Dec 18 2007

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My many roles – Daughter, Sister, Student, Wife, Mother, SAHM, Blogger & BabySign Instructor…..

Me – Short tempered, stubborn and not so neat Scorpion Dragon. Hailed from a small town in Perak, Malaysia and after 4 years of residing in a small town, I am finally back to civilization. I love staying in the urban city and we are back in town for 2 years already.

Daughter to a very strict but caring father and a very loving and patient mother.

Sister to a younger monkey brother that doesn’t seem to grow up.

Student – My original profession is in IT. Have been working in the IT line since graduated. After my first child, I started to have an interest in Early Childhood Education. Hence I’m doing my diploma in Montessori Pedagogy now. For the benefit of myself and my children. Hopefully I can bag in one more role as an Educator in the near future.

Wife to a typical Leo Ox who is such a perfectionist and likes to be treated like a king. A very clumsy wife to my hubby. I’m so blessed to have this loving and caring husband.

Mother, SAHM to two girls and a boy. Was a WFHM for about six month and later became a SAHM after the birth of my son. One real Kiasu mummy, trying very hard not to be kiasu. I’m also a careless mum. I’m a advocate to breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing and anything with attachement parenting.

Blogger – Started blogging in March 2006. Got hooked to it so much. Loving it to bits. Started paid blogging a year after I embarked into the blogging journey and maybe can considered that as my WFH job.
My favourite past time being reading, blogging and baking and cross-stich. Now trying my hand on cooking. I’m also interested in parenting issues and travelling (only if I’m loaded with $$$). If time permits I would also love the spas and a good massage…

This is a place for memories and TIC TAC that happens day in day out in our cosy little home.


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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

~ Khalil Gibran, The Prophet
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