Feb 08 2007

Lesson On Long/Red Rods

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I have presented the Long/Red Rods (the mini version though)  activity with JS and WH respectively. The appropriate age for this activity is 2 1/2 years onwards

I thought it would be an easy exercise for JS, but the first few attempts she didn’t quite get it right completely and wasn’t really concentrating during my presentation of the activity. ( I can’t help to think and worry how come a 4 year old cannot build stair with the long rods on the first attempt, I couldn’t help to question her intellectuality. That’s the kiasu me, expect my kids to be super intelligent and able to get it right the first time! ) . I also noticed she doesn’t have the confidence in handling it even though she knows it. Each time she picks up a rod to build the stair , she will stare and asked me ” This one ah?”  She needs my confirmation before placing the rods to make the stairs.

I really do not know if the mini version will serve the same aim as the standard lenght long rods. Will the activity with the mini long rods defeat the purpose of the activity?

The aim of the long/red rods activity are:


  1. To motivate the child to develop visual discrimination of length
  2. To develop understanding of differences in length
  3. Visual and muscular perception of dimension
  4. Awareness of dimension leading to intelligent observation of the environment
  5. To develop habits of concentration
  6. To develop muscular control and co-ordination of movement (The mini version certainly will not serve this aim)
  7. To develop independence and self-confidence


  1. Preparation for mathematics through perception of linear dimension (measurement)
  2. To gie the chlld basic language important in mathematics

Since WH also shows a keen interest in working with the long rods, I also present the activity to him, but I only show him 3 rods instead of all 10. I know he will take some time to build stair with even the three rods…but we have time, he’s just 2 ++

Sadly my kids also abuse the materials after lesson. They thought these rods are just like their normal wooden blocks and they start using it to stack up to whatever they imagine. WH even build stairs by stacking it up instead of placing it parallel on floor.

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One Response to “Lesson On Long/Red Rods”

  1. Leahon 08 Feb 2007 at 10:53 am

    Don’t worry, Elaine, it’s not that easy for children. JS will get it once she starts paying attetion to your presentation:-)

    I am cracking my head to encourage the use of red rods with my kids. It seems like they don’t really like to just do arragement of rods according to length. They seldom use them compare to pink towel, maybe once a week. After I presented the extension activity of creating a maze using the red rods, it sparks some interest for a while, then it dies off again.

    Maybe it’s too long and bulky so the kids find it hard to handle as they have carry rod by rod to work area that’s why they try to avoid it. The time while I have trial at the kindy , the kids weren’t keen on the rods too , they rather choose the small number rods than the long number rods.

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