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Jul 12 2012

Ask Internet

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JL asked me “mummy, what is glitters made off? Is it like seaweed? o.O ( how she relates it to seaweed, I didn’t know)

I answered ” I don’t know”

JL ” after you ask Internet and let me know ok?”

JL @ 4 yrs 8 months

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May 23 2012

Sweet Gesture

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Continuing the Teacher’s Day story..

The teacher not only called personally .. the next day when I picked JL from school, she is beaming with happiness. Guess what..












The same teacher gave her something back in return.

JL got to pick one book of her choice and on top of that , there’s a note.


I am truly surprised as I never ever expected this.

The joy of giving turned into the joy of returning.



Until today, after almost a week, JL said she loves Teacher Ann the best. Asked her why, she answered, because Teacher Ann is the only one that say thank you, hugged her and gave her something in return.

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May 19 2012

Miss Daddy

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This weekend , daddy is not back. Kids wanted to do skype teleconferencing with daddy.

We got through, but the connection was bad. Daddy can see us, but we cant see him. Moreover, we were already in the room and daddy was actually outside, both of us are using our phone to skype instead of laptop. which meant smaller screen.

Kids fought. WH bite JL. JL snatched the phone away from JE hand. at the end with such poor connection. daddy dropped the call. JE was very upset. She cried and in her not very clear speech, she said “Daddy kyap”

What a pity to see her like that. So I Whatsapp hubby and told her about the incidents and got him to try to connect to skype again.

JL at this time, seeing upset, and being the drama queen, immediately switched her mood to “Sadness mood”

Both of them sitting on my lap, waiting for the line to be connected. JE being the baby, got over her emotion quickly and forgotten about really wanting to talk to daddy. She put her arm on JL’s shoulder and attempt to comfort her sister.

hence..this lovey dovey picture.

JL also mentioned : daddy in office very sad, he got no friend, that’s why i am sad. That’s how she interpret the situation. When daddy not coming back means daddy in the office, when daddy is in the office over the weekend means daddy alone, no friend and lonely.

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Apr 22 2012


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JL : Mummy, do you have a iphone or not?

Me : Yup.. neh (Pointing to the phone sitting on the table)

JL: iPhone WHAT?

Me: iphone 4

JL: time I big already, I want to buy iPhone 5. 5 neh…better than yours

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Mar 25 2012

Independent JL

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It is Sunday night… I don’t know how I have spent my time, but it seems that I was so busy that i didn’t have time to sit down to coach JL on her homework. I knew she brought back a few books. I can’t even remember if I have asked her to bring out her work and do.

Just when I have settled everything down, I asked her about her homework. She told me she had completed all of them. Maths, BM writing and colouring. I then went to check on all her works, indeed, she has completed them all perfectly.

Am really proud of her.

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Jan 19 2012

JL @ School

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Today JL wasn’t feeling well. When we were in the car, she complaint about tummy ache. Nevertheless, I let her go to school. She cried the moment she got down from the car. I didn’t stop to go in with her. (Which I usually does for the last one year which time she has a mood swing).

I was late picking her up today, all thanks to the dilly dallying brother.  The moment I stepped into the school, I saw her crying. She has never cried during school dismissal time, not once for the whole last year. In fact most of the day, she refused to come home and wanted to stay on and play. Teacher told me she is down with fever and had nose bleed in school.

Brought her to doc, settled her etc etc..

Later in the evening, she had a chat with me.

JL ” I am so sad, everybody in school don’t love me”

Me “Why did you say so. Why did they do”

JL ” they never talk to me, they don’t want to come near me”

Me “Maybe because today you are not well , that’s why they didn’t come to you”

JL ” My new friend don’t love me. I tell her secret and she turn her head away ”

There were more prop from me. The conversation kept going on and she still insist she is sad, she doesn’t have friends, no one loves her in school bla bla bla.

I asked her what about her old friends.  (Most of them are in different class now) , she said they dont friend her either.

I hope this just happen only today . Need to find out more from the teacher as she can be over sensitive and a bit of a drama queen.


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Dec 03 2011

Miss Daddy

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These were taken on the 30/11. Two days after daddy spent the weekend at home and gone back to work.

We carried out our day as usual. But by night time, during our conversation /activity, I must have accidentally said something that triggered her emotional side, she cried out of the sudden saying she miss daddy.

She then said she wants to write a letter to daddy

She asked me how to write “miss daddy” . Instead of writing it down, I sound it out for her as she had learned phonics. And she managed to write the note on her own (Hence the dad , instead of daddy.. she hasn’t learned phonograms yet)

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Dec 03 2011

JL’s Birthday Walk

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*backdated post*

We celebrated JL’s 4th birthday in school the Montessori way. I told the teacher that I am going to do a birthday walk.  I did once with WH when he was five. Same school, but different teacher and I had to prepare all the materials myself. This time round, I thought that the teacher may not know much about the birthday walk and I prepared the materials as usual too.

I am impressed that the teacher had prepared and layout the materials before I arrived.

JS helped me to record the video. A little pity, JL was too excited and didn’t quite follow my instruction on the walk. She went around the sun many times and in super fast speed. LOL

The usual cake cutting and giving out party packs time

This is the picture stories /timeline of J L that I used for the birthday walk.  ( During WH’s time , I had it in a small album, which the children couldn’t see clearly) . After snack , the children were drawn to this and was looking at the photos and asked me a lot of questions. It was really fun

Some children hung around big jiejie to see what she was doing.

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Oct 04 2011

You Never Listen

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I had my concentration fixed on my phone. JL was talking to me and asked me something.

Very naturally the respond I gave her was answering her “ng”. In actual fact I didn’t hear a word she has asked me except the “hor?” at the end of the question.

Right immediately after I responded to her, she said “aiyer.. You never hear me also, simply answer me” ” you know what I asked you? I asked you if ah mah house is near to our house??”

Obviously is a question that she knew the answer and purposely wanted to test me.

Sorry dear, mummy is always very preoccupied.

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Sep 01 2011

Her Hair Is Her Everything

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JL take pride of her hair. She simply loves dressing up and doing up her hair. Lately she doesn’t even want me to tie her , she tie her hair the way she wants. Few days ago, the morning before she goes to school, as usual I tied up her hair for her but prior to that, as always I will tell her how I will do up her hair. That day, she didn’t acknowledge, when I proceeded, she was so upset that took off the rubber band and redid her hair herself.She keep telling me that she wants to keep her hair long.

I don’t remember JS able to tie her own hair before age 4. I was still tying her hair until she was in Standard 1.

I often caught her doing this

If she ever received a herstyler 3p as gift, she will definitely be in cloud 9

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