Aug 28 2011

Thank You , Children

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I must admit that I am very proud of my children and very proud of myself. I think they are generally very well behaved and understanding and hasn’t gave me much of a headache.

Take for instant , last night. We got home late after dinner. I started keeping the clothes in and dumped a pile high clean laundry on the sofa and proceeded with other works and then went to have my shower. The kids volunteer to help me fold the clothes. By the time I came out from shower and settled other stuffs, half of the clean laundry already folded.

This morning, I mistakenly thought they have basketball lesson. So hub woke them up early at 6.30a.m , then I went to double check the calender and realized that there’s no basketball lesson. I asked them to go back to sleep, but they said they can’t sleep anymore. I was clearly still very sleepy and drowsy. Can’t really keep my eyes opened. I told them I need to get back to sleep. I went back to sleep with baby and daddy left for work.

They didn’t disturb me but entertained themselves for at least a good two hours, looking out for each other, had their own breakfast. I am proud of them to be able to occupy themselves and not disturbed me. I am proud that they are so independent. I am proud that they need not rely on TV, gadgets to keep themselves occupied. From the trace of the stuffs left behind, I knew what they did when I was asleep. JS was drawing and doing origami, WH was reading his magazine, played his lego, JL did some drawing and reading (picture books all over) , I over vaguely hear them playing UNO together and jiejie practiced the piano too.

I woke up afresh and feeling very proud of them. They are good children.. what else do I want to ask for?? Nothing…

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2 Responses to “Thank You , Children”

  1. Paik Lingon 29 Aug 2011 at 9:43 am

    They ARE good kids lah :)

    I am blessed. :)

  2. MK mummyon 30 Aug 2011 at 6:40 am

    JS is a good sister.. she is setting a good example to her younger siblings…

    She is not totally goody goody… she has her bad attitudes that is influencing the younger ones now

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