Jan 04 2012

Back To School…Back To School

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I woke up at 4.30am, force myself to go bed at 12 midnite. But I was having hard time falling asleep. I am nervous, nervous of overslept.

JS too. She woke up at 5. I force her to stay in bed at least until the alarm goes off.

Transporter came at 6.30 sharp. I was thinking maybe I will get 1 1/2 hour to spare before waking JL up. Was thinking if I should do some ironing and prepare bento for jl. Though still sleepy head, I know I shouldn’t go back to sleep, I will sure won’t be able to wake up on time for JL.

As I was thinking of what to do, my two ultra sensitive motion detectors came looking for me. It is way too early for them to be up!!! When the little one is up, I won’t get to do anything, as she needs boobies at this hour. At the end, only manage to do a quick simple bento.

Now hiding in the aircon room waiting for time to pass.

So this will be our routine for this year.

Ps: the best is WH,he doesn’t care of the sky falls off… He continues with his beauty sleep and won’t be up until 10.30 – 11 shall I not wake him up.

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2 Responses to “Back To School…Back To School”

  1. pcon 04 Jan 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Sorry Elaine, I wanted to post on your old blog about montessori, but the comment is closed.

    Can I know where did u pursue the course?
    I am also from IT line, want to understand / learn more about montessori so that I can apply to my own kids (now I got one boy 1.5yrs, hopefully get more soon :P)

    And I understand that MY do not care much on montessori certificates nor really practicing it.
    I wonder if a diploma really necessary? And how do u make it for the diploma, did you work at the same time, and get the practical observation/application somewhere in kindergarten?

    Please check your mail. Replied personally. :)

  2. Health Freakon 06 Jan 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Wah, you still have the time to hide inside a room? You must be one very efficient mommy! You do all the house work? No p/time maid? If I ever go w/o a maid, I will def. send some of the clothes to the laundry for wash and ironing as I hate ironing!

    I have p/time maids that come once a week for two hours to do the major cleaning (toilets, window glasses, vacuuming) I do the rest of the housework myself, including the daily sweep and mop. I am not that efficient, but try my best without stressing myself. So far so good.

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