JS , everything remains the same. She will still be getting up at 6.00a.m, transporter will come to pick her to school at 6.30 am where school starts at 7.10a.m.

WH’s school starts at 7.40a.m , and he needs to be at school by 7.30a.m. JL’s school starts at 8.00a.m and she can be late.. :D

JS’s school is at the opposite direction of WH’s school. WH and JL’s school is just stone throw away. I can see WH’s school from JL’s school and hear all the announcement made from JL’s school too.

Now, i don’t know what’s the best arrangement for WH’s part. I guess for the time being, I will be the one to do the dropping and picking. He doesn’t have to get up so early. He will have to get up at 6.45a.m , the latest and we can leave the house at 7.15a.m to make it to school on time.

However, the inconvenience part is for JL. First, I can’t leave her alone at home where I send WH to school. It doesn’t make sense to make two trips to the same place around the same time. So for the time being, JL has to get up early too. instead of waking at 7.40a.m, she has to get up at 6.50a.m. She leaves the house together when I send WH to school. We will have to wait in front of her school until it opens at 7.45a.m. The poor baby will have to tag along whenever and wherever we are going.

I am still unsure if to engage transporter service to send WH to school. If so , he may have to get up earlier. I really do prefer him having an extra 10 – 15 minutes sleep.

Yesterday was the first day WH was in new school. Since I need to bring him in and settle him in his class, I was rehearsing during the weekend the chauffeuring plan. it’s really all about time management. I was planning if i shall bring JL along, but come to think of it, she may be late for school. So at the end, I dropped her at the daycare at 7.20a.m and get the teacher’s help to send her to her kindy while I waited we WH at the new school till 9a.m

Picking up was another tricky part. JL finishes at 12.10 p.m except for Friday she finishes at 2.30p.m . WH finishes at 1p.m except for Friday at 12.00p.m , JS finishes at 1 pm on both Monday and Tuesday and 12.30p.m on the rest of the school days.  That again needs proper planning. Yesterday due to some miscalculation, I was late picking everyone up.  Anyhow, I told JL that she shall wait in school until 1p.m, which is fine with her and I already communicated with her teacher and her teacher is ok with this arrangement too. I am going to try out another plan today to see which works best . ( Don’t want to be stuck in jam and waste petrol making extra trips) It’s never easy to be mother… time management is just so vital…argh!!!

Here, toast to a brand new start.

WH seems to be coping ok. Just like what his father said ” he is a happy go lucky guy, he will survive” , WH makes friends easily. Though he did tell his sister later that he didn’t dare to go toilet as he doesn’t know where and he also told me his class teacher beat a student with the feather duster handle and he was worried that he will get beaten too (which I told him teachers in chinese school also cane students!) . He told me he was silly to eat by himself at the canteen, not knowing he could go to the hall to eat with his friends but generally he is ok and I think it will take sometimes before he truly blends in.

Looking at the school timetable, it’s so relaxing as compared to the subjects packed SJKC timetable. I asked him for his old timetable as i want to compare , he told me ” I threw away already lah!!”

Looking smart in his new school uniform.

The first day, he was the only one in shorts.  He said he is ok with that , but I really don’t want him to be the odd one out and bought him new long pants. And he got a tie too. It ‘s compulsory for boys to don on the tie. Now he doesn’t have to wait to be prefect/librarian/class monitor to have a chance to don on a tie.



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Dec 19 2012

What Did We Do All Holiday

6 weeks of holiday gone and what have we been up to?

Just a short summary here which I need to refer back to photos to recall (Will post up details if I have the time)

School holiday starts on the 9/11/2012 : Both older kids left for their aunt’s house for sleepover so that they can follow their aunt to her company family day at Skytrex Shah Alam.

10/11/2012: Skytrex for both the older kids. I thought they would have their first experience doing flying fox and such at little adventure park, but they came home telling me they didn’t. Instead they just participate in some telematch games.

11/11/2012: We headed to USCI in Cheras for storytelling session by a children book illustrator from Taiwan. JS had her bff sleeping over at our house so that we can go to zoo together

12/11/2012: Zoo education program. On the topic “encounter with reptiles”

13/11/2012 – 23/11/2012 Headed to Penang and spent almost two weeks there. My first time driving around the island without map and waze. Conquered my fear, explore new places , traveled on road less traveled. Did a lot of fun and adventurous things, kids and me got sick towards the end of our stay due to the hot weather and running around, but they recovered fast. Celebrate my birthday being sick and in a very quiet way.

24/11/2012 -25/11/2012 – Can’t recall what we did on this weekend. Not much pictures to help recall. I suppose we must have spent our weekend with family members, both sets of the grandparents. I can’t even recall how hub and me celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Two older kids were excited with their upcoming camp and was excitedly packing away without my help.

