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Mar 15 2013

Little Monster

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JE is a real monster. She is the only one out of four that can drive me up the wall and make me really mad. She is super stubborn and only wants her way. She doesn’t not take option , suggestion or negotiations. Her way means her way.

If I am not busy and in a hurry, I can still tolerate her nonsense, but when I am busy especially when I am busy working in the kitchen with dirty and oily hands , in a rush and top up with tiredness, her nonsense can really eats into me and make me real mad. All she wants is me to stop what I am doing and attend to her right there and then. Ignoring her won’t work as she gets louder and louder , the siblings offer her but she insist only to be me to do what she wants. She screams and yells and cries and at the same time says sarcastic things like “Mummy, I call so many times and you never come/do ” or “I say sorry so many times already” . 5 minutes is the max I can take when I am really busy and when she is in her nonsense and i will have an outburst, where she knows but still does not mellow and give in. She will says ” I am sorry mummy” and she can repeats until I go to her but still insist on me giving in to her. What she gets in return is often wild whack and smack on the buttock from me for crying louder. I don’t like to hit/beat my kids, but JE just like to test my patient like that.

I have tried many times to breath in and out and control myself and not be affected by her cries, but when I heard her siblings trying to stop her from crying and finding her irritating , complaining and scolding her, that makes my anger shot up even higher. Why can’t she takes reasoning??

It has never been so hard with the other children.

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Jan 06 2013

Retired From Being A Moo

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On Christmas Eve 2012, I am officially off duty as a MOO.

My moo journey (breastfeeding journey) lasted a total of 84 months (7 years) of my 10 years of motherhood. I have nursed JE the longest, lasted a total of 35 months. Weaned her off gently when she is 1 month shy from her 3rd birthday.

Breastfeeding has become a thing of a past to me, an end of a chapter, a history in my life story. No more chance to breastfeed unless I have another baby, but I am quite done with having babies, so this is the end of it.

Writing the above line, makes me feel so sentimental and sad.

I have first attempt to wean JE when she was 2 1/2 years old, but it wasn’t successful and I gave up trying. Thinking to do it in a more gentle way and let her take her time. I never stopped brainwashing her though, communicating with her that she should be weaned off already.

Why the weaning? I guess it is more for selfish reason on my own. As she is growing bigger, nursing her isn’t physically taxing to me. There were many physical discomfort.  When I knew that there are friends who nurse their kids beyond the age of three and till 4 1/2 years old, I did feel bad that I am too selfish. I know I am so going to miss it and yet I earned to be free from all the discomforts.  I guess JE can feel my half heartedness and hence taking longer to wean too.

Through our communication and my brainwashing session, she knew that she isn’t suppose to be sucking milk from me anymore. Especially after my cousin’s wife gave birth and I brought her to visit this little cousin. She called herself jiejie and she knew all along, nennen is for little baby and she is no longer a baby. She also likes to compare herself with her older siblings. So each time she asked us why she can have and do what they have/do, I gave her the answer that she was still a baby , as she needs nennen so she can do the same like her korkor and jiejie.  I told her if she can go without nennen for up to five days, I would let her /give her the things she ask for. However each and everyday, when she is so tired and during nap/bed time, her addiction of being nursed kicks in hard. She would whine and cry and would only settle when I let her suckle.

Along the weaning process, we also made a deal, like she could only suckle for a while and then she had to go sleep without boobies in the mouth.

On Christmas Eve 2012, I was purely trying my luck. Due to the Christmas Celebration and preparation, she was really worn out and for two days she fell asleep on her own without asking to be nursed. On boxing day, when we were more settled and relaxed at home, she did look for it during her bed time, but I told her no more milk and i was in pain and need time to heal and recover before I can give her anymore. She didn’t cry for it and went to sleep without. This repeated for over a week and I finally know it was over.

On the 36 hours after I stopped nursing her, I had serious engorgement issue. I was in real pain. I did hand express , seeing drops and drops of milk drips into the sink, onto the toilet floor , saddened me so much. Hand express did not ease my pain hence later on I decided to use the breastpump. ( I tried not to use it as I do not want to stimulate the brain to make more milk).

