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May 14 2015

Reviving The Blog

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It has been a long hiatus. The last entry was dated Oct last year. No,this blog has not been forgotten. It was not abandoned.  It was actually my year 2015 resolution to actively blog again. Unfortunately , time is not at my favour. Hardly any free time to sit in front the PC,lest spending time to blog. It has definitely been a while since I blog hop too. Blogging seems to be an alien affair to me now where it used to be centre of my life,even to the extend of bringing me some moolah

I know with gadgets like the smartphone, tablets and Ipads, that has blogging app ready, one can actually blog anywhere without accessing the laptop and pc. But I enjoy typing on a real physical keyboard, having my 10 fingers running through the keyboard than typing with just my two fingers on this lousy ASUS tab.

It’s draining my energy to type thus far. Especially when I am typing this on a hospital bed. So long for now as a coming back post.

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