May 09 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

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How’s your mother’s day celebration? I had an eventful one!

It started at 5.30am with the house alarm triggered. Hub who slept like a dead log in another room did not stir to disarm the alarm. I stared at the alarm pad and went blank not recalling the pin! Had to wake him up to turn off the alarm.

Wanted to stay awake as I need to wake kids up early for their very first basketball lesson at school. But I couldn’t stay awake. Dozed off until 7am.

And from then on it started with mad rush and nagging. We made it out of the house by 7.30am. They were 15minutes late for lesson.

With all the commotion, baby woke up too. Noticed that her wheezing was still quite bad.

After sending older kids to school, went to the market to get some vege. Hub decided to stay in and I’ve decided to cook. After that we went to the clinic to let JE had a second dose of neb. Since her condition did not improve from the night before, doc suggested we admit her to the hospital. He wrote a referral letter for us.

Went for breakfast with hub after that. However , the whole morning he was very busy on the phone sorting out work related matter.

After breakfast it was time to pick older kids from school. Wanted to send JE to hospital after picking older kids, but she fell asleep.

Took the opportunity to cook lunch. (Almost decided not to cook when doc said need to admit her). JS on the other hand was so exhausted , she fell asleep the moment she stepped in the house.

Mum came over around 10.30am, wanted to coach JS on school work. But she slept through the morning. Chit chat with mum while hub work upstairs.

11.30am, JE woke up. Wheezing still bad. Together with hub send JE to hospital. The mo check on her, gave another dose of neb, send us home to observe her. Shall her condition not improved, then we shall sent her again in the evening.

Gone home, had homecooked lunch with mum joining us. ( instead of bringing mum out, she is having food cooked by me! Not too bad of an idea, though it is plain simple food.)

SIL send JL home at 1.45pm and I brought 3 of them out for a story telling session.

After we came home at 3.30pm, I made all of them nap. I had a short nap too. JS started complaining that she is feeling more sickly.

6.30pm, decided to sent JE to the hospital. Hub went back at 7.30 and had leftover food with the kids, while I waited at the hospital. Ding dong ding dong.. Waited for the paed , get xray done, had another dose of neb and finally settle in the room at 8.30.

Hub came back to the hospital at 9.00. The moment he arrived, I received a call from JS claiming she had bad tummy ache and out of breath.

Hub took over at the hospital and I went home to check on JS as well as shower and change.

The moment I arrived home and saw JS , I know she is very sick with high fever. Immediately drove her to the clinic. She had a dose of neb too. After that we went home, I had a quick shower, rummage through the fridge to find something for a quick bite. Hub SMS-ed saying SIL will come over, asked me park my car outside. While I was reversing I bumped my car into a neighbor’s car parked outside. Luckily no major damage on both cars.

Gone back to the hospital shortly after SIL arrived. As I am half way keying this at 12.30 midnite JE was due for her four hourly neb, she dislike it so much that each time she will put up a struggle and wails.

That’s just how “exciting” my day has been. And I better go sleep now as I can barely keep my eyes open and b4 the nurses come to check on her and interrupt our sleep.

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5 responses so far

5 Responses to “Mother’s Day 2011”

  1. mgon 09 May 2011 at 8:20 am

    Oh gosh! It sounds very “exciting” indeed. Hope that the kids recover real fast.

    Indeed exciting… *Must think positive and take it positively.* :D

  2. Aliceon 09 May 2011 at 11:09 am

    Mind to ask, JE got asthma or something? Poor kid, but I’m sure they will outgrown it in future when they get older.
    Take good care of yourself and the kids, yeah….mother will always be mother, 24-7, never got a break for ourselves.

    I have asthma, so as my eldest. This is JE’s first asthma attack.

  3. Baby Darrenon 09 May 2011 at 11:55 am

    Poor thing….all fell sick at the wrong timing…luckily u still have relatives around to help up..or else…it’ll be worse…

    Hope all gets well soon..

    The difficult part is all fall ill at the same time, it won’t be that “exciting” if they take turn to fall sick

  4. chanelwongon 09 May 2011 at 2:09 pm

    it is a very eventful day for you.
    I hope all is well now…
    Blessed Mother’s Day to you…


  5. coffeesncookieson 11 May 2011 at 6:55 pm

    poor dear, all happening at the same time but I’m sure your mom don’t mind. No need big ‘do’ la.. I had instant noodles at home too. not in the mood for any celebration.

    Feeling a little bad not able to spent time with my mum…

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