Feb 23 2013

Questions Of The Day

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Everyday WH asked many questions that I would never have thought about. His questions always amazed and awed me to the extend on how his brain works. I have always wanted to jot it down, but often I am too busy till I forgotten about it.

Here’s one of the questions that he asked on 22/2/2013 that still leave a deep impression in me

Question of the day by son

“Is there anyone that can remember their past life long long ago?”

Me: “yes”

Son: ” huh? Really meh? How? I mean not themselves now, when they are ..er..er..when they are not who they are now”

Me : “yup. Some can. But I don’t know how”

Son ..keep pondering


“Daddy, is there anyone that is first time born?”

Daddy: “no”

Question of the day 23/2/2013

Son: When do people start using banana? You know.. not the eating banana

Me: *puzzled*

Son: you know , when we call people banana. Is it million of years ago? Is it during world war I? World war II? Dinosaur age??

Me: Yeah.. maybe long time ago..

His question made me think as I don’t think my answer is accurate

Then I told me “Maybe not too long, probably hundred years and when the British ruled the country. Only used by Chinese”

Son: Why ah?

So I explained why we called Chinese who do not know their mother tongue as Banana

Son: Yeah…I am not a Banana!

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