Oct 05 2008

Nosy Neighbor

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I have got to know that most of the residents in the neighborhood that we will be moving into are alright. I have not met many of them yet but have been exchanging emails with a few of them and chatting with them through our community blog. Those has signed up and joined the community are mainly those in their thirties!

During this stage where everyone is busy doing reno, it’s quite common for us to exchange ideas and tips and drop by at each other house to have a look see. The first 2 rows has got their keys 1 month or so earlier and some of them has already moved in and obviously those who are in the first two rows progress faster than us (the 2nd phase) in their renovation work. The 3rd phase has yet to get their keys but might be somewhere next month.

A few neighbors had dropped by our house to look see at our reno work. Well, that’s fine, not a big deal. I know everyone is curious on how the neighbors are doing up their house. But today, hub has such an unpleasant experience with one of the neighbors.

This neighbor from 3 doors away ( I have not met him and he didn’t join the community either…. hub said he’s my dad’s age?!) brought along his brother and his brother’s wife to our house AGAIN. This couple is also one of the neighbor further down the road. The men were ok, but not the WOMAN.

This WOMAN is just plain rude and ill-mannered. She has been treating our house as if her own house or should I put it this way..she treating our house as a show unit. She didn’t even ask for permission and was busy checking out the place herself, flipping the switches to check out the lightings and even open up the cabinets at the dry kitchen to check it out. I wonder if she even lay her hands on my brand new oven (GOSH…can’t imagine that)

I think it’s really rude. I don’t think it’s proper when you go to other people house to have a look see, you can simply TOUCH the things around. I certainly won’t do that no matter if the owner have moved in already or not.

Hub told me he was totally annoyed by her action but remain silent to be courteous. He said he really feel like “SEPAK” that WOMAN. If I were there, I would have voiced out already.

I don’t know why people can be so rude/mou kar gau/mei jiau yang/kurang ajar . Really geram after hearing this from hub. Will stay away from SEI PAT POH like this.

Yishh… geram betul!

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One Response to “Nosy Neighbor”

  1. HNon 06 Oct 2008 at 4:34 am

    Arghhhh … She is terribly ill-mannered! How can open people’s cabinet like that! I do encountered once that when my long distance aunty came to our house for the first time.. She went up to check each of our bedroom .. AND open up our wardrobe to see as well! ?????????!

    oh..that’s rude.

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