26/11/2012 – A quiet idle day at home. Kids play, did craft, drawn, chilling at home.

27/11/2012 – Dentist day for JL & me.

Kids wanted to bake. We did many batches of baking because the kids were fighting away. JS didn’t want any help. She wanted to do everything on her own. The younger kids weren’t too happy. After JS was done and gone over to her friends house, it was WH and JL ‘s turn to bake. Went to the park too.

28/11/2012 – went to I-city to get some errand done. On the way, we stopped over at the Shah Alam public library

29/11/2012 – Can”t recall what we did

30/11/2012 – 2/12/2012 – Both WH and JS checked into camp at Taman Cahaya Shah Alam. Wonderful outdoor experience for them. While they were away, JL’s the most happy. As if she’s the queen of the house. We did messy craft, we baked, we put up the Christmas tree. Attended kids’ camp graduation, head straight to the mall to meet up daddy for early dinner as so happened his bus was delayed. The kids missed not seeing it, the delay gave them an opportunity to have a brief meeting with him

3/12/2012 – a day for the kids to rest and recuperate.

4/12/2012 – I-city Trick Art Musuem

5/12/2012 – Zoo education program.  plus a lot of play and craft time after zoo trip

6/12/2012 – WH went to his aunt’s house for sleepover again. Leaving the girl’s power at home.

7/12/2012 – JS went to Buddhist camp for 3D2N. Brought the two younger ones for our community sports day.

8/12/2012 – JS’s 10th birthday. Her first time spending her birthday away from home. Went to the buddhist temple to peek on her early in the morning. Fetch WH home and brought him to Tractors Malaysia for infrastructure and construction machinery exhibition

9/12/2012 – attended JS’s camp graduation

10/12/2012 – Rubber stamp carving workshop for JS and her bff. Went to the mall to fetch some craft supply after that. JS spent the rest of the evening at her bff’s house

11/12/2012 – Left three kids home alone at night to attend a public talk on Waldorf.

12/12/2012 – Movie day with SILs. Went to this newly open cinema for Life of Pi

13/12/2012 – Quiet rest time at home.. play, craft, books

14/12/2012 – went to the public library again

15/12/2012 – Aerospace program at RMAF museum. Family time with in-laws

16/12/2012 – suppose to attend kids yoga charity program, but we didn’t make it. Went to 1U for some craft shopping instead, did bowling too and dropping daddy off at the station

17/12/2012 – Claymation workshop at Rhythm and Hues in Cyberjaya. Dropped three older kids off at their aunt’s for sleep over.

18/12/2012 – 19/12/2012 : Kids went to airport to fetch their uncle, they went for another movie this morning (Hobbit) and I am busy with my own work at home with baby alone.

There are still two more activities for the remaining school holidays.






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May 10 2012

I Did It Again…

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This morning I overslept again!!! We miss the transporter’s van again. But the good thing is I woke up at 6.30 and it was still not too late to send JS to school personally and not being late.

The toughest part of having early morning school going kids is to get up early. I am definitely not an early bird and i definitely hate it. Hate this kind of responsibility. Looks like I have 17 more years to go through this

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Apr 30 2012

Blurry Monday

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Today is a day filled with blunders.

Hub is home for quite a long weekend this week. With public holiday coming tomorrow and hubby still at home, I am still in the state of rest mode. Is a school day today, but I am feeling it so much like a weekend.

I couldn’t wake up on time to see JS off to school. (lost count on how many times I overslept since JS started morning school 4 months ago whereby she has to leave the house at 6.30am, we had a few near miss and a few times didn’t even know the transporter was here. I AM DEFINITELY NOT AN EARLY BIRD!!)

Today was the latest of my record. I woke up at 6.53am. When I looked at the clock, I was in a very blur state to the extend that I didn’t know what time I shall be up. For a moment I was figuring out whether she usually leaves the house at 6.30 or 7.30. I was not sure if we are late or still have time. It took me a while until I was fully awake to realize we are VERY VERY late. I woke her up, she was in a fit of tantrum (hectic weekend, not enough rest), I went to wake hubby up and told him we were late. If he is not home, I probably would have let JS skipped school. Too much a hassle if i am alone with 4 kids and need to be in a rush and panic mode to send her to school.

I assigned the task to him to send JS to school. They were of course LATE! He came home telling me that they have to write down name before they can go in. Father walked the daughter into school, for the first time … since JS started preschool !! The reason he wrote down was “kereta rosak”.

