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Ever since the kids came along, we had only travel twice without the kids, that was 8 years ago, when JS not even one. After that, since the arrival of WH, we had never travel without the kids.

Last year, we started feeling that we need such a getaway. Beginning of the year, we had planned a trip. We thought that we can leave the kids with the maid and get the in laws to come over to supervise the maid. We thought we better make good use of this opportunity before the maid’s contract ends. At least with her around, she knows our routine and the kids are kind of use to her handling and minding, especially JE. Anyhow, our heart still cannot let go of them and the trip did not materialize. (Talk with no action !!)

Then in September, there was some slight changes in the household. We were already maidless then. During that two weeks transition period, hubs feels that he needs a break before he takes on a new journey. He started planning for a getaway for us two, initial plan was to go out of the country (but not somewhere as far as a caribbean honeymoon, we thought of some south east asian country, but again , we feel we will be too far away from the kids, we set our travel destination to East Malaysia) The time we travel was during the peak of the children’s school final exam. Hubs spoke to his second sis if she can come over to stay and look after the kids and send them to school. Of course with the help of MIL to cook for them. (As SIL#2 doesn’t cook, FIL is too old to do the chauffeuring and to leave the kids behind with two old folks is too taxing for them). SIL said she had no problem taking care of the kids.

It was meant to be a trip for just the two of us, but no, we didn’t leave all four kids behind. Our honeymoon includes JE. She was and still is very attached to me and still breastfed, so we thought it might be a little too much for SIL and PIL to care for her.

So off we went for our getaway, which is not much of sightseeing. Our aim was to go makan makan and relax in hotel, hence we chose a five star hotel instead of something lower than that.

The first day, there was a little havoc at home. SIL and MIL got into a fight and PIL were asked to go home. So left SIL#2 alone with 3 kids. That night SIL#1 came over to help out and took leave from work the next day to help out as well. By the way, it was just a short 3D2N getaway. The first night, JS cried (imagine, she was going to be 9 and yet still cry for me) followed by JL. WH was cool about us not around. SIL actually urged us to cut short our trip and come home. We made some backup plan, just in case things still didn’t improve, I will have to go back alone the next day, we called airlines to find out about ticket changes and so forth. JE ticket was tagged along hubs!! Anyhow, the kids survived the 2nd day and the 3rd. And we managed to have quite a relaxing trip.

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