Aug 12 2008

PIL’s Still Here

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PIL are here since Sunday night with the reason that they want to help us to bring the Buddha statue back first.  (Well, might be off good intention) but sometimes when they are here, I feel suffocated. It’s already the last weekend we will be here and yet , they want to come.

When they are here, I don’t get to do my own things much as I have to entertain them. Taking care of their meals is already a big problem as they are so fussy eater. I have no idea where to bring them for meals. They won’t want to eat my home cook meal la (to them my cooking not nice!!) bring them out also I often heard ” boh ho jiak” (Not nice to eat and load of mumbling complaint) . I really phobia when come to meal time on where to bring them to and staying in Senawang where Chinese food and eateries is scare, I have to drive them all the way down to town for lunch and spent a lot of time on road and traveling.

There’s still so much I want to do, packing, banking , sorting out a few things during this last week here, with them around, my schedule all gone hay wired. They are still here, waiting for the older kids to finish school , so can have lunch together before they head back to KL by taxis. My first first half of the day plan for today is ruined again!!!

I look forward to moving back to KL, but I’m also anxious. One thing is we will be staying at SIL house for at least 3 months and PIL and SIL#1 is staying just a stone throw away. I just feel that my life will be eyed and followed. It will going to be quite suffocating. I do have this love hate relationship with my IL. Well, I know all the things they do is out of good intention, but sometimes they just come too close of comfort.  I hope I won’t go cuckoo in the next coming 3 months. At this point of writing, I’m 1/2 cuckoo already!!

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3 Responses to “PIL’s Still Here”

  1. allisiaon 12 Aug 2008 at 2:02 pm

    like that one loh… what to do… still have to entertained them. or you will get into trouble. Oh… I stay together with my FIL. So 1 eye open 1 eye close and ear also have to be like that. So lucky i only went back every weekend.

    every soon will have to face them everyday lo

  2. agneson 12 Aug 2008 at 2:18 pm

    hahaha.. im sure every DIL will have different “experience” with their IL and I totally understand how u feel as I used to stay w them for 1 year before we were moving out recently.. :)

    guess what? our house is just 1 street away by walking distance!!! and they came over almost every other day… not to mention how they teach me how to educate my chloe & check on my shopping.. my hse.. etc etc… sigh..

    so i dont really bother them when they are in my hse since they came just too often.. i took my own sweet time to do my own things… ;) like treated them ‘transparent’ a bit.. hahaha.. so terrible

    ooh…I guess my case won’t be worst like staying just 1 street away

  3. allthingspurpleon 12 Aug 2008 at 9:09 pm

    True, some elderly can be so hard to please. Everywhere my husb and I attempt to bring MIL and PIL to please them, everything is “bo ho chiak”. Even Japanese buffet, Chinese buffet, western buffet.

    My mom, on the other hand, the lady that she is, always have the kindest word to say for even the most ordinary food, “Oh, the prawn very sang sin (fresh)” and she would intentionallyskip the not so nice dishes.

    haha…my parents very easy to please. They practise what the buddha taught ..the MIDDLE PATH. :D

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