Apr 30 2012

Blurry Monday

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Today is a day filled with blunders.

Hub is home for quite a long weekend this week. With public holiday coming tomorrow and hubby still at home, I am still in the state of rest mode. Is a school day today, but I am feeling it so much like a weekend.

I couldn’t wake up on time to see JS off to school. (lost count on how many times I overslept since JS started morning school 4 months ago whereby she has to leave the house at 6.30am, we had a few near miss and a few times didn’t even know the transporter was here. I AM DEFINITELY NOT AN EARLY BIRD!!)

Today was the latest of my record. I woke up at 6.53am. When I looked at the clock, I was in a very blur state to the extend that I didn’t know what time I shall be up. For a moment I was figuring out whether she usually leaves the house at 6.30 or 7.30. I was not sure if we are late or still have time. It took me a while until I was fully awake to realize we are VERY VERY late. I woke her up, she was in a fit of tantrum (hectic weekend, not enough rest), I went to wake hubby up and told him we were late. If he is not home, I probably would have let JS skipped school. Too much a hassle if i am alone with 4 kids and need to be in a rush and panic mode to send her to school.

I assigned the task to him to send JS to school. They were of course LATE! He came home telling me that they have to write down name before they can go in. Father walked the daughter into school, for the first time … since JS started preschool !! The reason he wrote down was “kereta rosak”.

Later hubby offered to send JL to school too. 10 minutes later, he called me and asked me where is the school!! Of all these while I thought he knew. Then only I realized off these four months , he had not been around to do the chauffeuring. He called again after the first call and still couldn’t find the school.

He told me much later when he was home that he send JL to her previous school, (same school , different building few blocks away) and there was an Indian teacher actually wanted to bring JL in the school. (same uniform… another blur teacher). JL told daddy it was the wrong school, daddy took her to another building which was the old premise where WH went to (same school but they moved to this current place over a year ago, now another Islamic kindy took over the premise). A Malay teacher came out puzzled!! I asked, how come JL couldn’t give direction, apparently hubby used another route, after all the rounding, JL might had been confused.

When we picked JS up later. Father and daughter were relating to me what happened in school earlier in the morning. How JS sneak back into the crowd during assembly and how the father had to hid behind pillars to go unnoticed by teachers (off being late obviously) and how come some late comers so silly standing in front waiting to be questioned and punished. The father also taught the daughter.. next time if she is late again, never to write her own name down in record. Make up a name and class so that she can pass through the guard to avoid been questioned later.

What a Monday!!

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2 Responses to “Blurry Monday”

  1. mumsgatheron 30 Apr 2012 at 4:54 pm

    ROTFL. I’m sorry I can’t help it. It all sounds so cute.


  2. jasmineon 03 May 2012 at 10:34 am

    haha..ur hubs thought her that!!! How cool. Faythe can never escape cause there’s only 1 entrance. But they don’t ask you to write reasons here, they will just stamp on the book and if u get 3 consecutive late, you will get warning letter O.o. Of which I jsut received the 1st warning letter today

    yeah..hub said that to her her..wonder how serious he is

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