Sep 13 2012

What Do Our Kids Learn In School

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When I was a school student, especially during secondary school, I love to answer objective questions where multiple answers were given for us to choose the correct one. I lie this type of question because I kind off give up studies in my secondary schools years and with that I can still “tembak” to possibly score/pass the papers.

Now that I am a mother coaching my own kids, I have come to hate objectives questions. Because I never seem to be able to get the correct answer. Every option given seems to be the correct answer.  I have come to realize that our education system only train robots. If the student is good at memorizing, they will score. They need not think and obviously not allowed to analyze.

Take for example this question I just stumbled upon. (this is just a tip of an iceberg… every questions are almost similar)

The question : which is the correct match of habitat to the animals. Bird – bush, snail – underground, monkey – tree, tiger – cave.

If one reads enough of encyclopedia , watch National Geography and have a vast exposure to nature, you will know that all answers are correct.  Bird does not just live in tree, there are species that build their nest in bushes. Snail – Snails are quite plentiful in the world so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they are found in very diverse habitats, tiger s – they do have dens in cave.

Of course the answer given was Monkey – tree , which is very generalized.

If your child does not score the perfect scores during school exam, don’t blame your child and get panic. Check their exam paper. Sometimes it is not your child’s fault. It does not mean that your child is not learning and catching up with their school work. It is just the exam paper’s fault, which is too rigid.


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