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Oct 27 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

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I am so into babywearing and I am a proud babywearer since my firstborn and sure I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to join in the IBW 2010 blog giveaway contest . I have so much photos of me babywearing and I love all of them so much and can’t wait to share them. My favourite is always the ring sling.

If you are a babywearer like me, you can join too. These are the categories and the rules

A) Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)
B) Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)
C) Babywearing And Multitasking
D) Breastfeeding While Babywearing
E) Child Babywearer (can also be ‘teddywearer’ ^_^)

To Join
1. Post your contest entry in your blog under the title “MBW -International Babywearing Week 2010 Give Away”. -done
2. Attach the MBW walk picture. -done
2. Be a follower for Malaysian Babywearers blog at -done
3. Be a fan at Malaysian Babywearers Facebook Page. -done
4. Put the MBW logo at your side banner and link back to us at . -done
5. Put the IBW 2010 logo at your side banner and link back to . -done
6. Leave a comment in this blog post with your name and the URL link to your contest entry in your blog. -done
7. Last day for submission of contest entry is 7th November 2010

Category 1 – Babywearing a newborn

Here’s me babywearing my 4 weeks old daughter at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party

Category 2 – Babywearing an older child

3 months pregnant with #3 and babywearing my #2 who was 2years and 6 months old at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Category 3 – Babywearing and multitasking

Picking sea shells with eldest daughter

Category 4 – Breastfeeding while babywearing

At the zoo, breastfeeding the baby

Category 5 – Child Babywearer

Little mummy

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Nov 09 2007

Triple Gems

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My triple gems, feeling so content to be surrounded by them…

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Nov 03 2007

Chinese Full Moon Custom

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Normally the Chinese celebrate grandly when the baby in the family reaches 1 month after birth. This day also mark the end of the mother’s confinement period and finally free to allow out of the house. On the baby’s full month, some families host a dinner to entertain friends and relatives. Red hard-boiled eggs is usually distributed.

An odd number of eggs will be distributed if it’s a boy and even number of eggs if it is a girl. Friends and relatives usually give red packet in return, some also give jewelries and modern ones give hamper (it’s like baby shower)

The Chinese also practice the custom of shaving off the baby’s hair on its full month. The baby’s hair is wrapped up in a red cloth and sewn to the baby’s pillow. It seems that by doing this, the baby would not be timid or easily frightened. Nowadays, some of the traditional customs are still being practiced either in whole or in part by modern parents. The practice of distributing Full Moon Gift Pack is seen as a more convenience way to announce the arrival of a newborn in the family and also to thanks the relatives and friends for their gifts.

In a Full Moon Gift Pack, it usually consists of curry chicken, turmeric glutinous rice , pickled ginger, red eggs and Nyonya Ang Koo. The Ang Koo Kuih came in two special designs, if it’s a peach, it represent girl if it’s round then it represent a boy.

However the modern revised version of gift pack can only consist of some cakes , pastries and even roast chicken and red eggs but without the turmeric rice and curry chicken. All the pastry shops not from King’s Confectionery to Baker’s Cottage to even Ayamas has these packages now. However I remember SIL bringing back this nice little gift box after attending Melinda Looi’s son full moon, it’s something modern than what we normally seen in a Full Moon Gift Pack. I think I will consider that this time round, it’s from One Joy if I’m not mistaken.

During JS’s full moon, we did it quite grandly at PIL’s house where we have special food catering and invited friends and relatives over. It was too much a hassle and too much noice. For WH, I just ordered boxes of the conventional gift pack to distribute. Can’t remember where I ordered that from, maybe from Puchong. Besides that the family had quite dinner at Hilton. Just my in-laws and my parents. This time round, I guess I will do the same by distributing the gift packs and have quite family dinner.

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Feb 11 2007

Toddler’s Laughter

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A toddler’s laughter is so real and unpretentious. Any little unintentional movement or action can make a toddler laughs and they find it very funny. They can laugh at their own little antics. It’s such a carefree world

Whenever WH started laughing and giggling around me, it’s so heart warming. The air is filled with so much joy, cheers and happiness and for once I can forgo my worries. A toddler’s laughter is so infectious that one can hardly find in a pre-schooler. This is one great reward of motherhood. I love to be surrounded my WH’s laughters.

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