Apr 08 2014

Water Rationing

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It has almost been a month that we have to go through this water rationing exercise.  Imagine we are staying in the so called developing country, a tropical country with enough rainfall and yet we have water crisis.

I don’t want to dwell negatively on it, but somehow I am having enough.  The month of March has been bad, with the haze problem where we basically live in the tightly shut house (dark and stuffy with no natural ray and fresh air coming in the house), top up with no water is really depressing. Somehow I still have a little positivity in it. Hoping that this would teach the kids to appreciate mother nature more.  Teach them a lesson of not to take things for granted and not to waste natural resources. But after a month of this water rationing exercise. I am having enough and hope to get done with. I just want the water to be back. It is so blardy inconvenient without water running out from the tap.

We have been having weeks of rain. Children are asking me why is that so when we have rain and yet we still have got no water? What could I tell them? The authorities told us, told the media, rain did not fall at the dams and water catchment areas. yes, of all places in the country, the rain did not fall in the water catchment areas and rendering us waterless!!

Kids also ask innocent questions like “I wonder do the king still bathe in the bathtub” (see.. i brought them to the palace museum once and they saw the luxury bathroom ) . JE asked “today got water? America got water?” All this little brain could think of is America, as if US is her second home. She said she wants to go US.

With this stupid water rationing exercise, my expenses increased as in I got to buy extra tubs/bins/pails to store water. I am resorting to using paperplates, I order takeaway instead of cooking at home.

It’s just crazy. Every two days, I have been busy storing water, boiling drinking water, doing up all the washing, juicing, baking. It’s really about careful planning and management, else we would end up with no water before the water resume. Even though the weather is not good, but yet, I have no choice, else i would end up with laundry piling up in the laundry basket.  I’ve lost the mojo to cook for the kids, I ran out of ideas of what to cook. There’s definitely no 3 dishes 1 soup chinese meal on no water day, and when the water is back , i may not have the mood to cook. We are definitely eating a lot more of those one pot dish.

On no water days, we always do a quick bathe, hair wash is not allowed. kids are to wear their pyjamas for two nights before they are allowed to throw them into the laundry basket . I’ve even tried to get them to wear back their uniforms without washing. I monitored how much water they throw into the toilet bowl after they pee. I got panic if they go to the loo to do big business more than once a day. I have to make sure I have enough water for emergency like nose bleed and spillage.  It’s really driving me bonkers.

I wish this could end soon and let me return to my normal routine.




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