  Expressing some out to ease the pain

  These two who had been nursed until they were two must have missed BM so much , they fight over having the EBM.


Now, it has been two weeks since she was weaned. Occasionally she still comes and rub her face on my chest and the lips doing the suckling movement, but she never whine or cry for it anymore.  She still needs me at close distant to put her asleep. She comes very close to me, with my face facing towards her, she hugs me tight with her arm around my neck and leg on my body to feel secure enough to fall asleep.

At the same time on Christmas, she decided to be off night diaper too. Another big milestone she achieved at the same time. Bye bye breastfeeding and bye bye night diaper. JE who had never used a potty but always the adult’s toilet bowl can now climb up to sit on the thrown by herself too. She is no different from her siblings now. She is really not a baby anymore.

I still feel a little engorge over this two weeks, but I know my superpower of making milk is coming to an end. How I miss cuddling and nursing my babies. Thorough the two weeks, there were many times I was so tempted or rather habitually wanted to nurse her, but I know if it is an end, it is an end.




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Jan 03 2013

Milk Tooth Exfoliating

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On the night of New Year Day, JL complained about tooth ache. I had just recently brought her to the dentist for her first dental checkup during the school holiday, I know it couldn’t be due to decay. I thought she meant ulcer or something like that so I took a look. I noticed a shaky milk tooth. The lower right central incisor. I told her it’s just small matter, nothing to worry about. Looking at the extend of it, it probably come off in a week time on its own.

The next morning when I check again, the lower left central incisor is also exfoliating. Two shaky milk teeth she had.

She had been urging me to bring her to the dentist to extract it out , she said it’s painful, I guess it’s more of discomfort than pain. I told her jiejie and korkor never need dentist, they extracted the teeth themselves.

JL @5 years 2 months old

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Dec 31 2012

Victoria’s Secret Angel

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We brought home some Halogen balloon from SIL’s dinner party. The next day while I was busy upstairs, the kids were playing it the balloon downstairs.

Then I heard laughter and one of them said “Mummy, look, Victoria’s Secret Model”

Then JE & JS came upstairs. Guess who’s our Victoria’s Secret Angel in the house??!








JE doing the catwalk. She has got what JS claimed “THE BALLOON WINGS”

No doubt , a work of JS!

By the way, we love the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


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Dec 18 2012

Sweet Talker

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JE told me in the evening that she wants bread. She was asking for RT pastry bread. Since there were just only the two of us at home, I brought her there to buy her “RT bread. sugar bread” (Her word. Sugar bread , because those buns are sweet and dusted with sugar on the top)

After I bought it for her, she asked if she can eat in the car. I helped her to open the packaging . When I handed it to her , immediately she said “Thank you mummy” , which is something we expected the kids say. She said it voluntarily without me prompting her to. What surprised me was while munching on the bread , she said ” Thank you mummy for buying my RT bread for me” ooh.. .that’s just so sweet.  Her brother and sisters usually thank me from the things that I do for them . They thank me for cooking, they thank me for buying them food, they thank me for bringing them out. JE usually picks up from them and copy them thanking me. But today, there’s no one for her to copy and imitate and she still remembers to thank me. That is just the sweetest gesture.

Note: JL is also another sweet girl that shows her gratitude. On weekends that we go back to my parent’s place, and if my mum does cook dinner for us, we eats in. JL without any prompting will thank my mum for cooking dinner for us. She goes “Thank you porpor for cooking dinner. It is so yummy” That totally melts my mum’s heart.

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Dec 18 2012

Just Me & Baby

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After our activities this morning, I dropped the three older kids at their aunt’s for sleepover. BIL will be back from The States tomorrow and the kids want to go fetch him from the airport. They planned to spent three nights there and will only be back by Thursday. They are very fond of BIL, as JS just told me recently “Mummy, you know,  my love for Uncle Fred is just like how much I love daddy and you”

By the way, this is the very first time that the house is left with just baby and me. Yup. Just the two of us until the kids are back. Unexceptionally quiet.

