Jan 16 2013

Helicopter Mum

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Brought the children to the playground yesterday evening.  There were these 2 kids and mum group which we have not met before. (Boy about age 5-6, girl about 2++) . We didn’t pay much attention to them initially and proceed with our own fun, as there are also other kids around which my children know them. But then after staying on a while, something got into our nerves badly and we can’t possibly ignore these new comers to our playground.   This mum is a HELICOPTER MUM!

She is so annoying with her NOs, DON’Ts, CAN’Ts and FOLLOW THE RULE.  Every sentence she speak is with a “NO” , “DON’T” , “FOLLOW THE RULES”. She keeps yelling at her children to follow the rules especially when the kids were on the slide. (Her rules were climb up the steps accordingly and slide down and repeat… no other ways are allowed on the slide) Oh, c’mon, give the children a break and let their creativity runs. I can hear her son protest “But MUM.. I am just trying to help!” (helping another boy who is also on the slide). As long as the kids are not in harm to themselves and others, why not let them explore other ways of playing?

I do understand that some mums do so because they are concern that her own kids might cause discomfort to other people around (especially those with angels/special kids), or she knows that her kids are rowdier. But from my observation, these two kids are just plain normal kids doing what any other normal kids would do at the playground.

We regulars at the playground,  do say Don’t and Nos when necessary, but often we – mums, babysitters, maids, fathers, we sit aside and watch over our children (unless for very young babies and toddlers) and let them play freely. But this mum, hovers around her children, waving out the hanky and running after her kids to wipe their sweat. Everything to her also “CAN’T’. I wonder what’s the point of bringing the kids outdoor , to the playground and have so many restriction.

JS and me found her to be so annoying that we wanted to leave the playground, we would have if she stays on for another minute. But thank goodness, she left not long after.

I updated my FB status on this matter and I got respond asking me what did the mum say exactly. My friends were worried that they are like helicopter mums too. And oops..i have come to realize they do have restriction on their kids.

I have came to realize, maybe some mums deem my kids as rowdy, samseng when they are at the playground. My kids have all sort of ways to play on the slide, swings and  bars. And the way they play catch with their neighborhood friends at the park may not get approval from mums who want they kids to play by rules. It may not occur to us all the times, as everyone at the playground plays like my children, but now I remembered there were a few occasion that mum did pull their kids out early thinking my kids are bad influence. And usually they are not from our neighborhood, coz they don’t walk/cycle to the park…they came by car.  So as the helicopter mum yesterday, I don’t think they are our neighbors, as they came  by car.

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3 Responses to “Helicopter Mum”

  1. Lynon 16 Jan 2013 at 4:08 pm

    I have certain rules at playground. I don’t allow my boys to climb from the slides. It’s dangerous especially there will be other kids playing,
    Heheh now I think I am quite helicopter . Hahaha

    If there are other kids around, they it’s right to be careful and vigilant. Other times, i think it’s good for them to figure out how to balance and coordinate their body movement without us giving them much restriction. That’s me la…everyone parents differently.

  2. Jadeon 16 Jan 2013 at 6:59 pm

    I think i’m one of the helicopter mum, because i saw those children running up from the slide and not walk up from the stair. I feel discomfort as i worry my children may get hurt if the children do that way. So, i always NO NO NO if he is trying to do the same. :(

    I will allow my children walk up from the slide instead of stair, if no other children playing on the same slide… as i worry he hurt other also or maybe the children mother feel discomfort. Did i think too much?? :)

    As long as you don’t put anyone in harm and danger. :D

  3. Mommy to Chumsyon 18 Jan 2013 at 4:29 pm

    I think I am a bit of a helicopter mum cos i won’t let my kid climb up the slide too. The stairs are for climbing so she ought to use it if she wants to climb up :) I also watch her when she’s at the playground because some structures are really high and she tends to go all the way up :P

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