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Mar 14 2014

JL’s First Sales

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JL also envy her older sister that is always selling her crafts and artwork. She has always wanted to follow suit. She made her first sales last week. Selling her rainbow loom bracelet to one of the classmate. I told her she can charge too high and need to just sell those bracelet of simply design, as Standard 1 students don’t normally has a lot of pocket money and they are not allow to bring too much pocket money to school too. In fact JL is doing some sort of black market business, as i am sure this is not allowed in school. I just hope that no parents will come complaining to the teacher that JL is selling her craft and that her friends are saving the pocket money up for bracelet instead of spending on food.

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Dec 31 2013

Starting Piano Lesson

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I have signed up for JL to attend piano lesson.  It would be nice if she could start off with group class and music appreciation like what JS had gone through, but I couldn’t afford the time to sit in the class with her. I don’t really like one to one class where the teachers are exam orientated. I hope this teacher I am engaging her service is good and not pushy for exam.

Sometimes I wonder why I let all kids learn piano instead of other instrument. But to think again, since we already have a piano at home, we should just make full use of it instead of investing in another instrument. I know many are opting for violin now and I know where to get good second hand violins as my cousin is selling it but after much consideration, i think I will still stick to piano as for now.

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Nov 11 2013

JL’s Talent Show

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YouTube Preview Image

*video a little shaky, recorded by her sister while I was busy snapping photos


This is our JL during her graduation concert. She was one of the 6 participants for this talent show. It’s non compulsory and on voluntarily basis. I didn’t think of letting her sign up as I know she used to be quite timid and would change her mind last minute. I don’t want to put her through the stress whereby I need to coax her, sweet talk her to go on stage shall she chicken out last minute. Anyway, she was adamant and wanted to participate. I submitted the form very near to the closing date without a song title. She couldn’t make up her mind then. From wanting to sing  Karmin’s Acapella to later deciding on Katy Perry’s Roar. (Haiz…6 years old picking up these sort of songs instead of songs more age appropriate!!)

From what I see from the other children’s performance, I must say my little JL is the only one that has the least preparation at home prior to the actual performance. I didn’t coach and help her at all. I seriously do not know what to expect from this sort of talent show performance. It’s not entirely a competition where she is out there to win something or proof herself. I thought it would be good enough just encourage her to go up the stage, sing the whole song without stage fright, present her most truthful and natural self, have fun and some exposure to sing in public. I knew of parents who goes to the extend to get vocal coach, to choreograph the whole song and dance and we have none.

As I was watching from the audience seat, I did have this worry flashing through my mind. Would she compare herself with her friends and feel less superior. Would she be demotivated? Would this kill her esteem? But later I found out my worries were unnecessary. Kids are really very straight forward and non judgmental. It’s from the adults they learn to criticized and look down on others.  I am also grateful to her teacher that had thought the whole class to be supportive to their peers and not poke fun on their song choice and their performance.

I am proud of my girl for her braveness to perform in front of a crowd.




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Sep 23 2013

Xmas Wish List

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The kids wrote their Xmas wish list to Santa and one of JL’s wishes was “for mummy to be happy”. Santa’s assistant asked her about it and she mentioned that “mummy is sometimes angry”

I knew nothing about their Xmas wish list project. This was retold to me by Santa’s assistant. (My kid’s Santa is my BIL residing in US and his assistant is my SIL)

Feeling heartwarming and touched of how thoughtful and loving my JL can be. Feeling grateful that my SILs who relate this to me offer their help to look after the kids during weekend to relieve me so that I can go refresh myself and have me time.

I have a blessed life..

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Sep 23 2013


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We were at my parent’s place yesterday. During the casual chat, JL asked my mum” Popo, how come you never hugged mummy before?” My mum was already taken aback by the question. JL thought my mum didn’t catch her question, she asked again”  Popo, what I mean (meant) is why you never hugged your children, your daughter? You only hug us.”

Mum asked “Does your mumy hug you?”

JL & JE ” Yes, mummy always hug us at home. A lot a lot of time”

Mum “ok. next time when you all come popo’s house. I will hug your mummy also”

JL “And why kong kong never hugged his children also?”

Mum ” kong kong very old fashioned. He doesn’t like hug hug”

The beauty of kids is they bridge the gap between  the adults. The beauty of kids is they acknowledge that you love them and they are aware they they are loved always through physical contact.

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May 04 2013

Craft Maker

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I can’t remember what I did to help JS to be an independent craft maker. She is taking orders and selling her crafts, from handmade rubber stamps to quilling craft, to felt craft and zakka and ribbon crafts. All I need to do now is help her to get supply for raw materials. I don’t even have to help her look for patterns or guide her what to do.

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t spent as much time and effort with JL for her to be a skill craft maker like her sister. She envies her sister a lot, especially when JS manage to sell her crafts and earn some extra pocket money.

JL has wanted very much to learn, but i guess due to time constraint, I haven’t have much time and patient for her. Seems like I am always giving her empty promises and I feel extremely guilty on breaking promises. I really can’t help it because I really can’t slot in the time, there’s always something more important and urging popping up when I plan to teach her.

Recently JL made these “paper” hair clips and wanted to sell it.

She is so proud of her creation that she wore it to school and didn’t take it down for the whole day.

