Sep 14 2013

失而复得 Lost & Found

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I was feeling really depressed with the external harddisk that was misplaced by the repair shop. Years of photos and videos of the children had been lost and untracable. But there’s a twist of an event. I still have another two exsternal hard disk at home which I can’t access it from my laptop. I cannot remember what files I have stored in it as I did not do a clear labelling on it. I remember I can access the HDD from my old desktop but my old desktop had also given way and konk out.

One fine day last week, JS saw me still trying my luck to try to read the two other external hard disk I have and suggested to me that why don’t I try plugging it into her laptop (a old laptop given to her by her aunt still running on XP platform whereby my laptop is running on Windows 7 ) . To my delight, I can access one of it and discover that I have actually a duplicate backup from the external harddisk that I have lost.

I am so happy to have found so many precious photos and videos of the kids and I started franctically transferring the files out to a new external disk that can be read through both laptops and started burning some of the files into CDs as well.

After carefully going through all the files, my lost is actually minimal. I lost all the photos and videos taken during year 2010 till 2011. I guess that was the time I was too busy and did not perform any duplicate backups. The greatest lost from this minimal lost is that I lost all the photos and videos of JE first two years. (now, with her arrival..busy caring for a newborn, I did not have time to sit in front of pc to sort out and backup photos). but … but…the consolation is that I discover some of these photos from year 2010 till 2011 in my FB photos album… hahaha..that’s the beauty of uploading photos in FB.

Now with most files retrieved.. I wonder what’s the best backup for all these precious files? Cloud Storage? FB, Photobucket? Duplicate the copies into multiple external hard disks? Burn them into CDs? ( I use to do that coz I always have the thought that just in case my house is broken into and the laptop and hard disk stolen.. I still have the CDs with me.. I don’t think the burglars and robbers will take my CDs) Print out hard copy? Make them into photobook? (never to trust any devices and gadgets…we never knew if there’s still any device able to read the CDs and disc)

ps: while busy doing the transfering and backup.. my laptop gave problem. The charger pin seems to have broken and I can’t plug in the charger cable. Dang!! The laptop is now admitted to the “PC hospital” and will be away for 2 weeks or worst longer than that…. argh!! Again, the consolation is that there is still a spare laptop at home for me to work. Amid a little old and slow.

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