Jan 03 2012

School Starts

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My preschooler JL started school today. Though it was just a two hours orientation session.

Initially I thought she will starts tomorrow , just like her older siblings. I did not get any notice from her school. Somehow I just missed speaking to her teacher and principal when I went to pay and enroll her during the school hols.

Went my mum dropped by yesterday and mentioned that she starts school today, I was still asking her why is her principal so calculative and her school so different. After all it is just preschool. I told her that JL starts tomorrow. Ha! It was later in the evening , when I brought the kids to the playground, I met a neighbor who will be sending her child to the same preschool and she mentioned that school starts today. Imagine, I am a “senior” mother for that school, I didn’t know about that. I quickly sms the principal to confirm.

I knew I suppose to sleep early last night , so that I can get up early this morning, somehow, I got hooked in front of the pc (the only time of the day I can sit in front of it, other time during the day, I am connected via my phone), I did a few things, upgraded a few blogs, sorting photos that are not sorted etc etc..and I ended up going to bed at 1.30a.m . I was up about 5 for toilet call and not able to go back to sleep and my alarm went off at 7a.m . Imagine I was so sleepy by then.But had to stay awake to carrying on the day.

Made it to school slightly before 8, stayed there with her until 8.40. Came home to settle the other children, went grocery shopping and by the time we got home, JE was so sleepy and cranky. She skipped lunch and I got lunch ready for the others. I have so wanted to nap after that , but JE woke up.  I think I did fall asleep for about 1/2 hour, but interrupted with JE telling me that she had poop, JL with nose bleed , two older ones making lot of noise. I was very grumpy. One other reason that I couldn’t sleep soundly was that I am afraid that I overslept and not able to cook dinner.

After 1/2 hour, I decided not to get back to bed. So I bake with the kids. The dough was made yesterday. Wanted to experiment a new recipe for CNY cookies. It turned out yummy, so spend another longer time making another bigger batch of dough.  Cook dinner, bring kids out for cycle, ding dong ding dong, it’s already 9.

Make them go to bed by 9.30p.m. All fallen asleep before 10.

I am having some quiet moment, which I am in dilemma whether to sleep or  continue having my own me time.  I need to wake up even earlier tomorrow compared to today. I know I really need to be in bed, else I will be even grumpier tomorrow.

I think I better sign off. It’s already /JUST 11.30 p.m . I must really crawl into my bed.


ps: JS was telling me that she that she can’t wait for tomorrow.I wonder if she is really that looking forward to go back to school?

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