There are actually tonnes that I can do, and yet with so much freedom , peace and quietness, I do not know what to do first. Shall I watch TV? Shall I sleep early? Shall I be sorting and backing up my photos in the pc? Shall I blog? Shall I do some crafts? Shall I read? Shall I go complete some backdated pc work? Or just wasting time simply surfing then net?  Shall I go get my hair done in the morning or shall I go massage?  but for sure, I am going to BBW without the three kiddos.

I was doing some ironing just now after dinner, JE suddenly asked me ” we go fetch korkor jiejie after this? ”

I told her “No, they are not coming back tonight”

And after one hour when I nearly completed my ironing, she asked again “Why we are not going to fetch jiejie leh?”

Looks like she is missing her brother and sisters already. Having no playmate around to play with her and the sisters to pamper her

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Nov 15 2012


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Once not too long ago, during out sight seeing outings, I still have to wear little JE in the ring sling.

Now, she is telling me “Mummy, I can walk by myself”

“Mummy, don’t need to hold me”

This picture was taken when we were at the Spice Garden, climbing up uneven and narrow steps.  She did it with ease and is very independent, brave and adventurous.

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Sep 22 2012

JE’s Chitter Chatter

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JE “Mummy, can I drink this” (pointing to my coffee on the table)
ME ” no, it’s coffee, you can’t have it”
JE “But , I want your coffee eh”
Me ” no, you cannot have my coffee”
JE “I am thirsty”
Me “go drink water”
JE ” so selfish wan”


Woke up one morning and she noticed WH using JS’s blanket

JE ” Mummy, see, korkor use jiejie blanket”

ME “nevermind, jiejie not at home, gone to school already, can share share”

JE “no, see, korkor using jiejie’s blanket. ”

She is good at tattling. She knows who is at fault, what I don’t allowed them to do and all the orders and routines. She tattles to me all the small harmful little antics the siblings are up to.


JE and JL doing painting while I was busy in the kitchen

JL “Mummy, see, JE takes a lot of paper, she waste paper”

JE “No, still got so many paper”



I am upstairs , kids are all downstairs playing some boardgames

I heard JE asking WH

“”korkor, mummy leh?” (She kept repeating that a few times before she got a respond from her brother)

WH “Upstairs”

JE ” I go upstairs for a while first ah. I go tell mummy”

“mummy, mummy”

“mummy, korkor play with me”

ME “good, korkor loves you, now go and play”

haiya.. like that also need to report to me…

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Sep 12 2012

JE’s Speech Development

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Compared to her siblings, she is one of the late bloomer in speech. JS and JL started talking in sentence and adult’s tone when they were 18 months old. WH was about 2 , 2+.

JE did communicate with us. It was all the time single vocab with a lot of sign language and body gesture. She has no problem understanding our instructions and no problem communicating with us her wants and needs, but she just doesn’t really speak. I know as long as she can communicate, I shouldn’t really be worried. But I still secretly checking and monitoring and counting the words she says.

Anyhow, I am relieved that she is finally speaking. It started when she was 2 years and 5 months old. I think she skipped the 3 – 4 words phrase phase and moved into long sentences directly. She is good at arguing and defending herself. Almost like a loyar buruk now.

Some of her conversation:

This afternoon, the moment JL got into the car when we went to fetch her from school, JL said

“aiyo, Ern, you cut paper all over the car”

Ern ” no la.. not cut, tear, tear paper!”


JE saw JS drinking something

“Jiejie , what you drinking?”

no one answer her

“Mummy, what jiejie drinking?”

I know JS had made milo for herself and I know for sure that JE would want one too, and I am too lazy to go make her one

so I answer

“Jiejie drinking water”

Not convinced, she tried all her means to check what her sister is drinking

“No mummy, jiejie drinking milo. You bluff me wan. I want also”


Me “Why you cry just now”

JE “because i want you to paopao me and you never paopao me”





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Jun 26 2012

JE & Whatsapps

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JE continuing my conversation with my brother through whatsapps. ^^


@2 years 5 months old.

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