Oct 24 2007

The Hundred Board

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A wooden board frame. The board is lined to form one hundred squares. A wooden box to hold 100 chips. Square chips with numerals 1 ..100 printed on them.

1. Invite the child who worked with the teen board and ten board.

2. Make sure that the material is ready and the space is available to work.

1. Walk with the child to get the rug and unroll it.

2. Walk with the child to the location of the material and bring it to the rug. Have child sit on your subdominant side.

3. Place the box on the right upper of the rug.

4. Layout out the chips and category from left to right.

5. To find the numeral 1 and put it on the upper left of corner square.

6. To find the numeral 2 and put it on the right of the 1 chip (You may ask child to help you find the numeral).

7. Continue with each group of chips and encourage child to work with you until whole chips are filled in.

8. When finished, replace the chips to the box.

9. Replace the material to the shelf and roll the rug and replace it.

1. Seeing the child does not put chip on the right sequence.

2. Seeing the child does not filled in the whole chips.

3. Seeing the chips left on the rug.

1. Seeing layout the whole chips.

2. Placing the numerals on the board.

3. Seeing the sequence numerals.

4. Searching for the certain numeral.


Direct Aim:
1. Providing the experience and learning in sequence numeral from 1 to 100.

Indirect Aim:
1. Development of order, coordination, concentration, and independence.

4 + up

Rounding to the Nearest 10 (Up or Down)
For this activity, students can work with a partner or tegether
as a teacher directed class lesson.
Each student will need 1 board and 1 color tile.
The teacher or student partner calls out a number 1-100. The
student(s) will then cover
that number on their board and determine which “10″ they are
closer to. This is a visual way for
students to practice rounding to nearest 10.

Odd or Even Numerals
For this activity, the class works together to follow the
teacher’s instructions.
After introducing the concept of “odd” and “even” numbers, ask
to cover 10 odd or 10 even numbers from 30 to 50 on their 100′s
board. Discuss
what they see when they are finished.

Hundreds Board Hustle
Use a penny and the hundreds board to make 12 addition problems.
Toss the penny on the board and write down the first number.
Toss the penny on the board and write down the second number.
Add the numbers together. Then make another problem.

Number Scrabble
This is a game for two or three players.
Select ten numeral tiles at random and place them in their
correct position on the
blank side of the humdred board. Divide up the remaining tiles
between the players.
The game is played like Scrabble. Each player may place a tile
before, after, avove, or below
a numeral already on the board. Players may place only one tile
per turn. Players who
cannot place a tile must pass. The game continues until a
player wins by running out of tiles.

Keep Picking
This is a number-order game for two to four players. Each
player randomly picks
ten numeral tiles and places them face-up. Place the remaining
tiles in a paper bag.
Players take turns placing their tiles in sequence on the blank
side of the humdred board, either
horizontally or vertically.
Each player may place as many tiles as possible each turn by
either adding to numbers already
on the board or by beginning a new sequence.(Players must have
two or more numbers to start
a new sequence.)
Players who cannot place a tile from among the ones they have
must draw additional
tiles from the bag until aplay can be made. The first player to
use all of his or her tiles wins.

Tens and Ones Bingo
One student is chosen as the caller. The other students cover
the numbers with transparent
counters. The caller places the numeral tiles 1 to 100 in a
bag. Drawing on tile at a time, the
caller calls out the numbers as tens and ones (43 would be
called 4 tens and 3 ones))The first
student to complete a full row either horizontally or vertically
is the winner.

Let’s Get 100
This is a game for two players. Players start on space 1 of the
hundreds board and take turns rolling a
(1-6) die. The number rolled indicate the number of spaces to
move forward. Before moving, the
player must state the addition sentence that represents the
move. (For example: on 1, roll 4, say 1+4=5.
on 22, rolls 3, says 22+3=25). The first player to land on or
pass 100 is the winner.

The game can be played starting at 100 and working backward–for

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4 Responses to “The Hundred Board”

  1. jazzminton 24 Oct 2007 at 9:53 pm

    hey can let me know where u buy all these stuff..i’d really wanna look at it and see if can get for my kids

    A s’pore retailer.  http://www.r2learn.oddsandcollectables.com/

  2. Suzetteon 24 Oct 2007 at 9:59 pm

    This sounds interesting, but I know Ian – once he puts all 1 to 100 on the board, he will not allow us to reshuffle it. That’s the way he plays with his puzzles – never allow the picture to come loose, so cannot play a second time!

    BTW, how do you make those boards, woods etc? I don’t think I am a handy person that can make these from scratch wor…

    I didnt make those board, I bought it. Cannot do from scratch..never good with all the wood work

  3. claraon 25 Oct 2007 at 4:19 pm


    I happened to stumble on your page while reading on Montessori. You have a very nice page! Its very informative.

    Im planning 2 study Montessori. Maybe i’ll go to Segi College, since they offer Montessori course.

    I wonder how do you find out if you know of any good Montessori Schools in KL? Ive heard tht alot of them are not following the Montessori method..

    I don’t think there’s any school there is 100% montessori in Malaysia. That’s why I took up the course to teach my children. 

    Segi college fee is very expensive. I did the course with MMI.

  4. sueon 13 Nov 2007 at 5:49 pm

    Where u get intructions teaching the different montessori materials?

    I took the diploma course in Montessori education.

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