It makes me so guilty that I should really make an effort , spend time with her and teach her how to make proper craft with real craft materials.

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Mar 05 2013

Something About School

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I have tried to refrain from posting negative posts, but here’s for a record.

JL came home from school and told me she didn’t have a good time in school today. She said Teacher C (K1 class teacher) didn’t allow her to play with Pooh Bear. I asked when? Is it during class time, recess time ? Was it a soft toys? After much prodding, she said it happened after school while waiting for me. It was a puzzle set. The teacher said “Excuse me, excuse me, this is for my student” and asked her to give it back to the five year old kid. I asked if she snatch from the kid, she said No. Her friend was sharing with her and let her have her turn first. I asked if it is because the teacher is packing up and ready to go home, she said no.

When JL recalled how the teacher talked to her, I can imagine her tone. ( In fact I have never like this new teacher.. doesn’t seems passionate and loving enough..but I thought not to complain and gave her chance)

I don’t understand why the teacher need to draw the line so clearly. Isn’t it school a place to socialize, to learn to get along with friends and share?

I am getting very disappointed with this school. This is our 4th year with this school and i see it is getting very money minded. Just this year, this school had set up a website. All that they advertise and stated in the website is not true which they did not practice at all. If I have not spent enough time at the school, if i do not have knowledge in Montessori, if I am just am just a parent trying to do a school hunt through searching the net, I would be cheated and sold by what is written in their webpage and the few selected photos posted up.

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Jan 06 2013

To Dentist & Out Came Baby Teeth

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Since she discovered her baby teeth are shaky, she has been bugging me to bring her to the dentist. She keeps complaining about pain and needs to get them extract.

School just reopened, I was busy. She kept asking me to bring her to the dentist after school. But with two toddlers that need to nap in the afternoon, I told her to wait until weekend. I called our usual dentist for appointment but they all slots were booked for the weekend. We can still go as a walk in patient, but I can’t afford to waste TIME. I am so not ready to spent one to two hour just to wait to see a dentist for minor extraction like this which probably last less than 10 minutes.

Since she insist on going, I brought her to one which I know there will be no queue.  There are four dentistry at our area. The other three are always packed and busy, but I knew this particular one is not. It’s only for those with brave heart. As this dentist is the “old school” typed of dentist. Even his dental clinic’s setup is the traditional style. Reminded me of my younger days visit to the dentist.He is a no nonsense dentist, not very gentle , definitely not one that knows how to “pujuk” the kids and buy kids heart. Years ago when we were very new in this town, JS visited this dentist once and I brought my maid to this dentist too. So I know very well his style.

No anesthetic given, just some numbing gel/cream was applied. She cried due to the pain. I know it would be painful as the teeth is not that shaky yet.

She cried due to pain. I guess she was a little traumatized too. She said she doesn’t like this dentist. She prefers the earlier one she been before. She asked me not to bring her back to this dentist anymore. Lucky she had a much pleasant first experience, else for the rest of her life, she would have phobia with dentist.

The visit  cost me RM60. RM50 to extra two teeth and RM10 for painkiller which she didnt need.

WH was saying “Meimei,  you waste money. See, jiejie and me didn’t need go dentist for this”

Finally she gets to use her tooth album

This was her first dentist visit some time during the end of November 2012

A much gentle dentist who knows how to get to the child level, talks to and calms a child.

The nurse sculpted balloon for them at the end of the visit.

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Dec 18 2012

Sweet Talker

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JE told me in the evening that she wants bread. She was asking for RT pastry bread. Since there were just only the two of us at home, I brought her there to buy her “RT bread. sugar bread” (Her word. Sugar bread , because those buns are sweet and dusted with sugar on the top)

After I bought it for her, she asked if she can eat in the car. I helped her to open the packaging . When I handed it to her , immediately she said “Thank you mummy” , which is something we expected the kids say. She said it voluntarily without me prompting her to. What surprised me was while munching on the bread , she said ” Thank you mummy for buying my RT bread for me” ooh.. .that’s just so sweet.  Her brother and sisters usually thank me from the things that I do for them . They thank me for cooking, they thank me for buying them food, they thank me for bringing them out. JE usually picks up from them and copy them thanking me. But today, there’s no one for her to copy and imitate and she still remembers to thank me. That is just the sweetest gesture.

Note: JL is also another sweet girl that shows her gratitude. On weekends that we go back to my parent’s place, and if my mum does cook dinner for us, we eats in. JL without any prompting will thank my mum for cooking dinner for us. She goes “Thank you porpor for cooking dinner. It is so yummy” That totally melts my mum’s heart.

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Oct 15 2012

JL Pierced Ears

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Finally after much persuasion from her, she got her wish fulfilled. She had had wanted to have her ears pierced for so long. She has been asking and asking. In fact there were a few times we were outside the goldsmith but changed our mind the last minute. It was always me, thinking she can’t cope with the pain, afraid that she might accidentally pull the earlobe and not able to care for it. But on 22/9, I finally brought her there and got it done. She is so happy with it.


When jiejie got her ears pierced, JL was still a baby. Hence I don’t have to entertain request from her. Now that JE is a talking toddler, when she saw her 2nd sister got her ears pierced, she wanted to have it too. ( she is equally vain like her 2nd sis) . I have to keep on telling her that she is still too young for it and that she has to wait till she is 5.

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