Jan 15 2013

A Brand New Start

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This week is a brand new start for us. New routine to get accustom to. I must say since it’s only day two , it’s still a little chaotic

Out of the sudden, I have three morning school going kids. Left only baby and me at home in the morning. Such a bliss. If I were to enroll baby to tot school, I would have the whole morning to myself. Well..that’s just a thought.. anyway, comes after Chinese New Year, the boy I babysit will be back, that will make my morning busy with two toddlers at home.

Three, school going kids, all different school time and different location. For JS , everything remains the same. She will still be getting up at 6.00a.m, transporter will come to pick her to school at 6.30 am where school starts at 7.10a.m.

WH’s school starts at 7.40a.m , and he needs to be at school by 7.30a.m. JL’s school starts at 8.00a.m and she can be late.. :D

JS’s school is at the opposite direction of WH’s school. WH and JL’s school is just stone throw away. I can see WH’s school from JL’s school and hear all the announcement made from JL’s school too.

Now, i don’t know what’s the best arrangement for WH’s part. I guess for the time being, I will be the one to do the dropping and picking. He doesn’t have to get up so early. He will have to get up at 6.45a.m , the latest and we can leave the house at 7.15a.m to make it to school on time.

However, the inconvenience part is for JL. First, I can’t leave her alone at home where I send WH to school. It doesn’t make sense to make two trips to the same place around the same time. So for the time being, JL has to get up early too. instead of waking at 7.40a.m, she has to get up at 6.50a.m. She leaves the house together when I send WH to school. We will have to wait in front of her school until it opens at 7.45a.m. The poor baby will have to tag along whenever and wherever we are going.

I am still unsure if to engage transporter service to send WH to school. If so , he may have to get up earlier. I really do prefer him having an extra 10 – 15 minutes sleep.

Yesterday was the first day WH was in new school. Since I need to bring him in and settle him in his class, I was rehearsing during the weekend the chauffeuring plan. it’s really all about time management. I was planning if i shall bring JL along, but come to think of it, she may be late for school. So at the end, I dropped her at the daycare at 7.20a.m and get the teacher’s help to send her to her kindy while I waited we WH at the new school till 9a.m

Picking up was another tricky part. JL finishes at 12.10 p.m except for Friday she finishes at 2.30p.m . WH finishes at 1p.m except for Friday at 12.00p.m , JS finishes at 1 pm on both Monday and Tuesday and 12.30p.m on the rest of the school days.  That again needs proper planning. Yesterday due to some miscalculation, I was late picking everyone up.  Anyhow, I told JL that she shall wait in school until 1p.m, which is fine with her and I already communicated with her teacher and her teacher is ok with this arrangement too. I am going to try out another plan today to see which works best . ( Don’t want to be stuck in jam and waste petrol making extra trips) It’s never easy to be mother… time management is just so vital…argh!!!

Here, toast to a brand new start.

WH seems to be coping ok. Just like what his father said ” he is a happy go lucky guy, he will survive” , WH makes friends easily. Though he did tell his sister later that he didn’t dare to go toilet as he doesn’t know where and he also told me his class teacher beat a student with the feather duster handle and he was worried that he will get beaten too (which I told him teachers in chinese school also cane students!) . He told me he was silly to eat by himself at the canteen, not knowing he could go to the hall to eat with his friends but generally he is ok and I think it will take sometimes before he truly blends in.

Looking at the school timetable, it’s so relaxing as compared to the subjects packed SJKC timetable. I asked him for his old timetable as i want to compare , he told me ” I threw away already lah!!”

Looking smart in his new school uniform.

The first day, he was the only one in shorts.  He said he is ok with that , but I really don’t want him to be the odd one out and bought him new long pants. And he got a tie too. It ‘s compulsory for boys to don on the tie. Now he doesn’t have to wait to be prefect/librarian/class monitor to have a chance to don on a tie.



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