May 19 2012

Age And Death

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The morning of 9/5/2012, the first thing he did when he got up and came downstairs was head to the book area and pick up a book to read. And the book he picked was <Where The Wild Things Are> by Maurice Sendak.

I noticed the book he picked and commented

“WH, you know the author of this book Maurice Sendak just passed away yesterday?’

WH “Huh? yeah meh? that means don’t have this book anymore loh? ” (His impression is that the author has to stay alive to drawn and redraw every copy of this book for sale)

Me “still got. The publisher will still be printing this book”

WH “How come he died? How old is he?”

Me ” died of old age la… 80 over years old”

WH ” HUH??  80 over years old already dead meh? I thought people only die after 100 years old”

Me ” no la..people die of all age.”

WH “why ? why not yet 100 years old already die”

Me ” aiya, it may be sickness, it may be accident ”

He then asked more questions of how old am I, how old are his great grandparents, grandparents. I think he was trying to do some mental calculation. Curious on why some dead and some still alive. He asked a lot more questions about death. ( He has not encountered any death in the family that leave an impact on him.. those who had passed on are very distant relative to him..people not that close like my uncles and grandaunt which he hardly knew them) He has no idea what death really is. had no idea about funeral checklistthough he knows people will die, he read about it , he heard about it.

He even mentioned “But Japanese are usually very long life hor.. they usually live over 100 years old right? Why? Is it because the food they eat?”

It is amazing how a simple statement can lead to a very long , deep conversation.

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