Later hubby offered to send JL to school too. 10 minutes later, he called me and asked me where is the school!! Of all these while I thought he knew. Then only I realized off these four months , he had not been around to do the chauffeuring. He called again after the first call and still couldn’t find the school.

He told me much later when he was home that he send JL to her previous school, (same school , different building few blocks away) and there was an Indian teacher actually wanted to bring JL in the school. (same uniform… another blur teacher). JL told daddy it was the wrong school, daddy took her to another building which was the old premise where WH went to (same school but they moved to this current place over a year ago, now another Islamic kindy took over the premise). A Malay teacher came out puzzled!! I asked, how come JL couldn’t give direction, apparently hubby used another route, after all the rounding, JL might had been confused.

When we picked JS up later. Father and daughter were relating to me what happened in school earlier in the morning. How JS sneak back into the crowd during assembly and how the father had to hid behind pillars to go unnoticed by teachers (off being late obviously) and how come some late comers so silly standing in front waiting to be questioned and punished. The father also taught the daughter.. next time if she is late again, never to write her own name down in record. Make up a name and class so that she can pass through the guard to avoid been questioned later.

What a Monday!!

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Jan 14 2012


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Ever since the kids came along, we had only travel twice without the kids, that was 8 years ago, when JS not even one. After that, since the arrival of WH, we had never travel without the kids.

Last year, we started feeling that we need such a getaway. Beginning of the year, we had planned a trip. We thought that we can leave the kids with the maid and get the in laws to come over to supervise the maid. We thought we better make good use of this opportunity before the maid’s contract ends. At least with her around, she knows our routine and the kids are kind of use to her handling and minding, especially JE. Anyhow, our heart still cannot let go of them and the trip did not materialize. (Talk with no action !!)

Then in September, there was some slight changes in the household. We were already maidless then. During that two weeks transition period, hubs feels that he needs a break before he takes on a new journey. He started planning for a getaway for us two, initial plan was to go out of the country (but not somewhere as far as a caribbean honeymoon, we thought of some south east asian country, but again , we feel we will be too far away from the kids, we set our travel destination to East Malaysia) The time we travel was during the peak of the children’s school final exam. Hubs spoke to his second sis if she can come over to stay and look after the kids and send them to school. Of course with the help of MIL to cook for them. (As SIL#2 doesn’t cook, FIL is too old to do the chauffeuring and to leave the kids behind with two old folks is too taxing for them). SIL said she had no problem taking care of the kids.

It was meant to be a trip for just the two of us, but no, we didn’t leave all four kids behind. Our honeymoon includes JE. She was and still is very attached to me and still breastfed, so we thought it might be a little too much for SIL and PIL to care for her.

So off we went for our getaway, which is not much of sightseeing. Our aim was to go makan makan and relax in hotel, hence we chose a five star hotel instead of something lower than that.

The first day, there was a little havoc at home. SIL and MIL got into a fight and PIL were asked to go home. So left SIL#2 alone with 3 kids. That night SIL#1 came over to help out and took leave from work the next day to help out as well. By the way, it was just a short 3D2N getaway. The first night, JS cried (imagine, she was going to be 9 and yet still cry for me) followed by JL. WH was cool about us not around. SIL actually urged us to cut short our trip and come home. We made some backup plan, just in case things still didn’t improve, I will have to go back alone the next day, we called airlines to find out about ticket changes and so forth. JE ticket was tagged along hubs!! Anyhow, the kids survived the 2nd day and the 3rd. And we managed to have quite a relaxing trip.

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Jan 04 2012

Back To School…Back To School

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I woke up at 4.30am, force myself to go bed at 12 midnite. But I was having hard time falling asleep. I am nervous, nervous of overslept.

JS too. She woke up at 5. I force her to stay in bed at least until the alarm goes off.

Transporter came at 6.30 sharp. I was thinking maybe I will get 1 1/2 hour to spare before waking JL up. Was thinking if I should do some ironing and prepare bento for jl. Though still sleepy head, I know I shouldn’t go back to sleep, I will sure won’t be able to wake up on time for JL.

As I was thinking of what to do, my two ultra sensitive motion detectors came looking for me. It is way too early for them to be up!!! When the little one is up, I won’t get to do anything, as she needs boobies at this hour. At the end, only manage to do a quick simple bento.

Now hiding in the aircon room waiting for time to pass.

So this will be our routine for this year.

Ps: the best is WH,he doesn’t care of the sky falls off… He continues with his beauty sleep and won’t be up until 10.30 – 11 shall I not wake him up.

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Jan 03 2012

School Starts

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My preschooler JL started school today. Though it was just a two hours orientation session.

Initially I thought she will starts tomorrow , just like her older siblings. I did not get any notice from her school. Somehow I just missed speaking to her teacher and principal when I went to pay and enroll her during the school hols.

