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Oct 30 2013

Birdy – Wings

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JS playing Birdy’s Wings

She asked me to download the songsheet for her but I can’t find any free download online. She watched tutorial on the intro part on Youtube and figured out the rest of the melody herself. Total hours of practice before this video was taken – 1 hour.

She has stopped going for lesson for more than 1/2 a year, hardly play/practice, only sat for one exam (Yamaha Grade 9 in 2011) and yet she can play by ear. She loves playing all the chart toppers.

I wonder if I shall get her a teacher to improve her skill or just let her go on the road of self discovery.  She is really into music and music mixing.

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Sep 24 2013


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WH came back from school telling me that his teacher gave him money.  I asked him for what’s that for. He said his group won in a competition. It is class based and they were fixing something that looks like a cheapskate lego. His team came second. I asked him what did the first group got. He said RM1 each for the team that won first place.

It’s just a small token, but it did lift up the child confident.

Often we heard negative comment of our public school system. Complaining about teachers being laid back, teachers being too fierce or the child’s creativity being supressed and their confident slashed. I must say that my kids are just lucky to have met some very good teachers.


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Sep 23 2013

Xmas Wish List

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The kids wrote their Xmas wish list to Santa and one of JL’s wishes was “for mummy to be happy”. Santa’s assistant asked her about it and she mentioned that “mummy is sometimes angry”

I knew nothing about their Xmas wish list project. This was retold to me by Santa’s assistant. (My kid’s Santa is my BIL residing in US and his assistant is my SIL)

Feeling heartwarming and touched of how thoughtful and loving my JL can be. Feeling grateful that my SILs who relate this to me offer their help to look after the kids during weekend to relieve me so that I can go refresh myself and have me time.

I have a blessed life..

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Sep 23 2013


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We were at my parent’s place yesterday. During the casual chat, JL asked my mum” Popo, how come you never hugged mummy before?” My mum was already taken aback by the question. JL thought my mum didn’t catch her question, she asked again”  Popo, what I mean (meant) is why you never hugged your children, your daughter? You only hug us.”

Mum asked “Does your mumy hug you?”

JL & JE ” Yes, mummy always hug us at home. A lot a lot of time”

Mum “ok. next time when you all come popo’s house. I will hug your mummy also”

JL “And why kong kong never hugged his children also?”

Mum ” kong kong very old fashioned. He doesn’t like hug hug”

The beauty of kids is they bridge the gap between  the adults. The beauty of kids is they acknowledge that you love them and they are aware they they are loved always through physical contact.

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Sep 15 2013

A Moment Of Fame

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The other day after I fetch WH from his robotic class, he was telling me that his robotic teacher knew about him going to Linkin Park concert.

I asked him how the teacher knew as he was absent for 2 classes and he didn’t tell anyone about it. WH told me that his teacher saw his photo as Jinnyboy’s Instagram. I am not an Instagram user and almost knew nothing about how to use the app , I then asked JS’s about it and whether if she knew about anything.  JS actually emailed this photo to Jinnyboy.

Presenting here their moment of fame. LOL!

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Sep 15 2013

Down Memory Lane

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I guess we all have the habit of snapping photos and recording videos of our kids. But how many of us do play back of all these precious shots? Usually we just take and then chuck it aside and not bothering it. While trying to salvage those precious photos and videos taken, I recently had a chance to sit with the kids and go through the very old photos. The most special moment was watching the videos together. It was full of emotions.. joy, saddness, happiness, touched etc.

I played back to them some of the very old videos when all four of them were not even born. The videos of my parents , hubby and me sending my brother off at the airport to further his studies in Australia. I didn’t remember crying while sending him off..but the video clips proven otherwise. There were videos of during my very late stage of pregnancy with JS. Where my tummy was like a real balloon with very visible strecthmark. Where hubby talking lovingly to JS in the tummy. While she was watching that, she had tears in her eyes.

