Dec 14 2012

Blog Vs FB

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Just received a mail in my mailbox reminding me that it’s time to renew my domain. Come to think of it, I have been blogging near to 7 years already. I don’t know if I shall call myself a blogger anymore. From the then blogaholic to now who hardly blog. Yea..hardly blog! It used to be 10 posts a day and now is one post in weeks. Such a contrast. I am spending more time on fb. I have frequent status update. It’s easier to update in FB via my smartphone as I hardly have time to sit down in front of the pc anymore. Blogging through phone is a little tedious which I tried to avoid.

Statistic and blog readership doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore. I don’t check if there is any visitor to my blog nor do I care if there’s any comment (I have just realize I haven’t responded to my blog comments (the very spare and few) for a very long time). I don’t go around broadcasting my blog, not even in my own FB after I have posted a new post. Neither do I share the link of my new post in my FB fanpage. The only reason that I come back to blog is probably because I can still earn a meager pocket money from it. Definitely not as lucrative as before.

There are times that I am in a tug of war, wondering if I shall post up personal post like before, journal of my children where I can refer back to years later ( I have not jotted much down since a very long time ago. Precious chatters, precious developments, experiences, happenings and achievements, will I still be able to recall the details by looking at the photos after many years if I don’t blog about them? Even if I shared it on fb, there are very brief and not about everything). As when I share my status update in FB, I am only revealing it to a handful of people. I am very careful with adding friends and I keep it close and small as possible. Activities that I have done that is more educational inclined, I will share it at my FB fanpage. Which seems much easier and less time consuming than blogging. I have a dozen of draft posts all half way composed, due to the lack of time, and always in need by the children and now I have lost the mojo to complete and post them up. These two days have been an exception whereby I stayed up late to blog, as it is a very rare occasion that the goddess of fortune is taking care of me to provide me some pocket money to spent on Xmas and i need to meet the deadlines. :D

As for blog hopping, I don’t spend much time on my blog feed anymore. On days when I log into my blog feed, I have accumulated so many feeds, I just mark everything as read. I wonder if any of my blogging kakis still have my blog in their feed.

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One Response to “Blog Vs FB”

  1. health freakon 15 Dec 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Do continue blogging Elaine. Your blog was one of the first few blogs that I read 7 years ago and got hooked to and that motivated me to start my own blog too :P

    Hope I find the mojo back again

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