Went my mum dropped by yesterday and mentioned that she starts school today, I was still asking her why is her principal so calculative and her school so different. After all it is just preschool. I told her that JL starts tomorrow. Ha! It was later in the evening , when I brought the kids to the playground, I met a neighbor who will be sending her child to the same preschool and she mentioned that school starts today. Imagine, I am a “senior” mother for that school, I didn’t know about that. I quickly sms the principal to confirm.

I knew I suppose to sleep early last night , so that I can get up early this morning, somehow, I got hooked in front of the pc (the only time of the day I can sit in front of it, other time during the day, I am connected via my phone), I did a few things, upgraded a few blogs, sorting photos that are not sorted etc etc..and I ended up going to bed at 1.30a.m . I was up about 5 for toilet call and not able to go back to sleep and my alarm went off at 7a.m . Imagine I was so sleepy by then.But had to stay awake to carrying on the day.

Made it to school slightly before 8, stayed there with her until 8.40. Came home to settle the other children, went grocery shopping and by the time we got home, JE was so sleepy and cranky. She skipped lunch and I got lunch ready for the others. I have so wanted to nap after that , but JE woke up.  I think I did fall asleep for about 1/2 hour, but interrupted with JE telling me that she had poop, JL with nose bleed , two older ones making lot of noise. I was very grumpy. One other reason that I couldn’t sleep soundly was that I am afraid that I overslept and not able to cook dinner.

After 1/2 hour, I decided not to get back to bed. So I bake with the kids. The dough was made yesterday. Wanted to experiment a new recipe for CNY cookies. It turned out yummy, so spend another longer time making another bigger batch of dough.  Cook dinner, bring kids out for cycle, ding dong ding dong, it’s already 9.

Make them go to bed by 9.30p.m. All fallen asleep before 10.

I am having some quiet moment, which I am in dilemma whether to sleep or  continue having my own me time.  I need to wake up even earlier tomorrow compared to today. I know I really need to be in bed, else I will be even grumpier tomorrow.

I think I better sign off. It’s already /JUST 11.30 p.m . I must really crawl into my bed.


ps: JS was telling me that she that she can’t wait for tomorrow.I wonder if she is really that looking forward to go back to school?

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Mar 09 2011

Different Reaction

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I often tell the children, especially the two older ones that one day when bb is older, I will go back to work. Both of them have different reaction.

Though often I am happy to be a full time mum, but there are times, like this week in particular, I feel so down, so worthless and unaccomplished (out of the blue) , so desperately jumping in any suitable vacancy available.

Recently I mention about going back to work again to the kids.

JS said “Aiyo mummy, when Ern Ern is older, I am still in school leh. I am just standard 5, I need you to teach me, I don’t want to go daycare”

WH “Yeah…then I can go daycare, I can BE WITH MY FRIEND and he mentioned quite a few friend’s name”

Such were the reaction from a son and daughter. Son = friends comes first. Daughter = always close to home

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Mar 09 2011


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It is no news that the children (all four of them) still bunk in with us in the master bedroom. Hub and the two older kids sleep on the mattresses laid on the floor and I am sandwiched between the two younger ones on the king sized bed.

It has been almost 2 years and 5 months since we moved into this house. The children have their own bedroom and in these 2 years span, we had actually tried letting them sleep in their own room. We have tried letting WH and JS sleep by themselves in their own separate room. I think that only last less than a week. And then we had both of them sleeping in JS’s room. That also last for only about a week. At that time, hub didnt sleep well, he wakes every so often in the night to check on them. And then we are also concern about the electricity consumption..having two – three air cons switching on throughout the night, hence we happily accepted them back in our bedroom.

Few nights ago, when hub and I were chatting, the kids interrupted our conversation and both of us got so fed up (all the time we never able to hold up a decent conversation without been interrupted) that we said to them “Tomorrow, all of you go sleep in your own room”

The next night came, I am surprise that they still remember what we’ve told them, never protest and voluntarily offered to sleep in their own room. It has been three nights now (will it last more than a week?? will it be a permanent arrangement?) that the three of them (Yeah…three , not two) had been sleeping in the girls’ room. JS and WH sleep on the bed which we have pushed to join together and JL sleeps on the mattress on the floor.  The only condition from them is that I need to stay in the room until they fall asleep then only I can leave. Non of them woke in the middle of the night, in fact I don’t have problem waking JL up in the morning for school. She wakes up by herself, no crying, no fussing , walked to my room to look for me.

Now, after all these years (6 to be exact) , I am sharing bed with hub again , though we still have the little baby in between us. :)

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