Oct 05 2008

Off Homeschooling..

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Both the older kids are staying at home now and no longer attending school. At least not until the start of the new school term next year. I’m still pretty lenient with WH but with JS I have certain level of expectation from her, after all she will be going to the mainstream school and join the other children next year.

I try as much time as possible to homeschool her, but sadly, my time is so limited.  It has been a very busy month. I just don’t know how, even I have prioritize the things that I have to do with the kids, letting go my own time on blogging and work ( I have let go quite a few task that I managed to secure) and yet, I still do not have enough time to fully homeschool her.Time just slipped off without me noticing.

What we do is more towards the unschooling approach ( I truly miss my materials that has been packed away, homeschooling will be more fun if I have my teaching aide and materials at hands), but there’s still some kiasu-ness in me that I’m afraid this kind of approach is not good enough for her to know what she’s suppose to know before going to P1.  That’s why on the days that I really stay home and do not have to go anywhere, I still try to have lesson close to what a school timetable would be. But still most days, it’s not like that and because SIL and Hub doesn’t see that JS is really spending time sitting down on her work, they are worried that she’s not learning. I dislike SIL’s comment that JS’s BM is very bad. I think she fairs pretty well as it’s totally not our mother tongue.

What made me very sad was that Hub said this angrily in the car last night ” I DON’T BELIEVE IN SUCH A THING CALL HOME LESSON OR HOME SCHOOLING”

It hurts so much and I’m very disappointed. In a way , I am comparing  with those who are homeschooling their child and have supportive spouse. Even my buddy‘s hub is supportive on her decision to homeschool her boys. My man is still a very conservative and traditional type, I’m sad that he’s not opening to option like this.  At least be  supportive for this few months, after all  I didn’t say  (didn’t even dare to dream) to homeschool my JS till university level, after all , she will still be going to school next year.

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3 Responses to “Off Homeschooling..”

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  2. huisiaon 05 Oct 2008 at 11:45 am

    ya, i know how frustrating if we don’t get supported from our spouse, just keep on what you think you’re right….

    btw, i didn’t really announce my “news” in my blog…:)

    you didn’t announce the news, but still it’s obvious. :D

  3. Big Pumpkinon 05 Oct 2008 at 5:14 pm

    *HUGS* I think homeschooling is a great idea, it is actually what more and more people are doing and there are support groups for this and even places where actual teachers do the homeschooling with other kids, just in a house and not a proper school building. At the rate the Government’s education system is going, who has faith in it? One day, it’s this, next day, it’s that. How can any value come out of it when there is no stability? They cant even decide if they want their country to learn in English or Bahasa, for crying out loud!!! It’s exactly like the pavements on the road, one Datuk Bandar has this plan, then the next Datuk Bandar will have his own plans and all the pavements would have to be dug out again…..eeeeeyerrrrr, make me so angry to think about this stupid Govt.

    Anyway….I am doing the same for my girl. I do know the syllabus & standards of hat is required in Primary 1 so I am gearing her towards that. If you need any help in any area, let me know.

    As for your husband, he is just stressed la……when men are stressed they talk through their asses without thinking. Having three children and a stressed wife is stressful for a man!!! Just take some deeeeeeeep breathes and continue doing the best that you can do and please, get some rest and take some time out for yourself too.

    yeah…one more homeschool mama.

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