The kids do fight a lot these days to the extend that I feel that JS being the eldest is a little bossy and a bully. I always have the impression that WH and JL don’t get a long. But from all the past videos, especially when WH & JL were an infant, how loving and caring my JS was and she still is but probably I am blinded and not able to see.

We had many good laughs on their baby tones. JS refused to watch her newborn videos as she claimed it’s too emotional and she will cry. But she is happy to watch the clips where she plays along with JL and WH when there were babies

Followed by that, they asked me about pregnancy and how baby comes out etc. WH was asking me how I walk with such a huge tummy. He also mentioned “Mummy, how come last time you talk to gently and loving?” Well, I wonder if I have changed after being a mother of 4 , without maid and always have 100 of things to do in my mind.

To my surprise, WH made me a card two days later.

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Sep 14 2013

Paranoid.. Over Protective

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JS has gone for a leadership camp organized by the school this weekend. It’s a 3D2N camp somewhere out of town. I always encourage her to go for this kind of camp and outings as I believe it will foster her social skills as well as leadership skills. To learn how to be a team player and such. Before signing her up, I routinely asked her father’s permission (since he is the one paying). The very first question he asked was “How many girls going?”

It has been three months since JS signed up for the camp and each time we reminded the dad she will be going away for the camp, the father would ask “How many girls going?” As though I am sending off my girl to a pack of wolves.

Yesterday he whataspp me and said “My mother said want to come over to our place this weekend. But JS not around, how to tell my parents?”

I said “Tell them about what?”

He said “About JS not at home for 3D2N”

I said “Hello… I told your parents last Wednesday when I went to visit them. They knew JS is going off to camp!”

This is not the first time JS going for overnight camp and yet he is not able to get go and is being very paranoid as if he doesn’t trust my judgement. I don’t simply let her go just any camp. Only camps that I trust the organizers. And yet the daddy still can’t let go.

JS used to go for sleepover at her betsie’s houes too. But my MIL had warned us or rather ME for not letting her have anymore sleepover. Reason being that her betsie’s has a older brother who is 3 years older than them. So no more sleepover for JS unless her betsie comes over to our house.

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May 21 2013

A Tween’s Hobby

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My tween loves listening to music as her hobby. Her favourite group is 1 Direction at the moment. She got exposed to all the latest hits song by her father, who happen to be the family entertainment provider. :D  Few months ago, father and daughter were watching a musical movie and they got hook by all the remix. The father downloaded some software for the tween to try out.


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May 16 2013


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WH has been in his new school for almost 4 months now. Overall he has been coping ok , but due to language barrier, he has made quite some blunder.

Recently he came telling me that he finally knows what’s his English teacher’s name. Seksivam (sounds like sexyworm to us) and we have been asking him if he was sure.  He said he is very sure. Last night we were preparing Teacher’s Day gift. He made a card for his teacher. I just want to make sure he puts in the correct name , he suddenly recalled that the name of his class teachers is stated in his school timetable.  I had a look and realize that

Seksivam is actually SIR SIVAM! ( It was written as En. Sivam on the timetable)

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May 04 2013

Craft Maker

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I can’t remember what I did to help JS to be an independent craft maker. She is taking orders and selling her crafts, from handmade rubber stamps to quilling craft, to felt craft and zakka and ribbon crafts. All I need to do now is help her to get supply for raw materials. I don’t even have to help her look for patterns or guide her what to do.

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t spent as much time and effort with JL for her to be a skill craft maker like her sister. She envies her sister a lot, especially when JS manage to sell her crafts and earn some extra pocket money.

JL has wanted very much to learn, but i guess due to time constraint, I haven’t have much time and patient for her. Seems like I am always giving her empty promises and I feel extremely guilty on breaking promises. I really can’t help it because I really can’t slot in the time, there’s always something more important and urging popping up when I plan to teach her.

Recently JL made these “paper” hair clips and wanted to sell it.

She is so proud of her creation that she wore it to school and didn’t take it down for the whole day.

It makes me so guilty that I should really make an effort , spend time with her and teach her how to make proper craft with real craft materials.

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