Dec 03 2011

A+ Mummy

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I saw this  on the web and thought of copying down and share it here.

你是A+媽媽嗎? Are you a A+/Perfect mum?

Check which applied.

□ 1.吃芒果只啃芒果核,果肉都留給孩子吃。

You let your child have the flesh of a mango/fruit and you choose to bite on the seed/core

□ 2.幾乎沒有自己獨處的時間。

Hardly any ME time

□ 3.想不起自己有什麼成就,引以為傲的成就都是孩子的表現。

Do not have any sense of accomplishment. The only pride/joy and feeling of accomplishment comes from you child’s performance

□ 4.沒有可以談心、分享育兒甘苦的朋友和親人。

Do not have anyone to share your parenting joy nor share the same parenting mentality as you.

□ 5.堅持給孩子最好的。比方說,全母乳哺育、親手做晚餐和便當、陪做功課……若是無法達成會充滿罪惡感。

Insist on giving the best to your child. For eg fully breastfeed, home cooked meal and bento, self coaching on homework… shall there be any of these that you can’t meet and fulfilled , you will be ridden with full of guilt.

□ 6.相信教養書寫的都是事實,對照自己的窘況常常感到沮喪。

Rely heavily on every single parenting books. Feel depress if your situation is less near to what is written /said in the books

□ 7.只要孩子開心,自己就開心了。很久沒有問「自己」過得好不好。

As long as my child is happy, I am happy. You have not asked true own self, if you have been doing great.

□ 8.覺得沒有人可以分擔工作,先生照顧孩子總是會有問題、婆婆媽媽觀念落伍、保母笨手笨腳等。

Feels there is no one that can share your mothering job. You don’t trust your husband, you think your mum/mil are outdated, you can’t trust the nanny.


If you have checked more than half of the list, you are definitely a perfectionist mum and it is time to relax and chill!

I think I used to be one, especially when I only had one child and as a new mother. Now that I have four and a son with special need, I have lowered down my expectation a lot and treat myself better. I am HAPPY!

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One Response to “A+ Mummy”

  1. Amyon 04 Dec 2011 at 9:45 am

    It sounds just like me. I think I need to chill and relax too:(

    Then you better take it easy and relax. ;)

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